Monday, October 19, 2015

Today THE STANHOPE CHALLENGE 11+ months on #Regency bestseller lists! THANK YOU from Cerise!

I am delighted to announce that as of today THE STANHOPE CHALLENGE about 4 brothers, 4 love affairs, 4 marriages and one big family curse is officially on Amazon's Regency bestseller list for 11 months! Eleven.  On ARe's for more than 2 months, as well.

Astonishing and delightful to behold, that achievement makes me very proud and very, very grateful to thousands of readers worldwide who have bought the box set and enjoyed it.

This box set's reception has taught me much about the habits of those who read Regencies, those who buy this genre and what many look for and appreciate in a book and a box set.

The set, I do believe, has done well because of the very nature of the stories. First, it is a family tale. Four brothers, titled and talented, have agreed that marriage is not a fine idea in a family supposedly cursed by an incident more than one hundred years before their time. This incident was not even of their making but done to them by King Charles II who took a Stanhope wife to be his mistress and destroyed the love affair between the Stanhope couple.

Second, the price of 99 cents remains appealing to many. While it is "a deal" to many who love to read, it is also a great price by which an author can be introduced, so to speak, to a new reader.  That phenomenon has occurred here as many of those readers have tried my other Regency romances.

That has sustained me and my writing throughout the past 11 months.

It also encouraged me to try my hand with another box set with five of my colleagues who write Regencies.  The success of THE INCOMPARABLES, also a best seller at Amazon and ARe, has been truly wonderful.  With Sabrina York, Susanna Medeiros, Suzi Love, Lynne Connolly and Dominique Eastwick, I put together this collection of novels about heroes who fought at Waterloo. This set sells for 99 cents and will soon go off sale! Do purchase this wonderful set of superb stories NOW!
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