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Ever wonder how much is really true about what you read in historicals?
We all do!
I want to share with you 5 statements that are true in my story in the 99 cent smash hit, THE INCOMPARABLES, INTERLUDE WITH A BARON.

1. When the book opens (and the box set), Drayton Worth goes to a ball in Brussels.

Did a ball really occur?

Indeed it did!

The Duke of Lennox was put in charge of the defense of the city. His wife, who was the Duchess of Richmond (and Lennox), gave a ball for most general staff, officers in town, foreign officers and others who were invited by any of the above.

A glittering affair, the ball is recreated each year. There was one the other night in Brussels to commemorate the 200th Anniversary of the battle.

2. In the scene in the novel where Drayton follows the spy and sees part of the battle, Dray sees French Eagles captured during the fray.

Is it true that the Scots Greys (armed cavalry) seized French Eagles from men of the French line?
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Yes. This is true.  To this day, the Scots Greys have that French Imperial Eagle and are very proud of it's capture.

3. In all of the stories in THE INCOMPARABLES, the heroes are founders of a men's club in St. James' where they house and assist veterans of the Allied forces who fought in the 3-day battles which we collectively call Waterloo.

Is there such a club?

No. The Incomparable Club is a fiction which we six authors created to give us a basis for our collaboration and to give our men a link, so to speak.

4. In many of the novels, we six authors state that veterans were not cared for after the victory at Waterloo.

Is this true?

The Incomparables: 6 Heroes of Waterloo and the 6 Ladies They Adore
Yes. It is. Men who enlisted did so with the knowledge that they would be discharged after the wars were concluded. There was no provision for pay, disability, aid to widows or orphans or death benefits. All of these are benefits which were created mostly after standing armies became the norm in the mid-1800s.

5. Our hero, Drayton Worth lives temporarily in Queen Square. He also leases a house next door.

Does Queen Square exist?

Yes. It does! Queen Square is actually a square with garden in the center in Bloomsbury area of London. Begun between 1716 and 1725, it survives to this day and is a center for medical facilities and professionals. 

Here are pictures!

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