Saturday, April 11, 2009

A second bite of my new cherry, MIA DOLCE

With POWER POSITION at #2 yesterday on the best-seller list at, I am thrilled to give you another taste of my newest sweet thing, MIA DOLCE, out in a few days from Ellora's Cave!
Here is your morsel:

"Reggie did take advantage of the offer to roam the house. Naked, the decadent balls rolling inside her and teasing her to maddening delight, she made herself a breakfast of the left-over pasta they had made last night from scratch. The recipe was her own and Sergio had declared he had never had its equal. Taking a piece of chevra goat cheese, she wandered out to the pool but had to pause to feel the power of an orgasm roll over her.
As she sat sunning in the morning breeze absorbing the beauty of the hills of the chianti region, she was fiendishly tempted to masturbate herself to quick fulfillment. But she honored Sergio’s desire that she not touch herself. Grinding her teeth in frustration, she decided to swim a few laps, then relaxed in the hot tub. Over and over, she felt the pulsing of her hot channel and on more than one occasion, she had to put a palm to her pubic bone to groan with the power of her need for his cock. But she was good—and eventually, she needed a new diversion. And the glories of the castle beckoned.
(Copyright 2009, Cerise DeLand)
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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Amber Skyze's New Releases: Hot and Tempting!

Today we have a taste of author Amber Skyze's newest, SPLASHING GOOD TIME from Ellora's Cave. (Note the yummy cover here!) AND we have the review for her Mistletoe Studs. Intriguing title, no?
Here we go with SPLASHING GOOD TIME!
“You look hot!” she told her reflection. “Irresistible hot?” Only time would tell. Strolling over to the window she dared a peak outside. He wasn’t here yet. Would he come? Certainly Steve sounded convincing enough. The fifty dollar bill she planted in his palm was enough encouragement to make an actor out of him. She stood by his side while he made the call. If she hadn’t known better, she would have believed him. She sent him on his way after the call. No need for him to stick around for the fireworks—hopefully of a sexual nature.
The undeniable sound of tires crunching on gravel, alerted her Nathan was here. And from the hurried sound of the truck coming to a stop, he wasn’t pleased. Silently she prayed her idea wouldn’t backfire. Hurrying from the room she descended the stairs, hoping to greet him at the pool.
“What the…” she heard him scream.
Too late. She wasn’t quick enough. Nathan knew and he wasn’t happy. Reese slowly opened the door and walked casually over to the pool where Nathan stood looking at the water, obviously trying to figure out where the emergency was.
Whipping around he demanded. “What’s going on here?”
Lost for words Reese stood frozen in her spot. She hadn’t expected such anger. Yes, she tricked him into coming over. Maybe having Steve tell him the pool had turned an ugly color green that he couldn’t get rid of was a bad idea but she believed he’d be happy to see her. Boy was she mistaken.
“I-I-I put Steve up to it,” she confessed. “I didn’t think you would see me any other way.”
“Maybe if you picked up the phone you would have found out.” The disgust in his voice evident.
He was pissed at her. Her plan was slowly crumbling before her eyes. She couldn’t risk losing him a second time. He couldn’t walk away out of her life. She loved him. God help her she loved him more than any man she’d ever loved in her life.
“Would you have come if I had?” she challenged.
Looking away he shrugged.
“Then I was right to do what I did. I needed to see you, Nathan. You’ve been avoiding me. I’ve missed you.”
She watched him looking at the water. Was he searching for answers? Maybe there was hope for them after all.
Closing the gap between them, she touched his hand. “Please Nathan, look at me.”
He did as she asked and immediately her heart sank. Pain, deep pain, filled his eyes. Gone was the sparkle she loved so much, replaced with pain that cut to the core. Pain caused by her foolishness.
Touching his face she whispered. “I’m sorry.”
“What’s done is done.” He tried pulling free but she refused to let him walk away.
“I never meant to hurt you.”
“I’m fine.”
“I wasn’t trying to compare you to Vince. It may have sounded that way at the time and I’m sorry. I love you for who you are, not because you’ve proven him wrong. It doesn’t matter to me what Vince thinks, or anyone else for that matter. The only thing that matters is what’s in here,” she said pointing to her heart. “And here.” She placed her hand over his heart.
She felt his heart beating rapidly through his tight black t-shirt. He covered her hand with his.“Do you honestly believe you’ll be okay with what others think about us? Because as you’ve pointed out before I’m much younger than you.”
Fallen Angel Review of Amber Skyze’s Mistletoe Studs
Small town librarian Meg Trainor has a secret, one that she has never shared with anyone. When her ex-boyfriend, David, leaves town with Kate Madigan, Meg is relieved. Now she may be able to find a man or men who will fulfill her every fantasy. One thing is for sure: that man is not her best friend Lisa’s cousin, Kenny.

