Saturday, June 20, 2015

INTERLUDE WITH A BARON, Fashions make perfect! #Regency dress in #historical #romance by Cerise DeLand

Nothing makes a lover of Regency romances more shivery and steamy than picturing in her mind's eye the luscious clothes of men and women who live in the novels.

With Beau Brummel the leading contender for Clothes Horse of the Ton—and his friend the Prince Regent close behind—many were dedicated to wearing proper attire for every hour of the day.

Here are just a few delights from INTERLUDE WITH A BARON, currently among the box set of THE INCOMPARABLES, the set of 6 Waterloo commemorative novels for 99 cents. (This terrific bargain features big, luscious stories of 6 Heroes of Waterloo and the 6 Ladies They Adore by 6 Incomparable Regency Authors including Dominique Eastwick, Sabrina York, Suzanna Medeiros, Suzi Love, Lynne Connelly and me, too!)

For the ball gown Emma Bedlow wears, here is a gorgeous piece beautifully preserved.  A Regency gown circa 1821, this dress is made of silk gauze with embroidered blue leaves in silk, trimmed in silk net and blue satin, puffed sleeves with silk tassels and trimmed in blue silk net and ribbons. I change the blue to aqua marine to match my heroine's eyes. And yes, our hero Drayton Worth ordered the gown made especially for her!

A Morning Dress, or robe and neglige of cambric and muslin, fastened at the front with bows and tassels. Imagine having those undone in the bedroom by the man of your choice! Drayton Worth does—and loves every moment! But then, so does Emma!

And what might he be wearing?
Well!  He has to look as on pointe as she, mustn't he?

Here is his attire when he calls on her that first day she moves in to her new house in Queen Square in London. Unbeknown to her, he temporarily lives next door in this smaller abode he owns. His main house lies in St. James Square, but a fire there months ago has meant he's had to call for renovations.

Here is Dray's marvelous afternoon attire. Buckskin breeches, a fabulous coat and oh, wow, to the cravat. But the boots are the Be All And End All, don't you think?

Do buy THE INCOMPARABLES! Only 99 cents for fab.u.lous Regency novels! For a limited time at this price, too.


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