Saturday, October 17, 2009

PARIS EXPOSE up for Book of the Week!

Hubba, hubba! Over at Whipped Cream, they have nominated PARIS EXPOSE for best of the week!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


As you think of slipping into something more comfortable for your afternoon delight, I want to offer to you today a few thoughts on the season.
Here in south Texas, days are getting cooler. Although 80s to some is still hot hot hot, I want to offer to you today a few ideas to make it hot hot hot inside to accompany
Might I suggest a few great pairings?
Smoked salmon, sliced thin nigh unto transparency. With scotch. The best you can buy. Served neat. Straight up. One or two fingers. That's for the depth of the pouring, not...other things.
Serve that with toasted French bread slices, olive oil drizzled on top before toasting.
Perhaps add an offering of fresh goat cheese, room temperature so that the creamy texture just flows over the toast and makes a luscious coating, should you care to top it with the salmon. Or just eat your salmon from each other's fingertips.
The fragrance to go with this?
Might I suggest rosemary, thyme or a winter citrus? As candles, room scent or scent for your drier and your linens, these add a bit of the autumn to your repast and your interlude.
Ciao, bella!
(copyright Cerise Deland, 2009)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

4 1/2 Cherries for PARIS EXPOSE

I am delighted that the reviewer over at WHIPPED CREAM gave my PARIS EXPOSE 4.5 cherries!
Cherries for Cerise!
What a concept!
She said: "...bring a fan, and plenty of ice water, you’ll need it."
Hope you have a chance to go over to and take a bite out of Paris. My last trip there was April 1, 2008 and oh, did I love it. What's NOT to, eh, cherie?
The places in the tale are ones I visited...and adored. So I thought, what better way to share them than to write about them as a tale of love?
Want to read the entire review? Go to:\sure-by.html
Enjoy the story, too!
Know, too, that over at YOU GOTTA READ REVIEWS, that reviewer began her post with this about PARIS EXPOSE: "Wow…let me say that again, WOW!!"
And at romance Junkies, they said: "Cerise DeLand takes readers on an erotic Parisian adventure with a sexy Frenchman and believe me escargot, wine and the Eifel Tower have absolutely nothing to do with the sort of antics these two enjoy. Deanne and Andre share similar interests and complement each other beautifully so it’s great fun to envision the scenes – sexual and otherwise – between them. Ms. DeLand’s characters are charmingly realistic and their encounters are definitely memorable, add in the romantic Paris aura and you have a sizzling read sure to sweep you away from reality for a little while."
What are you doing next April?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Proof that Nectar of love is good for you

Bella, hurry to your local wine store and indulge yourself in reds.
I just read in the latest issue of Wine Spectator magazine that women who drink 2 glasses of red each day experience more satisfaction with their sexual lives.
What's more, this is the conclusion of an official study by the University of Florence. Now, what could be more affirmative and encouraging than to know that academics find proof that moderate amounts of wine aid your sexual health?
Those marvelous Italians concluded too, that among those in the study, older women had higher satisfaction rates than younger. Proving, of course, that you are never to old know. AND also proving, as if we did not know, that older women make beautiful lovers.
What's your favorite red?
At home as the days turn to autumn and temperatures decline (ah, yes, it is south Texas, dear ones, so OUR decline hovers in the area of seventies, but still....), we are drinking Torres family vineyards, Sangre de Torro. Blood of the Bull. Smooth, rich. Great with steak. Or last night, meatloaf! Yes, comfort food.
We've also recently had one of our faves, pinot noir. Label? Almost anything from Oregon.
None of them is very pricey.
Ciao, bella.
Here's to your sexual health!