Saturday, July 8, 2017

THOSE NOTORIOUS AMERICANS! Money can buy anything! Anything but love!

Money can buy anything. Can't it?  

When American robber baron Killian Hanniford decides to expand his business empire, he sails to Europe in 1877 and takes his family with him. 

His two daughters—Lily and Ada—are beauties, accomplished and educated. They want for nothing, except a chance to find husbands who love them for themselves, not their dowries. 

His niece, Marianne, is also lovely, shy and a widow who wants for nothing…except perhaps an entertaining and impermanent lover. 

Killian’s son, Pierce, is young, impetuous and too ruthless, it seems, for any young woman to take on as a husband. 

Even Killian himself—without a wife for many years but increasingly bored by his mistress—is shocked to learn he can fall in love. 

Tragic, isn’t it, to learn that money can buy anything but love?

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