Monday, December 26, 2016

$400? 40 authors join together, ask you to subscribe to their newsletters!

Sign up for 40 marvelous authors' newsletters! Do all and increase your chances of winning a whopping $400 Gift Card!
Here at this Rafflecopter url:

Now! Contest open until 12/31/16 midnight!
Which authors offer you this big chance to start 2017 with cash in your pocket?
All of these terrific people whose books you must read!
And do please spread the word!
Merry Christmas and a very happy, safe, warm, healthy New Year!
     Best Wishes,

Then get ready for parties each Wednesday in 2017 at 5 EST on Facebook when I serve tea, crumpets and lots of gab about books! I've got marvelous friends joining me each day.
And there is, of course dahlink, SWAG!
Do bookmark it, put it in your calendar, then come nibble on books with me and my pals!

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