Saturday, August 29, 2009

New menage! HER THREE-WAY MERGER from EC

Sept. 18 my yummy menage debuts from EC, HER THREE-WAY MERGER!
Sexy exec Sienna Galvan never mixes business with pleasure until she calls a meeting with the two hunky football stars who used to be her next door neighbors and her teenage fantasies. But Cord and Tate Ryder take one look at how sweet little Sienna has grown in to an irresistibly luscious lady and they make her an offer she can’t refuse--three-way negotiations on their sofa, their yacht--and their bed. Thrilling to their risqué explorations of her body, she revels in having them both at her command, together and separately. But when they drive a harder bargain than she imagined, she must find a way to do what’s right for her business and what’s best for her heart.
Here is a nibble for you: (copyright 2009, Cerise DeLand)
Tate sauntered forward with three large green-tinted glasses, trimmed in salt and limes. He handed her one, another to Cord. “Our best white tequila, baby. Straight from Mexico, by boat. Ours. We’ll take you out later.”
“Oh, I don’t think I should.”
“Don’t think.” Cord gave her a little hug and her nipples pebbled, yearning to be played with. “Let’s enjoy the reunion.”
Can we do that in a bed? Sienna gulped at her raw desire while her traitorous pussy pulsed. “Sure.”
“To the three of us.” Tate led them all to raise their drinks in a toast. His gaze drifted down from her mouth to her pointed breasts and her bare legs, then checked Cord’s eyes and nodded to him. Finally, he winked at Sienna. “Long overdue to have you here, baby.”
She shifted at the very idea that she could have them. Have them both. Now. Here. After all these years of wanting and needing their bodies inside hers. Envying other girls who had. No!
She trembled and sat straighter. She was not going to be had here. She was going to buy their land, cut their check, get their signatures on the deed and get back on the road to Houston. And sanity.
“Thanks,” she managed, lifted her glass and took a long, welcome drink. She let the cool liquor slide down her throat and closed her eyes. She had to cool off here before she melted from desire. She took another sip, licked the salt from the rim and let her tongue whisk it from her lower lip. But when she looked up, both men watched her every move.
Tate crouched down in front of her, putting his drink to one side and wrapping his cool fingers around her ankles. Then she noted how a huge bulge peaked his trousers.
She wriggled beside Cord, who placed his drink on the side table.
“How was the drive down from Houston?” Cord asked, two of his fingers now making patterns on her shoulder.
She clenched her thighs together to please her demanding pussy. Damn, what did she have to do here for relief? Excuse herself and go tickle her clit in the bathroom?
“Hey, honey?” Cord flowed closer, his fingers trailing down her shoulder toward one of her breasts. “The drive here?” His kiss-me blue eyes smiled down into hers. “From Houston?”
“Right. The ride.” She blinked. “I loved it. It’s about time they finished that piece of highway. I needed some time to think about this reunion.” She let her eyes dance from Tate’s into Cord’s.
His sashayed down her throat to her breasts where her nipples were now standing tall, hard as rocks, dying to come out for a romp. “Why’s that, honey? Surely you know how you have changed from the chubby whiz kid who tutored us in math.”
“Calculus and algebra,” she corrected him in a rush to douse the raging need for him between her swelling labia.
“Whatever.” Cord grinned so broadly that his dimple appeared and he flowed closer. Now with his chest flush to her side, she felt her skin prickle with a sheen of desire. “We never forgot you.”
“Wow.” She whispered as his endearment made her press her knees together in another pitiful attempt at self-denial. But her nipples were so needy now they abraded her lacy bra. She squirmed in her seat, as more thick cream soaked her thong. “Wonderful to know.”
Cord’s lambent gaze darkened to a stormy blue. “Did you ever forget us?”
“No, how could I?” How could I stop dreaming of having you both? Even one was too much to hope for! But she smiled broadly, instructing herself to be coy, cool, play their game. Play them off. Get what she wanted."

Thursday, August 27, 2009

AFTERNOON DELIGHT #12 -- A taste of the Orient today!

How about a quick, refreshing nibble that is Chinese?
The day before go to the store and buy 2 chicken breasts (boneless & skinless), rice vinegar, sesame oil, scallions, 1 green pepper, 1 lime, cilantro and your favorite wraps. (For this, I like the ones that are flavored with garlic and green onions.)I hope you have soy sauce at home. If not, buy that, too.
Do add to your grocery cart, your favorite Chinese or Japanese beer. Yes, beer. Bubbly joy for the afternoon!
The night before, slice the chicken into long strips, then marinate them in 2 T. of rice vinegar, 1 T. of sesame oil, and the juice of the lime. Add black pepper and just a light dust of salt.
The next morning, as you wash your sheets and other linens in sea grass-scented fragrances, broil the chicken to a luscious brown. Cool.
Slice your green pepper in long lovely strips, and cut your scallions on the long bias. Yes, this is different, and it gives the impression of lovely lithe grasses blowing in the wind! Toss those together in a dusting of soy sauce and cilantro leaves you have plucked from the stems with your own fingertips! Warm the wraps if you wish before your Delight arrives.
Arrange all on a huge serving plate. Add o-hashi, or chopsticks to enable you to assemble your scrumptious repast.
Serve with cold beer, warm wet hand towels (like they do after a meal in the Orient) and a warm and loving heart!
Thank you. Or as the Chinese say, Shia, shia. Or the Japanese, Domo arigato!
Oishi des, ne? (Delicious, yes?)
(copyright 2009, Cerise DeLand)

