Sunday, March 15, 2015

Cerise went to #Paris and to #Chartres, France to marvel at the jewel of Gothic architecture!

West facade of Cathedral of Chartres
No trip to France would be complete without an hour's train ride to the small town south of Paris, Chartres. Here, within a few steps of the train station, sits the lovely town with its center jewel, the famous Cathedral of Chartres.

The church is the fourth or fifth entity to exist on this site. The edifice we see currently was begun after a fire in 1194 and completed in 1250. The church seems modest, almost unassuming, as you look at the west facade which is the most well known. But once you go inside, a world of joys open up for you. From the stained glass windows to the high altar, the fine artistic expressions delight you at every turn.

Known for its two mis-matched spires and famous Rose Window in the front, the church has numerous windows with different themes and color patterns. While I was not able to take a picture worthy of the Rose Window from the inside, I am certain you can find many online. As you know from reading this series, I do adore gargoyles and Chartres has its own collection of beasts. But here, too, on one wall, you can find an angel who holds a sundial.  I thought her appropriately employed and took a picture of her here for your enjoyment!
Angel with Sundial!

Rose Window
from outside
Most fascinating to me were the exquisite sculptures inside the cathedral on the roods encompassing the nave.  These sculptures depict the life of Jesus in poignant detail. As I walked around to view each one (and attempted to take pictures worthy of their artistry), I was in awe of the detail. I hope that to appreciate them more fully you will download them and attempt to enlarge them. They are worthy of your time and effort.

But if these do not satisfy you, do put the cathedral on your list of places to visit when next you go to Paris.

Sculpture over the front main entrance or royal entrance.

Showing panels of sculpture around altar with depictions from Bible

South facade of Cathedral of Chartres

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