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Inspiration for 30,000+ words! A pix or 2....

(All pictures property of Cerise DeLand, no use without permission.)

I go everywhere and take my camera…and my author’s imagination! Here with a few of my own pix, I give you a tidbit I learned about the place, the photo or how I used it in a story!
Classical sculpture, trip to Greece with hubbie in 2009: This came from the museum at Olympia where the games were held. Here was a training ground for Olympiads with a description of the rigorous diet and exercise. What did I take away? AH. That being an athlete, even then, required an enormous commitment of time and energy.
For me?
Not so much. I used to do 5K races. Now I work out in a gym! And do hip hop class!
Enuf already!

Fresh Fish and Jambon from La Boqueria in Barcelona, Spain: This was a real treat! Notice the prices on the ham. YIKES! This ham is special coming from pigs who are fed acorns. Very pricey. What did I get out of this? Look for #4 in Desiree Holt and my NEMESIS series, UNTIL NOON, romantic thrillers that are selling like MAD!
From the same trip come the pix of SAGRADA FAMILIA, Sacred Family Cathedral. Note the “dripping architecture” of the East Door, or Door of Birth, and the contrast of the West Door, Door of  Death/Crucifixion which is very stark and rigid. I give you the very dolorous and ironic sculpture of Judas Kissing Christ.
In UNTIL NOON, we set a murder in the nearby town of Montserrat on a cliff near a famous 1000 year old monastery.
Doge’s Palace, Venice: What a marvelous place Venice is! I long to return. From this trip, I got the background of CARRIED AWAY, my romantic suspense set there in that wonderful city. I’ve done a lot of travel in Mexico, too, where LAID BARE is set, the first in the Irresistible Forces series along with CARRIED AWAY. 

I love to cook and my husband is my terrific sommelier. We go to Napa often and this pix of the Mondavi Wine cellar is one of my faves! Wine and champagne make big appearances in my books. 
Prosecco, anyone? Yum.
For a taste of my own cooking, wine and love for Italy and Italian men, try MIA Dolce!

The Street Scene of Pompeii makes my mouth water to return. When I did my master’s degree, I took quite a few courses in ancient civilizations. This pix makes me wish there were 48 hours in a day so that I could write romances set in Pompeii!

And the picture of the Texas Cypress trees is dear to me. I live here in the Hill Country and these beauties are a joy to see surviving, especially in a very dry climate. My new series for EC, Knights in Black Leather, begins with ROPE ME IN and TIE ME DOWN, then continues with STEAL ME AWAY, a historical about the Comanche who stole white women from their families. This is due out soon.

And where am I going next? My big trip this year will be to Paris (again!) and eastern France. What will I do there? Drink champagne. Eat truffles. And research chateaux and the French Revolution! If that floats your boat, do try my Regency which is free everywhere, LADY STARLING’s STOCKINGS. Come visit me for all my books at http://www.cerisedeland.com

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Paloma Beck here with her newest!

A True Holiday Gem
Series: Seven Sin Sisters Series, Book Three
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Elements: Adult language/ Explicit Sex
Author: Paloma Beck
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing
ISBN: 9781618854704
Page Count: 102 page 

Seven sisters are entwined in a legacy, one originating back from the time of the Italian Wars in the 1500s. One by one, they will find their mates from the immortal Valendite Breeds and secure their place in history.
Gemma has spent her adult life consumed with researching the Valendite Breed history, constantly greedy for knowledge about their race. Until she meets Seamus and she's no longer able to hide in her world of books and theory. Now is her time to live.
Seamus has found his gem and he wants nothing more than to treasure her. But his best friend is missing and he needs to locate him. Torn between his mate and his brother-in-arms, Seamus may be forced to choose one over the other. Will he sacrifice a lifelong friendship for the love of his life?

