Thursday, March 10, 2016

What does Cerise's Marquess Cameron look like? MASQUERADE WITH A MARQUESS out now!

We imagine what heroes look like and drool over delicious descriptions of their features. Long ago, when I first began to write about Victor Cameron, the Marquess Cameron, I found a picture of a marvelous Italian male model.
Here he is.
This is fabulous Mariano Divaio.
I thought his brooding looks, especially in this photo, typified Victor not merely in looks but in temperament.
In MASQUERADE WITH A MARQUESS, Victor lives alone and with another birthday to be celebrated, he is pressured by his step-mother to marry. It is the farthest thing from his mind.
But when Contessa Sophia di Contini shows up impersonating a maid, Victor recalls one night when they were together in Italy. One night in each other's arms. One night after which Sophia betrayed him...or so he always assumed.
Now she's in England, searching for treasures stolen from her family by Pauline Bonaparte. And Victor is wary that what she will steal will be his heart...again.
MASQUERADE WITH A MARQUESS is #3 in my Regency Romp series. I hope you enjoy this...and looking at Victor/Mariano!!!

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