Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Welcome Kate Hill! Payback can be fun????


Though the hero and heroine's relationship is the main focus of a romance novel, sometimes other characters' involvement is just as complex. In my latest release, Rough Waters, the heroine, Samantha, meets the hero during the climax of an ongoing disagreement with the vampire who made him.

Despite his underlying respect and affection for John, Geoffrey is tired of his manipulative behavior. He suspects his vampiric creator's feelings for him have crossed the line of friendship and caring to romance and obsession. Samantha's presence places an added strain on their stormy relationship.

As a reader and a writer, I enjoy third party involvement in stories. Sometimes it adds tension and it usually helps explore various sides of the main characters' personalities. Sometimes a secondary character impacts the story enough to demand one of his own. John's story doesn't end in Rough Waters, but continues in a free piece of short fiction, Awakening, that will be available soon. I'm not so certain he won't be back again, possibly with a longer story of his own. Maybe Geoffrey will have the chance to add "complexity" to John's budding romance with a mysterious castaway. Sometimes payback can be fun.

Rough Waters

by Kate Hill

From Changeling Press


Cover Art: Karen Fox

ISBN: 978-1-60521-483-2

A night of heaven and hell. . .

One moment Samantha is admiring a tattooed man at the gym and the next she's aboard a private yacht with no idea how she got there.

Faced with two mysterious men--one she trusts and one she fears--she experiences mind-blowing sex with a vampire while avoiding death on what turns out to be a brutal party for the criminally insane.

Lured onto his estranged creator's yacht, Geoffrey meets a woman whom he can't resist, but is Samantha part of a scheme to tempt him into indulging in his long-repressed bloodlust?

Read an excerpt at


About Kate Hill

What do trips around the world, endless nights of breathtaking sex, and a muscular, 6-foot 3-inch, brown-haired, blue-eyed significant other have to do with Kate Hill? Absolutely nothing, but she can dream, can't she? In reality Kate is a single vegetarian New Englander who loves writing romantic fantasies.

When she's not working on her books, Kate enjoys reading, working out, and researching vampires and Viking history. Visit Kate online at http://www.kate-hill.com.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Know the Song Me & Mrs. Jones? I've got the Mister!

We've got a thiiiiiiiiiing goin' on.
We both know that it's wrong
But it's much too strong to let it go now.
Well! This is one of my favorite songs. So I changed it to Mr. Jones. My editor at EC loved him. (slurp.) And he debuts today, in the flesh...and text, over there. Buy link: http://www.jasminejade.com/p-9268-me-and-mr-jones.aspx
But he is a great...lay. (Can I say that here?)
This guy has it going on, lemme just say. And in this little Quickie, I have him involved in M/F (of course), voyeurism, exhibitionism, BDSM and a yum yum bit with M/F/M/F/M.
Oh yeah.
In Paris.
Here's the teaser:

What woman wouldn’t crave an annual erotic, exotic rendezvous?

With a demanding lover who’s proven over and over again that he’s as scintillating and devoted in bed as out, Corin Campbell tears open her instructions for her yearly tryst with her insatiable Mr. Jones. Eager to experience what heart-pounding excitements Mr. Jones has created for them both this year in Paris, Corin knows that the Chinese love balls, her leather outfit, the masseur, the caviar and the five exhibitionists are only prelude to hours of intoxicating delight in Jones’s arms. What can he teach her this year about the enduring charm of his loving and the delights only he can summon from her?

C'est bon!

And a nibble? (Copyright 2011, Cerise DeLand. All rights reserved.)

But when she told the desk clerk she was here to join Mister Jones, he nodded politely as if he understood the nature of her appearance here. He must, she assumed, because he did not ask for her passport or any other identification, as most hotels did for security. Mister Jones, Corin concluded once more, had done a marvelous job of preparing the receptionist staff for her arrival.

Mademoiselle, s’il vous plait, please follow this gentleman to your room.”

Grateful and eager as a cat now, she walked to the elevators and rode up in the gilded little cage to the designated floor. Would Mister Jones be here? Would she have to wait much longer to see him? Have him kiss her? Caress her? Tell her how he’d missed her?

Mademoiselle?” the bellboy drew her attention as the doors swished open. Then, he led her down the corridor. At the end, he unlocked the door, deposited her luggage in a large closet to one side of the expansive foyer and led her to the sitting room. In the middle of the floor, he stopped short. She stood to one side of him, her nipples beading, her pussy swimming in fresh cream, her heart pounding.

“Is there anything else I may do for you, Monsieur?” he asked the man seated in the far corner in a large red velvet chair.

“No, thank you, you may leave,” said the rakish blond creature, yet his green gaze absorbed only her.

Long delicious moments passed as the bellboy left and the man in the chair took in her appearance from the tips of her black suede knee-high boots to the long black river of her hair, her pouting mouth and her eyes.

