Thursday, April 28, 2016

Cerise went to #London, found #Regency #wine merchants, #hat and #barber #shops centuries' old!

Nothing in the world is so good for the historical researcher as a three mile walk around London! Of course, you need fuel in the form of fish and chips, beer, and an afternoon tea but on the way you give your camera a good workout!

Here are a few pix from my and Mr. DeLand's workout! Most of these are in the St. James's region near the Palace, off Green Park and fabulous Spencer House!

That mansion built beginning in 1756 by the young bridegroom, the first Earl Spencer for his bride, is open only on Sundays. Do make a point to go if you've a passion for Neo-Classical interior design and furnishings. The mansion, right off Green Park, is easy to access from the Tube and a sprightly walk along the park. The house is beautifully appointed with (mostly) original period pieces. Owned now by a non-profit corporation which rents it out occasionally, the home is a gracious example of fine mid-eighteenth century workmanship by famous architects of the day including Henry Holland. Seeing the Palm Room alone was the joy of my day. And if you are mad about period architecture, the house brochure, available only at the house, is a must!

Side view from St. James's Street, Green Park around right hand corner.
The library overlooks the park where passersby often walked right up to the earl and 

his countess to ask for food and money!
I used the ballroom as a model for one in 
Hope you read it!
Do visit the website for more specific details about the house, which of course, I could not photograph lest the fabrics fade from modern-day flash lighting.

Outside though, the scenery was as stunning.
Homes next door going up St. James's Street.

And across the street, the entry to a close, quaint and intriguing where a small hotel fronts the street.

Along St. James's, a home from which once Frederic Chopin departed
to give his last public performance.
Truefitt and Hill here since 1805!

Their front window!

Berry Bros and Rudd, Ltd. Wine Merchants at No. 3 St. James's opened in 1698 
by a woman and still owned and operated by the same family. 
Has a Royal Warrant to Her Majesty the Queen.
We wanted to go in for a champagne tasting but the event that day was fully subscribed! Alas! 
And next door to the wine merchants at No. 6?
Lock and Company, Hatters, since 1678 they've been here.
The shop also appears in HER BEGUILING BUTLER! I do hope you've read it!

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