Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bang-on great words for I CAUGHT THE SHERIFF

Over at Whipped Cream today, a few wonderful words about my sheriff and how she gets her man!
Need a bang up 4th? Want to see how we do it in Texas?
You know you do.
Here it is:
Lex Coltrane has a thing for the new sheriff, a woman named Lana. 

This story has sexual tension from the beginning and it [never] stops even when Lex and Lana enter into a sexual relationship. The pacing is fast, the dialogue crisp and Lana comes across as not only a tough law woman, but one who knows what she wants in and out of the bedroom. In this particular case it’s Lex and the author did a great job showing us why. He’s sexy, smart and wants Lana no matter what.

The sex scenes are very hot and there’s something for just about everyone’s taste in erotic stories. Sometimes I laughed at Lana and wanted to cheer her on when she hooks Lex. I liked the idea that not only had the author chosen to make the law person female in this story but also enjoyed that Lana was a modern woman in other aspects of her life too. 

I thought the story would have a different ending and the one the author chose surprised me. It was satisfying and if you’re looking for a ‘quickie’ read for a hot summer day or night, this one fits the bill.
I Caught the Sheriff

Friday, June 24, 2011

Laugh of the DAY!

George Lopez reads his own version of romance novels--with heroes that are Working Stiffs!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


THANKs to all of you who came for the bag of goodies contest and the giveaway goes to...drumroll!
Debby236. (Do email me your snail mail addy!)
Kisses to all who are so excited about LADY VARNEY'S RISQUE BUSINESS!
She sits on 3 top 10 best seller lists  and I am tickled!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Can you resist a Texas Ranger?
Skye Chamberlain can't!

This is the first of monthly ROCK PARTIES by the 2 of us. You do not want to miss the fun as we celebrate our newest releases!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Slurplilicious cover, STRONG ARMS OF THE LAW--and a nibble!

Every woman values the strong arms of the law. Especially Skye Chamberlain.
She’s a crime writer and she’s in a heap of trouble since she saw a murder by the leader of a Mexican drug gang. But that’s not her biggest problem. Oh, no.
For two months now, she’s been cooped up in witness protection in a teensy weensy house with the biggest, toughest, most maddeningly charming Texas Ranger.
And he?
Rex Martinez thinks this sassy piece of Anglo ass is the sweetest, wildest chick to ever give him a hard-on.
How can they survive two more weeks of this torment--and keep their hands off each other?

