Thursday, July 30, 2009


Getting hotter out there, bella.
Today, only a few minutes of cooking for you and your Delight!
In fact, go early to the grocery store where they offer fresh fish. Have them steam one pound of fresh shrimp (not previously frozen!) with a hearty, hearty coating of OLD BAY. Tell them you want them hot hot hot, ma cherie.
Buy 1 lemon and 1 lime, a can of frozen limeade and hopefully, you have on hand at home good tequila or a rum. Mix your limeade, cut up your lemons and limes and add 1half of each type to the pitcher. Add in 2 jiggers of tequila or rum for a nice zing. If you prefer wine to the liquor, you can add to your limeade (mixed to directions on the can), equal parts cava, prosecco, (both bubbly) or a good riesling.
Be sure to set out your shrimp to come to room temperature before your Delight arrives. Why? So that you can peel them easily and feed each other. (A note of caution: Do eat these tasty shrimp after you have both enjoyed each other in your special way. The spice in the Old Bay is so strong that it can burn your skin, long after you have finished dining.)
If you know your Delight is a hard man to satisfy, then do buy 2 pounds of shrimp and/or buy whole wheat crackers for substance. Put your crackers on a cookie tray, brush with good olive oil, dust with dried oregano and garlic salt. Then heat in a 400 degree oven for only 2 minutes! No more! You want them toasty, not burnt!
This is a hearty small meal for those who want to remember the spicy bits of the day long after night has fallen!
(copyright, 2009 Cerise DeLand)

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Waving hello, my lovelies!
That time of the week to prepare a new luscious adventure in eating for your special Afternoon Delight!
Today, I have a light, light, light suggestion for you.
First, a subtle white wine of light alcohol. After all, you must return to work after your grande little affaire, no? I suggest this week a savignon blanc. (A crisp change from a chardonnay, which may not appeal to your Delight. Too girly, oui?)
Chill it well. Four hours, at least.
Then, because up here in the northern climes it is soon to be hot hot hot summer, let's cool off after our affair with soup. Oh, yes. Do stay with me!
A subtle gaspacho of (ready?) two large tomatoes, half a green pepper, half an orange pepper, half a yellow onion, green tops of 2 scallions, all diced. Add to this, one can of tomato juice (or V-8, if you're into that), a dash of tabasco, salt to taste! Stir in at the last moment before your Delight arrives, a handful of torn (not cut, but hand torn) parsley. Charming because it adds more color, more drama, bella!
You are done! Add a few croutons, if you wish. Serve in lovely little cups and do spoon out the delicious treat to each other!
Until next Thursday, CIAO!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Good morning, bella! For tomorrow’s afternoon affair, we start today with preparations.
At your grocery store, buy a pint of strawberries, one lime, one plump orange and a good bottle of Spanish cava or Italian prosecco. Add to this list a hearty crunchy country style bread, half a dozen eggs, plus a medium size tomato and an onion. Both should fit in your palm. At home, I hope you have a wholesome honey, garlic and Spanish or Italian olive oil (to match your choice of wine.)
On the morning of your grand little affair, do prepare your fresh sheets with a spray of lime and verbena, so refreshing in the hot hot hot summer. (My advice here is to also find a bathroom cleaner in the same scent as your sheets. Doing a bit of cleaning with this before your Delight arrives adds a delicious fragrance to the whole afternoon, cara.)
Then, begin your sangria. First, chill your wine for at least 4 hours.
Mix 3 T. of honey and a dash of cinnamon to washed, quartered strawberries. Add a few dashes of pourable brown sugar—or fine white so that it dissolves easily. (No graininess, please!) Add the juice of the lime and throw the rinds into the strawberries. Cut 3-5 luscious slices of orange and half them. Throw them in, too. Refrigerate to let the strawberries breathe and ooze their luscious red juices in the sweet lime and pungent orange. Every hour or so, stir the mixture. Fix the sweetness if you need more. But don’t make it too rich. You want to taste your wonderful bubbly wine when you add it at last!
Just before your Delight rings your doorbell, dice up the tomato and onion and one clove of garlic. If you have tears in your eyes when he arrives, do let him think you were crying in anticipation of the coming joy of the afternoon.
Then, when the two of you have decided refreshment is most welcome, pour 1/8 cup of olive oil into a very hot skillet. Brown your onion first, bella, so that it begins to caramelize and bring out the sugars, then add your garlic to translucence. Beat your eggs. Pop your loaf of bread into a 375 degree oven as you add your eggs to the hot skillet and scramble them with the garlic and onions. Add the diced tomato as the eggs begin to stick. Either serve as an omelet or a light scramble.
Have your Delight put your strawberry mix into a pitcher. Have him add 10-14 cubes. Then, have him pop the cork on your light wine and pour it into the pitcher. Stir.
Serve your sangria in margarita glasses, if you have them, or a small bowled glass. You want to be able to pick out the strawberries and the orange slices and feed them to each other.
A delightful, sinful little repast for two lovers who need to replenish their energies for the rest of the afternoon!
Until next time, bella, drink lightly, eat thoughtfully—and love wholly!
(copyright 2009 Cerise DeLand)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Guest today, Linda Mooney and her LORD OF THUNDER

