Wednesday, March 7, 2018

You need to come with me to English country houses and French chateaux! Now!

We'll dine in this famous Frenchman's
lavish dining room and I'll tell you
how he angered Louis XIV!
Come with me to England and France as I show and tell you (live and on chat) about my research for my novels!

I've toured so many country houses, chateaux and palaces—and you should see them all! Do visit my Facebook author page for recent posts,  (text and video chat!) and go to TEATIME WITH  CERISE AND SUSANA.

TEATIME occurs every Wednesday at 5 EST  on Facebook when my cohost, author Susana Ellis, and I pour tea, talk about your favorite romances and invite one special author guest for you to meet!

Here I am near the huge roasting oven  inside the Old Kitchen (as they dub it) at Kenwood House, England!

I'll tell you where this library door leads!
(Ham House, England)

I'll tell you how I used this building in Montmartre in DARING WIDOW!
I'll tell you how I went to the Opera Garnier
and how I took my characters to the opera one evening!
My own picture of Sacre Coeur
one rainy Paris night!
A favorite pix of mine!
Climb aboard!
TEATIME every Wednesday at 5 EST!
Full cover of my newest in THOSE NOTORIOUS AMERICANS, debuts March 2018!

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