It’s Christmas Eve and Meg is ready to spend the day sitting in front of the fire at the local library writing in her journal, a journal that holds all her sexual fantasies. She is also hoping to find a way to beg off from her friend’s Christmas party and having to face poor Kenny.

The last thing Meg expects is for not one but two sexy toy salesmen to walk through the doors of the library. Could Santa be about to grant all of Meg’s Christmas wishes?

Brad Griffin enters the small library expecting to find a little old lady behind the counter. What he encounters instead is sex on legs. From the moment he sets eyes on the delectable Meg, he wants her in every way he can think of. When a snowstorm hits the small town, Brad and his brother Shane just may get an early Christmas present.

Amber Skyze writes a fun-filled sex romp with three adults engaging in BDSM. The erotic ménage scenes between Meg, Brad and Shane are well written. While the main characters are Meg and Brad, Shane plays his part as a willing participant to fulfill Meg’s fantasies.

The chemistry between Meg and Brad is shown from the start. While you soon learn they both want the same thing, more than just a one-night stand, their insecurities with each other ring true. Mistletoe Studs is a great read if you are into BDSM and ménage novels. Ms Skyze builds the tension between the main characters well and has you wondering if they will find their happy ever after. I’m looking forward to reading Shane’s story and seeing if he gets a chance at love.
Visit her site soon for more info!
Amber Skyze
Splashing Good Time - EC April 15
Mistletoe Studs - Dec 08 Aspen Mountain Press
One Tasty Night & Talk Dirty to Topaz - coming from AMP

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Bite of My New Cherry: MIA DOLCE out April 15!

Everyone needs a bite of a new sweet. MIA DOLCE, my newest morsel, is just that.
Debuting from Ellora's Cave, aka on Tax Day, you will want to thrill yourself with this tasty treat about a lonely American cookbook author who wants to cook up a few good nights in the arms of a tempting Italian duke.
But when Sergio Avanti wants Reggie DeMaio to come to his castello in Tuscany, he has a few more pleasures in mind than those found in his kitchen.

Here's one bite for you:

“Take that blouse off completely. You are killing me, you know?” He lifted his chin toward her. And when she let the cloth fall to the floor, he murmured, “The skirt now, cara.”
She went slowly, loving the look of his infatuation with her. Would she remember this when she was alone and lonely in her apartment next week and the next…and the next? She twirled away from him, more to hide her rush of tears than to seduce him but that was the power she had to entertain him now—and by god, she would use it, to both their benefits. So she unclasped the button of her skirt and shimmied out of the scrap of material. Then, she turned to face him, her hands drifting down her naked curves. “Want a taste of anti-pasti, darling?” She closed her eyes at how desperately she wanted him inside her. “Want to come and see how much I yearn for you?”
She no sooner had the words out of her mouth than he was there, bending her backward in his arms and drenching her skin in kisses, growling in contentment. “I need more,” he ground out and suddenly her world was horizontal as he caught her up in his arms and carried her to the granite island. Cold and hard to her back, the harsh feel of the counter was soon obliterated by the savage feast Sergio made of her breasts. He put her to the island, just high enough to let him have full access to every part of her as his talented tongue laved her in long, forceful swathes. “You are so pink, cara. So sweet.” His tenderness made her arch. He pressed a hand to her stomach and forced her down. “No, you cannot come without me, bella. I need you mad for me.”
“Oh but I am, Sergio. Darling, I am,” she bucked and moaned.
Then he pressed something to her lips. “Sustenance. Eat.” An olive.
She licked it and his fingers, then chewed the morsel. She told him to get her another.
This time, he fed her a grape. And another.
“The wine,” she instructed him and he briefly left her cold and lonely, to pour a glass. He lifted the glass to her lips. “You must taste this brew, my sweet,” he told her. “Next to you, this is my favorite nectar.”
“If you keep on this way,” she told him, chuckling, “we will die of malnutrition.”
“Ah. So wonderful to die with you on my lips and my fingers.”
AND THE COVER IS DELICIOUS, too, don't you agree?