Read Linda Mooney’s erotic tale, LORD OF THUNDER
Book 1 of the "Thunder" Trilogy
An erotic fantasy romance novel by Linda Mooney
Available from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
Annie Mayall was a young bride, brought to Montana in 1940 by her new husband to start their new life soon as he struck it rich in the promised silver mines. Abandoned for three long desperate and lonely years, Annie was forced to survive by herself in the wilds of the mountains. Until one stormy night brought a severely wounded stranger to her tiny one-room cabin. A stranger both mystical and fascinating. A stranger who not only brought her happiness, but a kind of love she never knew existed.
A stranger who was not of this earth.
Warning: This book contains mutilation, abandonment, total isolation, harsh and unbearable weather, blood-letting, attempted homicide, attempted angel-cide, snoopy but concerned neighbors, close confinement, promises kept, and unusual uses for a feather.To read an excerpt and to order:
Also Available! EENIE MEENIE
A horrific short story by Gail Smith (Linda Mooney w/a)
From Red Rose Publishing
To read an excerpt and to order:
**And if you send her a receipt or proof of purchase for EENIE MEENIE, she’ll send you a PDF of another brand-new horror short story FREE!
Write her at:
Something lives in the big black plastic garbage bag. Something that isn't human. Something that depends on the goodwill of others to provide it with food. Fortunately, it's not particular if its meal is dead, long dead... or alive.

Friday, July 10, 2009

WELCOME my pal, Desiree Holt and her new EC release, LETTING GO!

I am thrilled to welcome my buddy and critique partner, Desiree Holt to my blog!
Here is a tasty nibble of her new LETTING GO!
For Kari Loftin life was all about control, in every aspect of it. But she realized that at forty-two she had managed to shut out every form of pleasure by keeping a tight rein on herself. With her beloved Cubs on a winning streak, she tossed away her control for one night and ventured into the world of Petey’s Sports Bar. Little did she expect to meet a hot young stud like Riley Tucker, who showed her a side of herself she’d never dared to explore. One night together and Riley wanted more. Much more. Could Kari get past the age difference—something that didn’t seem to bother Riley at all?
And the nibble!
He settled his hands, big and warm, on her shoulders, the heat from them burning through her t-shirt. While she watched with wide eyes he bent his head and licked her lips. Just a very, very light sweep of the tip of his tongue but she felt it all the way through her breasts to her womb. Heat crept over her skin and the beat of her heart tripped over itself.
“Mmm, good.” He licked his own lips, then slid his hands up to cup her face. “I knew you’d taste delicious.”
His mouth came down on hers again, his lips like rough velvet. She was sure he’d be the kind to attack voraciously but instead he seduced her mouth. He nibbled at each lip, his teeth teasing around the shape of her mouth, his tongue touching each tiny bite. He rubbed his lips against hers, then drew in her bottom lip and sucked on it gently.
Her bones felt like wax and more liquid soaked her panties. She felt as if she was suspended in space, attached only to his wonderful mouth.
When his tongue pressed against the seam of her closed mouth she opened with a sigh and thought how good he tasted. It swept inside, pleasantly shocking her as it stirred the nerves on every inner surface. Not an inch was left untouched—the roof of her mouth, the insides of her teeth and her cheeks, the pebbled surface of her own tongue. Tentatively she stretched it out to touch his and in seconds they were tangled together.
He kissed even better than he looked. She couldn’t breathe. Every bit of air was trapped in her throat. She lifted her hands and wrapped her fingers around his wrists, not to pull him away but to hold him in place. Her brain felt fuzzy, her body weightless and she wanted this kiss to go on forever.
Then a switch snapped on in her head and she tore her mouth away from his. Inbred insecurity reared its head and skittered along her spine.
“Wait,” she gasped. “Wait, wait, wait.”
He lifted his head and took a step back. “For what? What’s wrong, Kari”
“I have to tell you something. Please.”
He frowned at her. “Like what? You’re married?” He lifted her left hand, the ring finger glaringly bare. “No ring, unless you’re one of those liberated women who doesn’t think they’re necessary.”
“No, no.” She yanked her hand back. “It’s not that.”
“So what else could it be? You’re really a man who loves cross-dressing? Hell, I think it would be very hard to fake luscious breasts like those.” He skimmed the palm of one hand over her. “Yup. Real and made for touching.”
She took a step backward, wet her lips and let out a breath. “I’m forty-two.”
Riley stared at her, confused. “And?”
Why is he being so stupid? And why did I come upstairs with a man eleven years younger than me?
“I’m forty-two years old,” she practically shouted. Get it out now and get it over with.
“And that’s a problem how? I’m sorry. I don’t get it.”
She clenched her fists in frustration. Why wouldn’t he understand. “How old are you, Riley? Thirty? Thirty-one?”
He shocked her by bursting out laughing. “Jesus, Kari. For a minute you had me scared there. I thought there was a real problem.”
(copyright 2009, Desiree Holt)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

