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HIS FORBIDDEN DEBUTANTE by @AnabelleBryant new #Regency #romance excerpt!

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Deep, dark secrets.  We all have them. Guilty pleasures we never confess. Inner thoughts we guard in our soul. Whether one accepts them, buries them, or pretends they don’t exist; secrets are there, under the surface of consciousness, scratching to be revealed.

And that’s the problem. Secrets are alive. They pester, prod, and insist on being heard. They dare to be exposed. So much so, many of us produce new secrets to cover the old in a frantic attempt to destroy the compulsion to confess.

In His Forbidden Debutante, Randolph attempts to smother his love for a woman in his past and advance the Earldom by choosing a practical wife. Still the difficult choice comes at a high price. 

How will he forget the intimate conversation shared by correspondence with a woman who disappeared with a word? This yearning begs the question is he hiding his secrets or are they hiding him? Will he be able to forget the past and embrace the future?

Lavinia Montgomery is on the cusp of independence. Having lost the one man she loved, she isn’t ready to settle for a sensible match. When she marries, if she marries, it will be to a man of her choosing—one who respects her opinion, shares her passion and cherishes her gift of love like the author of numerous love letters locked in a rosewood box on her bureau, a reminder of the possibility of true love.

This well-kept privacy binds and separates Livie and Randolph, exerts control through passion, confrontation, abandonment, and realization because secrets kept for years become a strong force with will all its own.

His Forbidden Debutante is a romantic character driven story with the right balance of sensuality and action to keep you turning the pages.

His Forbidden Debutante Excerpt: All rights reserved, Copyright 2016.
He cradled her face with his palms, holding her mouth to his. She tasted like a fantasy, ethereal, sweet and forbidden, a temptress who experimented with sin, yet at the same time conjured cherished remembrances of childhood, daring, carefree adventure. She even smelled like the honeysuckle flowers that grew beneath his window. They were bonded somehow. Plighted.
Her tongue touched his, at first a flick of curiosity, then a slide of assertive demand, only to curl around his with inviting bliss. She offered and he took. He could hardly think for the pleasure of it, falling down a well of pleasure and he didn’t care a whit.
He heard the quiescent rustle of fabric before he experienced her touch, the composed caress of her fingertips along his jaw. Such a tender affection in the throes of their passion, the opposing sensations engulfed him, warred at his conscience and threatened anarchy, urging him to continue though he knew it as wrong. Didn’t want it to stop. He needed to stop. Damn it to hell, he had to stop, but the decision did not translate to action.
She was wondrous and original, yet somehow warm and familiar, all things combined, and he pulled her closer, not wanting a breath of space between their bodies as he kissed with all the pent yearning he’d stored for too much time, aching desire and dire longing. He deepened their embrace and moved his hands from her shoulders, over her arms to her waist, locking her within his hold. She made a tiny noise in her throat that ignited his blood like fire. Did she experience the same ferocious need that devoured his better sense? That dared him to do, want, take what he knew he shouldn’t?
Blood drummed in his veins, through his heart to his groin. What was this ferocious torture? He barely conceived thought, his body dictating all action. He wanted to feel her smooth flesh, the pleasure of her scent filling him, tempting him. He slid his hands upward, his fingers poised at the soft swell of her breasts. He could feel her every breath, each tremble hot and inviting. He wanted more. So much more.
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Website: http://www.anabellebryant.com
Youtube Channel:  http://bit.ly/1r0TjsY

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Anabelle Bryant is the bestselling author of seven historical romance novels for Harlequin/HarperCollins. Her love of writing Regency romance keeps her busy in front of her laptop when she’s not in front of a classroom. His Forbidden Debutante released in February and completed the Regency Charms series where every romance was linked by different charms on a fateful bracelet. Sign up for her newsletter and keep up with her novels at AnabelleBryant.com.

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