Thursday, August 22, 2019

NEW VIDEO! Like vids to learn about new books, new authors? Try this one for my series THOSE NOTORIOUS AMERICANS!

   THIS MARVELOUS VIDEO has been in the works for a long time! Promoting all the novels in my family saga of the Gilded Age, this video is a wonderful composition of concept, covers, stills and video clips.
   Where did they come from?

  • I wrote the script.
  • I purchased the video clips from wonderful PERIOD IMAGES!
  • I bought the stills from a stock art company.
  • And sent them all to my producer!
   I hope you will now want to read all the books in this series! Available on Amazon, KOBO, NOOK and iTunes, this series begins with the first generation of robber baron Killian Hanniford's family.
   Each story is different, each incorporates historical detail pertinent to the romances. The theme—money can buy anything—works in all the plots but in different ways.
   WILD LILY stars Killian's oldest daughter who sails to Europe with him for the fun of it, definitely not for a husband.
   DARING WIDOW features Killian's niece. A widow who wishes never to tie herself to any man, Marianne is a talented artist. When she meets a famous sculptor (think Rodin!), she is tempted to love him and leave him. But can she?
   SWEET SIREN features Killian himself. Older than your average romance hero, he is nonetheless a charming character. Too bad he cannot seem to charm one woman who enchants him anyway!
   SCANDALOUS HEIRESS stars Killian's youngest daughter. Ada finds herself in love with a widower who needs no wife and no complications in his life. When he falls in love with her anyway, he must choose to save her...or himself. Can he find happiness? And can she love a man whom she ruins?
   RAVISHING CAMILLE, to come out this winter, is the last of the first generation to find happiness. She's a wild child, forever in love with one man who tells himself he needs no entanglements to any woman, least of all to the one who has enchanted him for years.

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