“You stun me,” he told her in that bass voice that rubbed her nipples raw with need each time he spoke so soft and low.

“As do you. Your instructions have been irritating, darling.”

One side of his mouth drifted up. “Is that all?”

“Never all.”

“Tell me then.” He threaded his fingers together, twiddling his thumbs. Self-satisfied bastard.

“Demanding.” She took a step forward. “Exciting. Inventive.”

“You were surprised?”

“I was.”

He nodded, his ash blond hair catching rays of the afternoon sun, his crisp white dress shirt brilliant in the lush décor of whites, black and regal red. “I am gratified.”

“Would you care to be more gratified?”

In assent, the other side of his mouth hitched up. Here was her Mister Jones with the grin that he wore only for her. The full appreciation of life that destroyed the stern-faced businessman and brought forth her lover. Corin’s Lover, he called himself on these rendezvous when he did not refer to himself as simply Jones.

She spun in a three-sixty to view their surroundings. The sitting room was sumptuous, even more so than the spa she’d left minutes before. The bedroom, she could see at one side, lay beyond. And the edge of a huge mattress beckoned. But she knew she could not, would not spoil their fun by running in and throwing herself on it. Mister Jones had worked so long to create this year’s rendezvous, she couldn’t simply tear her clothes off and beg him to fuck her. She would be a good girl, go along for the anticipation of fulfillment.

She strolled forward, a slow seductive roll of her hips, her pussy gushing in more cream at the sight of him. Her nipples hard with need at the mere hope he might soon lick her and suck her there. When she drew near him, she nudged his knees apart with one of her own and stood between his legs. Here she could inhale his citrusy cologne, the one he wore now always, the one she had had privately blended for him two summers ago when she went to Grasse in the south of France on a site research trip for a film that had failed to green light. The fragrance of the lime and cedar on his skin had her swallowing hard in need. Yet, she did not touch him. Not yet.

“What would you like first?” she asked him, her voice failing her because her desire for him was so palpable. This was his weekend, his commands ordered the events. “Shall I open the last envelope?”

“That is for much later, cherie.”

“What then?” She leaned over, drawing near to his wide slashing mouth and the temptation she always yearned to taste first and often. “Shall I kiss you?”

“Remove your street clothes,” he told her in a hush.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New kitchen. Done.

I cannot tell you what this has done for my mind.
Love the yellow. Cheerful. Opens up the kitchen. Makes it seem larger.
Love the black granite. Sharp and stunning.
The center island granite was a remnant from someone else's MAJOR expense. Doubt this pix does it justice as the silver and gold flecks in it change as you move and the light strikes it.
Two things we INVESTED in (snort!) were: a super sized sink, deep and wide, baby. Stainless. For all those big pots. AND a touch activated faucet. I LOVE THIS THING. MAY TAKE IT WITH ME TO PARTIES AND DANCES. When cooking and constantly washing my hands, this faucet is a dream to work with and I do believe saves water. Hubbie thinks this is the least the faucet manufacturer could do, since the darn thing cost an arm and 2 legs.
The lighting is different, too. Localized. Works for me as I am blind. Well, not really, but I do need my specs! And cutting my fingers is not such a swell idea considering I sit at the computer to type 8 hours a day.
Like it?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Kitchen pix...in progress

Here, the new look coming together...as the painters try to get 15 year old wallpaper off the walls.
Oh. It comes off in little pieces the size of two fingers. No lie. Dawn to dusk, they were peeling, scraping.
Tedious to say the least.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Remodeling our kitchen, my brain and...

ALSO remodeling the family check book! (Hear hubbie groaning.) Now I need a few things more, besides all the new yummy lighting, plugs, new granite, sink, faucets, globbeta-gloppeta machine, new paint to replace old wallpaper. New pots, don't you think? New dish towels. Maybe new kitchen window shades and--
Wait, wait, says hubby. What do you need all that for?
Dunno, babe. Just in the mood. SEEMS right, donchaknow.
The above? Old kitchen.
Soon? New kitchen. We've been torn up here for--oh, shoot me, please--over 4 weeks!!!
Happy they are nearly done.
Why redo the place? Well, I spend most of my day in my office, approx. 8 hours. In the kitchen? 2-4 hours. I love to cook. It is my Decompression. Relaxation. And since I have promised for years now to close up my office at 5, 6 at the latest and come downstairs to share cocktail hour and create dinner, I figured after 15 years, it was time to spruce up the place. And hubbie has gotten himself a new super-duper wine cooler because he is my sommelier and my assistant chef and washes all the dishes, too.
Stay tuned for finished pix of new place to enjoy!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Win a netbook to celebrate Desiree Holt's 100th release

