Saturday, September 19, 2015

Cerise Celebrates 10 months as #Regency #bestseller for THE STANHOPE CHALLENGE! #99cents box set THANK YOU!

Some delights are just too delicious to believe! This is one of them.

THE STANHOPE CHALLENGE as of today has been on the Amazon Regency bestseller list for 10 straight months!

Previously, it was #1 for more than 5 Weeks and sat on 3 different bestseller lists to start!

Then as time went on and TENS OF THOUSANDS of wonderful readers read the stories of a family cursed to never have a loving marriage, it stayed on the list at lower numbers. And thousands more bought the box set.

I am overwhelmed at the wonderful reception so many gave this series.  YES, many thought it too spicy. BUT YES, many bought it and enjoyed it anyway.

I am grateful!

Thank you to all my wonderful readers. You have made this past year a joy and offered me encouragement to write more Regency romances!

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