Thursday, May 28, 2009


You've got another date for a luscious interlude and you want to create a new sensation with novel cuisine.
So here's a very different suggestion.
You like Chardonnay? Ah. But the last bottle you bought was too harsh?
Cerise has a way to save it for you...and let you improve it so that you and your Delight will ooo and ahh.
Before The Day, buy a bottle of blackberry cassis. Yes, it costs a bit, but you will have this treat for future opportunities. Make what the Parisians adore at lunch and throughout the afternoon. A kir.
When your Delight arrives, have him pour 2 goblets of your chard, then add 1-2 T. of cassis, to each individual taste, and viola! You have a delightful sipping apertif.
What goes with it?
Bed sheets washed in lime and verbena scent.
That morning, buy a fresh loaf of French bread, a 3 oz. sliced smoked salmon package in the fish department, plus a small, 2-4 oz. goat cheese. The cheese is preferably French, but local will do, especially if you take care to read the kill date and be certain it is fresh!
As you sip and...move...into your conversation, warm your oven (really!) to 450. Cut your bread on the bias to make lovely angular slices. Brush with good olive oil. Toast in the oven till crispy and when it emerges, Ah! Place delicate slices of cheese atop the bread.
It will melt, darlings.
Alternate with slices of salmon.
What else could you possibly need?
Oui! You KNOW!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

AFTERNOON DELIGHTS # 1~nibbles and wines for grand affaires!

Afternoon Delights!
We all love them. But they must not go unattended by the joys of food and wine.
Sweet things, let Cerise help you!
You have only a few minutes to dress...or not...prepare the bedroom or balcony or any room you want to play in, spray the rooms with a delicate lavender and set out a refreshing bit of drink and food.
Cerise's answer: AFTERNOON DELIGHT #1
1. Buy a luscious Italian prosecco. At $12-$16 a bottle, this bubbly provides a light buzz--and men and women love the taste. Chill it to cool, not frigid. It's delicate, bella, like your affaire.
2. Have your deli slice thin-thin-thin slivers of Prosciutto. No more than 4 per person. Slices are large and the taste is like butter.
Cut a lemon and squeeze the juice over the slices. Let them sit for 5-10 minutes.
3. Buy 1/4 lb. of imported Italian Gorgonzola and serve at room temperature with a rosemary cracker.
When your Delight arrives, have him open the bottle and pour right away. Then offer him bits of the Gorgonzola from your fingertips, from which, of course, he must lick every morsel.
Have him roll up the prosciutto and feed to you from his fingertips. The lemon will dribble down his wrist.
The wine bubbles down to the last goblet.
And you both will bubble too. (copyright 2009, Cerise DeLand)
Ciao, sweet things!