Excerpt (copyright 2011, Cerise DeLand):
What was wrong with her?
Cabin fever was one thing.
Horny is another, Skye.
She fell backward against her bedroom door and rubbed her palms over her aching breasts. God, how she wanted his hands on her. His mouth. His cock. His everything.
Two months in the wilderness with the Lone Ranger has you stupid for him, Skye. So what if he’s built like the Starship Enterprise? All right, all right. So he’s droll as John Wayne. Handsome as the devil. Wise as an owl. And endowed like a rock-hard porn star.
Ohhh, stop this! He’s only interested in you because you’re his only choice. Bet the girls all drool over him at the local dancehall. Texas Ranger, white hat, big gun, big hands and huge balls.
Get over it, Chamberlain!
All you want is a good roll in the hay.
But that wasn’t all she wanted. Not from Rex Martinez. No sir. From him, she wanted more than one great fuck. She wanted all day, all night. His honed muscles plastered to her body. His thick, rasping bass voice rubbing her senses, letting her feel him deep inside her pussy, all the way up in her cunt, his thighs rocking against hers.
She pushed away from the door, strode to her closet and stepped out of her panties. She wanted to be surrounded by strength like his.
Mountainous strength.
Like she’d never known.
Like she’d only read about in novels.
A man so centered, so realistic, so sure of himself and what he was meant to do in the world, that she was in awe of him.
How she even got a few words out to talk with him had begun to astonish her. And she was never enthralled by anyone. Years in the savage realities of the ER. She knew it. So did her editor, and it was how she was able to go into some rough crime areas and do research. How she kept her cool and her stomach from up-chucking. How she made her living. Even this gig that had gotten her in so much trouble with this Gonzaga clan, had not frightened her. At first.
“Blonde, built and begging for it,” was how her editor billed her desire to come to South Texas and see if she could meet any of the Gonzagas. “You have to be safe out there, Skye. No series is worth getting killed for. And you know this familia is one of the most cruel along the Rio Grande. I do not want you kidnapped or maimed. Get another plot. I can do without this story.”
“But you can’t, Chuck,” she’d told her boss at her publishing house. “Journalists aren’t going in any more. Hell, even if a newspaper has the research staff, they think twice about sending them in to Mexico. But these Gonzaga boys are women’s worst nightmare. Importing sex slaves from Asia into Mexico and across the border into Texas. Kidnapping women from the border towns and forcing them into prostitution in bordellos in Chihuahua and Monterrey. Last year, they kidnapped two female sheriffs. One they killed, but the other one we think they have kept alive in Nuevo Laredo. This makes the basis for a great novel.”
He had agreed to the angle, but hated the fact she would be such a blonde Anglo target. But she had lucked out. Renting a house across the American-Mexican border in Nuevo Laredo, she had attracted the amorous attentions of the man whom many suspected of being the familia’s second in command. He was hot for her and ready to make her his own special puta, too, when she’d heard him admit to killing three women. Then the next night, she’d witnessed his buddy kill three females. Skye had been able to feed information to the Texas Rangers about that and a raid the Gonzagas planned on an all-girl’s high school in Texas. They had caught the murderer and then put the second in command behind bars. Skye was their star witness against both men.
The Gonzagas put a price on her head.
“And here I am,” she whispered, looked back at the bedroom door and decided what to do with the rest of what the odds said would be a shorter life than she predicted. “Here I am, Rex Martinez, wanting you.”
She strode, naked as a bird, to the door. She opened it and there he was. Her Ranger, still standing in the same spot she’d left him.
Surprised, he moved only his brows as his baby blue eyes flamed at the sight of her nude body.
“You know what I think, Ranger?”
“Got me, honey.” Truth was, his gaze said he got her lips, and her nipples and her bellybutton and her blonde-haired pussy.
“I think the trial might be too long, and your paycheck too small.”
“To do what?”
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HOLT & DELAND ROCK IT OUT! Party & prizes!

Two books, two authors, gobs of giveaways!
June 15! At

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Take 1 Rancher, add whip--and a woman he loves and you get....

CRACK THE WHIP by~ drumroll~ Desiree Holt!
This will make your day divine!
What's it about?
When rancher Reece Halliday met the new manager of his fetish club, Rawhide, he was shocked to see Katie Warren, the woman he'd loved and lost because of his sexual preferences. But a lot of time has passed and Katie has discovered the lure and satisfaction of BDSM―including the pleasurable sting of the single tail whip. Will Reece be able to lure her back into his arms―and bed―when he cracks the whip during their private sessions?
Need a nibble? Of course you do! (Copyright 2011 Desiree Holt)

“So maybe if you tell me how it happened, I’ll answer your question about me.”

“Fair enough.” He set his cup back in the saucer. “Remember Chad Willoughby, my college roommate?”

Katie nodded.

“Chad’s brother was into the life big time. When Chad graduated from law school, he got Chad a guest pass at the private fetish club he belonged to and said he could bring a friend.” He looked down. “I’d…been to a club twice before when we were together. But never did any more than watch,” he added quickly. “That’s when I brought everything up to you. I was fascinated with the lifestyle and wanted us to try some of these things together.” His grin was rueful. “My idea didn’t work out so well, as I remember.”

“No. It didn’t.” If only she hadn’t reacted so badly. “So what happened at the club?

“It seemed I was finally going to experience the things I’d only fantasized about. Chad’s brother arranged for each of us to have a sub for the evening along with a trained instructor.” He paused to sip more coffee.

“And?” she prompted.

