Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cerise went to #Paris, visited #Compiegne where #WWI #Armistice was signed

On our recent trip to Paris, we visited the town north of the capital city, Compiegne.

Traveling by train, we passed the stop for Chantilly. (Do page down and read the post for that marvelous experience seeing a grand chateau.)

But we journeyed on to Compiegne. In this small and charming town sits the Imperial Palace. Built as a hunting lodge, the palace was once the favorite of Louis XIII, his son Louis XIV, Napoleon Bonaparte and finally his nephew, Emperor Napoleon III.
With beautiful artifacts from all reigns, the palace is a delight and I will write about it  and show you pictures in future.

But today, I wish to show you pictures of the forest of Compiegne where military leaders signed the Armistice to end the Great War.

Here in a clearing where the trains came to bring leaders to the area is a small building which houses the replica of the car in which the treaty was signed. Also in this building are other memorabilia, including an incomparable set of photographs reproduced nowhere else.
In the courtyard stand numerous plaques honoring famous battles of Le Grande Guerre.  Here to the left you see the main monument "To the Heroic Soldiers of France, Defenders of the Country and the Glorious Liberation of Alsace and Lorraine."
Depot housing replica of train car.

A second view of train depot.

Train car replica. Original car burnt in fire.

Statue of last French Commander
in Chief during the war, General Foch.

Hotel de Ville, Compiegne!

The three burgers atop the Hotel de Ville in the central square of Compiegne.

One of the memorial benches in the clearing, this one
to those who fought in Chemin Des Dames.

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