Saturday, August 27, 2016

#Fashion of #Outlander TV show! From Paley Center in Los Angeles! #history #Scotland

Recently on a trip to Los Angeles, Mr. DeLand and I went to Hollywood specifically to see the OUTLANDER fashion show at the Paley Center for Media Arts.

This was a Fab.u.lous treat for anyone who adores fashion, the recreation of historical fashion and this stunning TV show.

A series of outfits on mannikins, the display also featured dioramas and reproductions of portions of the set. The most intriguing displays were the digital recreations of sets in which the actors walked!

You must know that there was no tour, no tour guide and no brochure. I thought this a major fault as, many of us who live for historical detail and who drool over the show, would purchase such a reference.

I will tell you, however, that the fashions were the real ones worn by the actors during the second season and that most of them were those of Claire and Jaimie, closely followed by those worn by the Comte de Artois. Much of this gentleman's clothing was featured because it was so elaborately made, reflecting his wealth and status at court and in society.

Louis XV outfit, in the front window!

Claire's green gown, also in front window mezzanine

Detail of Claire's green gown,
typical of period of Louis XV

Captain Jack Randal's military attire

In front hall, a patron could step into
Claire's red gown and here I am!
One of many costumes for the Comte de Artois

Gown worn by Claire's French friend, Louise in season 2.
Much of the detail work on the clothes was done, as in the period, by hand.
Here you see the embroidery and lace work.

Much of the detail was exquisite.

Sample of architecture model made to scale.
This is chemist's shop.

Here is the digital representation of King Louis's bedchamber.
Drawings along the walls displayed the original sketches for costumes
as well as designs for rooms and buildings. Here is the costume for Gellis Duncan.
On one wall, the sketch for the building of the astrolabe and for the exterior of Claire's and Jaimie's Paris residence.
Do download and enlarge if you wish to read this.

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