“To be blunt about it, I discovered a desire for it I didn’t even know I had. It was the most explosive night I’d ever had sexually. And that’s taking nothing away from what you and I had together.”

“But you wanted more.” Oh, she was sure of that. She felt a trap opening, yawning like a big hole before her. “On a regular basis.”

“I did. A lot more. And more often. I for sure couldn’t look for action anywhere around the Hill Country. You know how conservative the ranching community is. Not even my brothers know about my…preferences.”

Katie gave him a quizzical look. “So what did you do?”

“Joined the club in Tampa Chad’s brother took us to. They have an arrangement for guest privileges in other clubs around the country. I…took a lot of business trips.” He stopped to take another swallow of coffee.]

“Your brothers didn’t ask questions?”

He shook his head. “I timed my trips to coincide with legitimate business. Conventions. Meetings. Whatever.” His eyes raked over her face possessively. “But here’s the plain truth. I really wanted you, Katie. I wanted it all. You and the life.”

“Which is what led to the scene in our hotel room.” When she so childishly ran away. It wasn’t just the things themselves he was proposing. It was the total implication, the fear that she could lose herself in him completely. A very dangerous edge.

He grinned. “Yeah. That was some scene. I still remember how you looked, spread out…”

“Stop.” She held up her hand. “That’s not what I meant. Can we stick to the conversation at hand?”

The look he gave her nearly incinerated her dress. “Afraid to talk about it, sugar?”

Friday, June 3, 2011

Nibble on my new cherry, LADY VARNEY!

LADY VARNEY’S RISQUE BUSINESS is a bit of funny business that I hope you enjoy!

A nibble of my newest cherry?

Of course! (Copyright 2011, Cerise DeLand.)

Available at Resplendence, but also at where I am dying to rise on that list (as my other Regencies did there). Help me out, will you?

He hurried her along the hall and into an alcove. “While I am relieved to hear that you are not pregnant—”

“Hush! Are you an idiot?”

“Mad, delusional, a cretin in the mix!” He stepped inside a tiny hallway lined with cupboards and closed two doors on either side of the four foot space. “Call me any name you like, my Puss. You are driving me out of my head!”

“Well deserved, too!” she blustered as he pulled her into his arms and she once more felt the marvelous sensation of being captured by him. Held against his warmth. His might.

“Not by half, you minx. You cash my bank notes. But you will not receive me at home. You avoid me at church. Walk around me in the Park. I am reduced to waylaying you like a highwayman at a party on Wednesday afternoon!”

A laugh bubbled up from her throat but she squelched it. “We have nothing to say to each other.”

“No,” he said with dour tone. “We have so much to say that only this will do.” He caught her chin, wrapped one arm around her waist and kissed as he had that first night in her drawing room. Long and lavishly. Repeatedly. Killing her reason and her resolve.

Her fan slid from her fingers. Her hands pulled him closer. These past weeks, she’d pined for him like a schoolgirl. She’d relived every moment in his arms, in his bed, even in his rose garden at his cottage. She had cried and mooned and railed at fate for what she could not have.

He took her mouth with ravenous delight, trailing kisses across her cheek and down her throat to her bodice. His hands molded her to him and suddenly, she felt his fingers lift her skirts and slide to her pussy. Caress her seam. “Darling, I am so delighted you wear none of those ridiculous pantaloons. You are so plump and wet for me,” he murmured and what words came next became a serenade of all the endearments he had declared in his cottage and all that still lived in her heart.

He undid his flies, and plunged up inside her. Against the cupboard, she braced herself and gave over to the rapture of his possession.

He was warm and turgid and—

Something shattered.

Tinkled all around them.

“Don’t move,” he warned as he held her tightly.

What?” she asked soundlessly, her cunt so full of him, her breasts so needy of his kisses she thought she’d scream.

Blinking repeatedly to clear his vision and his head, he glanced about them. “Dear god, sweetheart, we’ve broken the family crystal.”

She surveyed the tiny room and the astonishing wreckage. “Justin. Oh, hell! We’re in the butler’s pantry!”