Thursday, July 2, 2015

Need a sexy butler? Doesn't every gal? And a man who catches spies? Cerise has 2 men for you!

Debuts everywhere July 22!
This month I'm excited about 2 men~one is Drayton Worth in THE INCOMPARABLES box set of 6 fab.u.lous Regency romances for 99 cents and my hot-to-the-touch bangin' butler in HER BEGUILING BUTLER!

Drayton Worth caught spies during the Napoleonic Wars and one of them was the husband of the woman he adored. Catching Henri Montroy meant ruining Emma Bedlow. But 5 years after Waterloo, Dray seizes the opportunity to make her his. And he starts by giving her the house next door to his own!

Dray stars in INTERLUDE WITH A BARON, #4 in my Regency Romp series and in this box set!)

THE INCOMPARABLES features 6 wonderful stories by 6 regency authors you will adore!

A best seller already at ARe and AMAZON worldwide!


As for the delectable butler in HER BEGUILING BUTLER, Mr. Finnley is the hottest darn man servant you've ever met! And every gal needs a man to wait on her, true? He debuts July 22!!!!

A lady shouldn’t desire her butler. But what’s a woman to do when the man fascinates her? She must taste him…or dismiss him.

And how does a man kill his scandalous desire to kiss his charming employer? Especially when he must protect her from an unknown villain…as well as his dastardly need to possess her.   

Finnley starts a new series, DELIGHTFUL DOINGS IN DUDLEY CRESCENT, about...ahem...affairs in proper English households between the lords and ladies and their staff. Among staff we have HIS TEMPTING GOVERNESS and HIS NAUGHTY MAID.

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