Monday, March 23, 2015

Cerise went to #Paris and stayed in #Montmarte, visited #SacreCoeur

A drizzle fell and the wind whipped through our layers of clothes as my husband and I decided to take a walk from our Montmarte apartment the first day we were in Paris.

Up a very, very, very steep hill, we struggled but breathless, reached the top to this marvelous view of the cathedral.

Built by the Parisians in gratitude to God for saving them from a German occupation after the Franco-Prussian war, this church is magnificent in its bold artistry.  Atop the butte that overlooks Paris, Sacre Coeur is truly an astonishing structure visible from most points in Paris.

Commanding Montmarte, the area of Paris known for the artists who lived there and many who still do, the church is a huge tourist attraction.
The view of Paris is just as breathtaking as the church itself.
Here is the view from the steps of Sacre Coeur on a very rainy day!
After this visit, we walked around the centre of Montmarte, delighted in the vast number of artists working and displaying their paintings, drawings and sculpture in the main square. We stopped for a bit to admire The Agile Rabbit, a cafe frequented by many artists who once lived in this part of the city.  Dodging raindrops, we walked down the hill to a good glass of champagne and dinner!
The Agile Rabbit and I! (My bag is filled with goodies I purchased in the artists' square as giveaways for readers!)

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