Thursday, August 20, 2009


A different twist today begins with a brunch menu. Surely, you could use it for the afternoon, or an early evening affaire. But...let me begin.
First, have you tried any of the new body lotions that include the scents of cucumber, melon or watermelon? Oh, do try one for this repast! They smell delish AND they are very light and elusive. Just what you want to go with this lovely little, but hearty brunch menu.
What do you need?
One yellow onion, two gold potatoes, 3 eggs, butter and finally, a clove of garlic and a bit of parsely, only if you wish!
Slice the potatoes very thinly. If you have a slicer, do use it, bella. Slice your onion very thinly, too. Heat an omelete pan on medium for a minute. Melt 1 T. of butter. (Yes, I am devoted to high quality and low quantities of fats.) Quickly add your onion--and if you wish to add your diced garlic, do so after your onion has given up its divine aromas and begun to brown.
Add in your potatoes and cook to tender. This can take 5-10 minutes, and the thinner your potatoes, the faster this is done.
Add in 3 beaten eggs. Then the dust of chopped parsley, if you like. Flip when you have an egg mixture that is binding all together. And what do you have?
A lovely dish, that is part omelet, part potato and onion cake. In Spain, this is a morning dish or a light luncheon.
Open a bottle of spritely white cava, serve with fresh strawberries and you have the makings of a scrumptious afternoon.
Ciao, bella! Enjoy!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Ready for another luscious, but good-for-you-and-your-Delight treat?
Today, we are going Middle Eastern.
With a good bottle of wine from Greece (Santorini) or Israel (the Golan Heights), let's try this accompaniement:
Buy a fresh goat cheese, 3-5 oz. Do check the pull date for the freshest on the shelf. Buy one produced locally if you wish, but one from abroad will be more authentic, don't you think? These come with chives, garlic, and so on, but plain is lovely, too.
Buy fresh pita bread. Six pita is more than enough for two!
Then purchase a container of Greek organic yogurt. My container the other day weighed 5.3 oz and was a thick, creamy blend that had just a bit of tang to it.
What to add? Ah.
Buy one cucumber. Then minutes before your Delight arrives, peel it, then halve it, scrape out the seeds if you must, but I leave them in for texture. Then quarter the halves and slice into chunks. Add to your yogurt, along with chopped cilantro. (Yes, you may use a knife on the herbs for this dish, bella, because you will not be giving them too long exposed to the air to brown those lovely curly edges!) Add a dash of cayenne, celery salt and garlic salt.
Serve your pita whole. In the Middle East, they are served whole so that diners can break them apart with their hands. Very sensual then, to be able to feed each other, eh? Put out your feta, cube it if you wish, and serve with toothpicks. Then, put out your cucumber yogurt. All for dipping into with the bread!
White wine from Santorini, chilled overnight, or red from the Golan is superb with this light little repast!
For your air scent, try a verbena. Or some are now made with cucumber scent!!!
(copyright 2009, Cerise DeLand)

Thursday, August 6, 2009


The most delightful part of our garden is our herbs. We grow only a few--basil, parsley and cilantro. But wow, do they go into a lot of what we create.
And worry not, bella, because if you like them, too, these herbs are inexpensive to buy in the store.
Today, we make a nice little repast, gloriously lead by basil, parsley, garlic and good Italian olive oil.
What is it?
Why, your own pesto!
In a blender (in order of appearance here), stack 1 cup loosely packed basil leaves. Tear them off the stem, cara. Same with 1 cup of parsley. Add in 1/2 c. of olive oil. 2 large cloves of chopped garlic. And 1/3 c. freshly grated parmesan. (Add pine nuts if you like, but they are expensive and I tend to skip them.) Blend! Pour into a glass jar, freshly washed, and then refrigerate.
For your afternoon delight, buy a good bottle of valpolicella, a red from the eastern areas near Venice. Also, buy a few Italian salumes like hard salami, cotto and if you like prosciutto, all sliced very thinly.
Then buy a package of cherry tomatoes, good mozzarella in a chunk. Cut up the cheese into cubes. Alternate a tomato with a piece of cheese. Add green and yellow or orange pepper slices for drama. Arrange on a plate and serve atop a light dusting of fresh greens, toothpick edge fanned out so that you can pick them up easily. Drizzle all with your fresh pesto. (Use the rest of your pesto as a base for your own salad dressing, and for a rich addition to chicken dishes, close to the end of cooking so that you do not brown the herbs!)
Serve with your red wine and selection of sliced salumes.
Be sure to save your greens--and toss with a full salad later.
But for your air today, buy a candle of lime or lemon. The aroma is fresh and will complement the strong flavors of your pesto.
CIAO, my darlings! Until next Thursday, be well, eat heartily and live long!
(copyright 2009, Cerise DeLand)