Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Cerise visits #London with 10 BURNING Questions About #Regency #England!

Every author and many readers often wonder precisely what is real and what is true fiction in any novel.
As I walk around London, I am asking myself these often overlooked aspects.
See if any of them are also your burning questions!

1. If I live on Brook Street, is it really a friendly walk to Oxford Street?
2. If I want to buy a hat at a milliner's shop or visit a dressmaker on Half Moon Street, must I hire a carriage, say, if I live in Grosvenor Square?

3. And if I do hire a carriage, where would mine be housed? Is there a mews behind many of these famous squares in Mayfair? Or were there?

4. How do the numbers run around a square? Might not seem like a Burning Question, but when one writes a series (as I do) about folks who live and work in one, it helps to know how the numbers run or ran so that I'm not sending people helter-skelter.
5. In the rear of grand squares do alleys run? Or are they something else? Named something other than alley or access or lane?

6. When I go to Rules, opened in 1798, what's on the menu that a lord and lady might have ordered for their meals?
Think I'll ask my waiter!

7. Where can I get bangers and mash? (And why?)

8. I also need a pasty. My mother made them often and I yearn for a good one. Question is where do I go?

This pix of the TOWER gives me chills because it shows the poppies,
one ceramic flower for each man lost in the Great War
from each country in the Empire.
9. Finally, when I go visit the TOWER for my empty-umpth time, will I still get that little shiver of excitement...and will Mr. DeLand (who frankly seems addicted to the place!) once more swear he was there long ago with William, his pal?

10. In Bath, can I find one superb little gift for my new granddaughter? And in London, I must find a really good set of English buses or trains for my grandson. Question is where?

Ta Ta! Talk soon! When I get answers to these I will post them! Yes, I know. You think I am thorough but a little barmy, too, eh?

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