PARIS EXPOSE, another nibble

Here's a tiny bite of my newest cherry, PARIS EXPOSE (from )
Clasping her hand in his, he led her from the café out into the Rue DaGuerre and in three more
Steps, through a small unmarked robin’s egg
blue door. Then up the stairs, they went. With his
hand on the knob of the door at the top, Andre faced
her. “This is the first of many places I wish to show
you. In each is a different delight. Only one rule
“Which is?”
“If you wish not to proceed, you may refuse me—
and we will go no further. Agreed?”
Meaning he would honor her choice, but if she
refused, she would lose the chance to make love with
him? Just how courageous are you, Dee? She needed
to learn. “Oui.”
“Bon. You must do this freely or the joy will not
be there. And joy is what we are after, eh?”
She licked her lips, her head spinning with
anticipation—and curiosity.
Inside, the lighting was dim, the walls a soft
silver silk brocade from which light reflected subtly.
Dee followed Andre’s lead and when her eyes
adjusted to the darkness, she halted at the sight
before her. Along the walls were individual recesses
and in each stood a chair, a couch or a chaise longue
and upon each was a couple in various stages of
undress—and love making.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Take a peak at EMMA JAY's new SHOW OFF

Have nibble of my buddy EMMA JAY's spicy SHOW OFF from!

Veronica Butler avoids risks as a rule, but when faced with celebrating her thirty-fifth birthday alone, she dons her sexiest dress and heads to a single's club. She’s startled when the attention she draws is that of her supervisor, Vicente Salazar. They’ve worked on the same team at an architectural firm, designing a hotel with Gaudi-influenced elements. Veronica has indulged in several fantasies starring the sexy Spaniard. Now she’s fueling his.

Though she knows it's a mistake, that this decision may affect the office atmosphere, she gives into her desire and allows him to show her exquisite pleasure in public places. From the back of a limousine to his office to an alcove in a museum, each sexual encounter is exciting, challenging, terrifying. Each encounter shows her more of who she is. Each encounter risks her heart. Now if only she can convince him to risk his.

Here's an excerpt:

Veronica pushed the door open, surging into the building ahead of Vicente, then turned to look at him, walking backwards down the hall, the strap of her dress falling down her arm as she held a hand out to him.
His eyes followed the movement of the fabric, barely clinging to her nipple, and he caught her waist, pressing her back against the wall of the hallway, pinning her with his weight, with the length of his body fitting against her better than she expected, lowering his mouth to the swell of her breast. Her head fell back against the wall and she curved her hand around the back of his head as he slid his tongue under her dress to tease her nipple, his hand under her hem to cup her ass, squeezing, parting her legs.
Footsteps in the hall made her jolt, and she slid her hand to his jaw to turn his head toward her.
“Upstairs,” she whispered. “Elevator.”
He eased back just enough for her to push him toward the elevator, kept his fingers linked with hers as she pressed the button. Then he curled his fingers in the hem of her dress, rubbing his chin along the line of her shoulder as they waited. Every nerve in her body pulsed for his touch, and she was just about to grab his hand and press it to her breast when the elevator binged and the doors slid open.
Empty, thank God. Entwined, they stumbled inside and the doors had barely closed before Veronica reached for his cock, curling her fingers around it through his pants, measured how thick and long it was, She parted her legs to rub herself against him, feeling him pulse against her, her swollen lips cupping him even through their clothes. The elevator ride never felt so endless.
Vicente urged the strap of her dress down further, baring her breast to suck her nipple into his mouth. She arched her back to offer herself more fully and the thin strap busted. She twisted her fingers through his hair and caught sight of them in the mirrored wall, her dress pushed up and drooping down, his head bent over her, her leg lifted, rubbing against his hip as she opened herself to him. So sexy.
“Make me come,” she moaned. It wouldn’t take much, just a caress or two.
He chuckled against her throat, squeezing her ass. “Not yet.”
The elevator bell rang and Vicente straightened slowly, drawing her dress into place. She watched his face, his hooded eyes dark with promise. Only a few more steps. Reluctant to be apart from him for that long, she slid past him, led the way down the hall. She pivoted in front of her door, wrapped her arms around his waist, curving them up his back, pressing into him, rubbing gently, enticingly. He slipped his fingers under her hem and tucked them in her panties, began easing them down her hips, and her front door opened from the inside.
The chorus of “Surprise!” died down as Vicente lifted his head and backed away, allowing her twisted dress to fall back into place and her panties to return to her hips with a snap.
Also take a look at her video! Over at You Tube:="