This month Desiree Holt celebrates her 100th release with Downstroke from Ellora’s Cave.
As part of the celebration, Desiree is giving away a prize every day of one copy of one of Desiree's novels of the reader's choice from her backlist. Names will be drawn from those who post comments. At the end of the month, one lucky person will win a grand prize of a refurbished Netbook with digital DVD drive. After you (the reader) post here, go to Desiree's web site at www.desireeholt.com and enter to win the grand prize of the netbook at the end of the month.
Downstroke is the story of lovers reunited after twenty years trying to bridge a gulf of bitterness while outwitting a killer. To help my buddy Desiree celebrate, I’m giving you a taste of one of her other books. Leave a comment here for Desiree. I will pick a name from the commenters for a winner of a choice from Desiree's backlist. Then, after you comment, go to www.desireeholt.com and enter the contest for the refurbished Acer netbook. You will also find a list there of all the other blogs participating in this celebration. Be sure to visit them and comment for more chances to win.
BLURB about Downstroke:
It’s been twenty years since Charley Roper and Dallas Creed parted with great bitterness. In that time she’s made a career for herself with the FBI and private security and he’s been a country rock music icon…tumbled to the bottom and risen again. Now someone’s trying to kill him and Morgan Creed wants Charley to protect his brother and find out who’s after him. When they meet again after all this time it’s obvious the chemistry is still there, stronger than ever. They’re older but are they wiser? Caught up in the bitter wash of memories and the tension of a killer in stalking mode, Charley and Dallas begin a roller coaster ride that is emotional erotic and suspenseful. Is their love strong enough after twenty years to pull them back together?
To show you what a talent she is (and what a sweetheart to work with, too), I give you here a nibble of her and my romantic thriller series, the latest, UNTIL MIDNIGHT!
Copyright 2011, Desiree Holt & Cerise DeLand. All rights Reserved.

The shadows of late afternoon dappled the room in shades of gold and cream as she led Adam down the hall and paused him at the bathroom door. She dug through her case and found two condom packages, definitely looking aged. She put a hand to her forehead. What was she doing making love to a man who was this dangerous, this daring?

Was she nuts? Asking for trouble?

Or was she wise?

But what man in years had interested her enough to look at twice? None. And this one had struck her the moment he opened his mouth and challenged her.

She couldn’t refuse him and she certainly couldn’t deny herself the opportunity to explore the glory of his torso and the satin of his golden tanned skin. The power that he exuded was what had drawn her to him. The danger that he met head- on was what intrigued her. But what enthralled her was how decisively he had saved her. So now if she agreed to his seduction, well then she was allowing herself the pleasure of the ride.

She turned for the hall again, put the two foil packets into his hand and led him toward the master suite. As she approached the side of her bed, she turned to face him. With only her bikini bottom on, she knew her body told him how much she wanted him. Her breasts tingled and her nipples zinged with electricity. Her stomach flip-flopped with desire. And her pussy, so very empty of a good man for so very long, creamed so in expectation so that her thighs were coated.

But Adam was as excited as she. As needy. She could see it as his eyes flowed down her body, the sight of her making his cock twitch, stand higher, big and red.

“Take it off, Nik,” he commanded in a raw voice, nodding to the tiny scrap of material covering her pussy. “I need to see those pretty pouting lips.”

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tomorrow Desiree Holt here with prizes

Tomorrow, Desiree Holt celebrates here with her 100th release!
As part of the celebration, Desiree is giving away a prize every day of the reader's choice from her backlist. Names will be drawn from those who post comments and a grand prize of a refurbished Netbook with digital DVD drive will be awarded to one lucky winner. After you (the reader) post, go to Desiree's web site at www.desireeholt.com and enter to win the grand prize.
BE SURE TO COME BACK TOMORROW and follow Desiree this month as she has a wild time with her 100th novel!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

UNTIL MIDNIGHT gets a 4.75 Top Pick at Night Owl

THANKS to Reviewer Marika over at Night Owl for these kind words:

Nicole Welles never thought that her last job would come back to haunt her. Neither did she suspect that someone wanted her dead. Adam Molloy saved her life before she even knew what was going on. Who is Adam Molloy and why is he is so hell bent on revenge? Nicole and Adam’s worlds collide with this one case. They had better figure it out before both of them are dead.

I’ll be honest; I have never read an erotic suspense book before so I was intrigued. I am not sorry that I did, I just wish it had been earlier. The story is very fast paced, action packed and sexy. Nicole and Adam are hot from the very beginning but I found that even though the sex was hot, it really wasn’t necessary. The characters and plot kept me at the edge of my seat until the last page.

I confess I didn’t read book 1 in the series, but I feel that this book stands alone. I will be going back and reading the first book to learn about Maddie and Dan. This title is highly recommended and I can’t wait to see if there is a third one from the talented duo of Cerise and Desiree.

Friday, April 1, 2011

A Fan writes about I CAUGHT THE SHERIFF

A reader of I CAUGHT THE SHERIFF posted on the EC site and said of this book (yummy words I thought you would like to read, too):
Thank you, Karen!
Fanning self!
Humbled by such nice words.