Thursday, August 27, 2015

True, false? What's in your historical? #Regency facts! Cerise reveals those in HER BEGUILING BUTLER!

Say you like historicals and you often wonder what's true and what isn't?
I can't speak for other authors, but I do desperately try to bring you The Real Stuff.

For example, what's real in HER BEGUILING BUTLER?

1. You see a date at the beginning of the book, January 17, 1820.
Because when I plotted the book, I wanted to note precisely when GEORGE III (he of the American Revolution!) died and what happened.
So I had to work backwards from that.
Yes. You need to read the book to learn how and when the news reached London!

2. The Prince of Wales is not considered a fine fellow by most people in the novel.
Is that true?
Yes. Prinny, by the time of his ascent to his father's throne (not official by the way until a year later at his coronation) was considered a spendthrift and profligate. He'd had so many mistresses and appealed to Parliament to spend so much on his homes and his clothes (as well as other debts), many in the Realm were not happy.
In fact, they rather liked old George, his father.

3. Lady Ranford is being considered by the courts to assume a title on her own.

Is that possible for a woman to inherit a title in her own right?

Yes. And hopefully you'll read the book to learn how that's done!

4. The chiming watch piece that Finnley carries around with him to make certain the house runs on time was a real time piece. I did not invent it.

It was delicately made by Ferdinand Berthoud. His work was very popular, aside from being very expensive.

5. The mourning practices for King George III that most noblemen observed did indeed happen.

What sorts of observances did they  have to employ?

Ah. Do read the book for a description!

6.  Does Dudley Crescent exist?

No. I made it up!  I also made up the man who was given the land by Charles II!

So what is the picture on the front cover of the novel?

Tell me what that stock photo is here in a message and I will send you a copy of RENDEZVOUS WITH A DUKE!

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