Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Madam! Need a scorching butler on your staff? Cerise has one in HER BEGUILING BUTLER!


He is OUT!
He's hot, he's bothered, he's flummoxed because he's falling madly in love with his blonde, beautiful lady.

Trouble is he's in search of a culprit...and shouldn't have time to admire his mistress or kiss her, or go to her bedroom...and stay.

Look for the next two in the series, starring a temptestuous and tempting governess and a very naughty maid!

I created the Dudley Crescent and the man who cleared the land to build the houses. Similar to those in other London and Bath crescents, Dudley is comprised of houses where ladies and lords live in grand style. And they hire servants, at some coincidence, who are uppity, intriguing and very desirable!


Fran Lee said...

Love all your books, Cerise! Will be diving in for this one next.

Cerise DeLand said...

You are a dear! So wonderful to see you here!

Thanks for the kudos and let me know how you like my bangin' butler!