Thursday, September 17, 2015

TALL, HARD and TROUBLE #box set #99cents 2 Romantic Suspense Tales!


Yes, he's on pre-order for 9/22! He'll be on Kindle Unlimited but also for sale for only 99 pennies!
Yes, I know. A tall, hard and yummy man for only a few cents.

Actually, this book has 2 novels inside. Two marvelous men. Two heroes to die for.

Romantic suspense tales that take you from Houston to Mexico and from Venice, Italy to Rome and a few other places in between.  Are the settings real? You bet! I never write of any place I haven't been.

So you are in for food, wine and men men men who are delicious.

No Night Without You
Book 1

What if a man wants to savor one of his employees after hours—and she’s never even given him the time of day?
What if he’s honorable? And he sees her attacked?
Tate Ryder chucks his ethics in a heartbeat.
But Anna Stevens can’t let Tate protect her. He’s sweet. He’s damn delicious. But he could get hurt. And she knows if shows him how deeply she cares for him, he won’t back off.
Good for her that Tate won’t take no for an answer.
Good for him that Anna has hungered for him for years.
Too bad no one can protect her from the secret that’s stalked her all her life.

No Night Too Long
Book 2

What if a man can’t forget one special woman who left him months ago without a word?
What if she suddenly appears one morning in Venice at the same meeting with the same agenda?
And she apologizes. Explains.
Coco Dalton isn’t just a photographer. She’s much more—and because of a job gone wrong, she’s in trouble. Desperate trouble.
Grant Warwick is stunned. 
Can he help her?

He has to—or she’ll lose her life and he’ll lose his reason to live.

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