Friday, March 18, 2016

Did Cerise's #Marquess and his lover, the Countess, really find Pauline #Bonaparte's missing gold? #Regency

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You love your historical fiction to have a few facts? Of course you do!

Not just the way the characters dress or talk or regard each other with proper manners. No, no. You like them to have a foot in their own era, their own problems.

Well! Do I have fun for you!

Lots of occurrences in my MASQUERADE WITH A MARQUESS are true. Like what, you ask?

George III really did die in Windsor Castle January 29, 1820 only days after his youngest son passed away. And that man was Duke of Kent, Victoria's father. A year and a half mourning period ensued. The royal court wore black. Noblemen and women wore black armbands and Parliament did adjourn, then reconvene later in the spring. Parties were at a minimum or scaled down in reverence for the king's passing.

Pauline Bonaparte
But in the novel, my heroine Sophia di Contini searches for treasures stolen from her during the Napoleonic wars. The treasures she seeks were taken by Napoleon's sister Pauline and Sophia has the names of those who may have taken them into their own possession!

Is it true that Pauline was inclined to take items that did not belong to her? Yes.
Is it true she took them to her own home in Paris? Yes.
Is it true she sold her house to Wellington? Oh, yes.
Is it also true that her portrait is the only one of a woman hanging in the Duke's Apsley House Waterloo gallery in London? Oh, yes.
And is it true that she wished to use this money to finance Napoleon's return from Elba and to the Imperial Throne of France?
Indeed, it is.
Do you know what happened to the remainder of that money?
No? Then you must read MASQUERADE WITH A MARQUESS!
Winston Churchill
And might you know what has become of that house today?
It is the residence of the British Ambassador to France.
Oh, yes, and one more fact. Winston Churchill's mother, American Jennie Jerome, and Winston's father, Randolph Churchill were married in Pauline's home. Do you know why?
The Churchills did not approve of the match and they refused to attend!
Hotel Charost

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