Saturday, September 10, 2016

10 Traits of a Rake! by Anabelle Bryant #Regency #romance

One of the reasons I adore reading and writing Regency romance is my fascination with rakehells. By definition, a rogue or breathtakingly handsome scoundrel who lives by his own rules in disregard of formal society.
Their wicked qualities, of course. The forbidden allure and sensual prowess that somehow makes them difficult to censure despite they break all the rules. The Regency rake possesses distinct qualities, all of them delightful to write about and therefore I give you the ten traits of a rake.
1.     Sinful grin. Its appearance is rare and devastating, able to cause a heart-stopping gasp by way of a flash of even, white teeth.
2.     Thick hair. Any color, too long to be considered fashionable, an echo of his soul’s rebellion to conform.
3.     Smoldering eyes. Preferably dark, filled with erotic promise and vulnerable secrecy.
4.     Potent virility. His height, broad shoulders, skill with words, and command of the room by mere presence.
5.     Disregard of propriety. A true rakehell breaks the rules and is forgiven all the while making him more attractive.
6.     Double entendre. Clever word play and master of temptation, able to relate any conversation to the bedchamber.
7.     Forbidden distractions. Pleasure gardens, gaming hells, mistresses, swimming and sleeping in the nude, each qualify.
8.     Wealth and power. The best of everything, horseflesh, town house, tailoring…all enhanced by very deep pockets.
9.     Muscular physique. Smooth, hard muscles, strong arms to keep you safe, soft heart that hides a wounded secret.
10.  Sexual expertise. For a rakehell, pleasure is an art. Giving, receiving and experimenting are all part of his mastery of seduction. Very little is off limits.

So there you have it and if by chance you run across a modern day rakehell, don’t let him go. Even though I prefer to live between the pages of a book, there’s no saying you might find a rakehell in this century. A rarity, indeed.
Anabelle Bryant
Anabelle Bryant is the bestselling author of seven historical romances for Harlequin/HarperCollins. Her love of writing keeps her busy in front of her laptop when not in front of a classroom. His Forbidden Debutante is the latest Regency Charms release where stories are linked by a charm bracelet. Visit and see what she’d up to on Facebook and Twitter.

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Anabelle Bryant said...

Thanks so much! This was fun. I bet there are many people who share my opinions on rakehells!

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