She was certain she’d done the right thing by encouraging him to find Donovan. There was not a doubt in her mind about that. Still, she feared for him. Gemma put on her big-girl panties and stood by him while Caedon and Madden went over mission objectives and details, much of it she didn’t understand. She held herself together and forced all her emotions down so as not to worry Seamus.
But before he left, Gemma needed Seamus to know he could count on her. She jumped up and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. “I am yours,” she spoke into his mind so others wouldn’t hear.
Seamus’ response was immediate as his lips crushed down on hers. This wasn’t the sweet kiss of earlier, and Gemma returned his intensity and encouraged him to pull her closer and deepen the kiss even further. Seamus grabbed her bottom and forced her to wrap her legs around his waist. The thought that she should be embarrassed in front of the others crossed her mind but it was only fleeting. Everything inside her focused on her mate.
Gemma did hear one of the men gasp however. She opened her eyes for just a moment and saw the colors of light. Seamus and her combined emotions caused bursts of sparkling light to swirl around them. Incredible joy pounded in her veins and she knew she loved this man. He felt right against her as his lips pressed against hers and his teeth nipped at her lower lip.
A cough from behind them broke their moment. Seamus squeezed his eyes closed before opening them, shaking his head and placing her down on the floor. With his hand around her waist, he looked to Nicolaus.
“I place my mate in your keeping.” Seamus spoke solemnly.
Holiday Gem (The Seven Sin Sisters 3) 61
“I swear my oath to her safety,” Nicolaus dipped his head slightly and nodded once.
Seamus grabbed her face, his hands on either side, and placed his forehead against hers.
“I will be back as quickly as possible.”
“I will be right here waiting,” Gemma offered the only assurance she had to give.

With a grin, he flipped her and laughed at her shriek of surprise. Seamus leaned right over her again, boxing her in with his arms on either side of her head. His body lightly touched hers from knees to chest. He spoke softly into her ear so she’d have to strain to listen. He wanted her full attention. “You do realize that our blood bond will make the sex we are about to have even hotter than anything you’ve ever experienced.”
“I’m looking forward to the first-hand knowledge of that.” Gemma took Seamus off guard by replying so coyly, but then she gasped as he licked a path from her ear and down her throat. Seamus wanted to play with her.
Gemma brushed her hands along the contours of his back as Seamus lay on top of her. His muscles rippled with raw power as he held himself just above her. Each muscle tightened slightly as she stroked over it. Seamus exuded a sexy strength; the vibrations emanating from him flared Gemma’s desire until a glowing aura of light surrounded them.
“My powers,” she said with awe as she looked around them. Gemma felt small as she contemplated her powers and moved her arms around Seamus, only to realize they didn’t meet in the back. He was massive compared to her smaller frame. He was power and she felt a frisson of safe refuge in his arms. He would protect her. She would never have to be afraid again. An image of her panic attacks leaving her body sent a shiver through her and she looked up at him as he brought his head up from her chest.
“Did you feel that?” Seamus asked.
“My anxiety; it was as if it just left me,” Gemma couldn’t hold back the awe in her voice. Her relief was so great. A giant burden had been lifted and Seamus did that for her. She reached up to him and sucked on his lower lip.
Seamus ran his tongue along her mouth until Gemma let go of his lip and stroked his tongue with her own. Her fingers still clung to the muscles bulging along his arms as he held himself above her, but she lost herself in their kiss. A heat inside of her grew intense. Gemma couldn’t stop her need to touch every part of this miraculous man. She yearned to know him intimately, needing him to belong to her in every possible way. Gemma gasped as she pulled away from his mouth to run her tongue along the curve of his shoulder. Seamus was salty and complete male deliciousness. His skin was smooth but the muscle just below was firm. Everywhere she touched, he was hard.
Gemma squealed when Seamus flipped her so she was now lying on top of him. Since she wasn’t prepared for the movement and hadn’t put out her hands, her body was flat against him. It was delicious as she felt her softer body melt into his muscle. Seamus’s rock hard cock rested between them.
“Am I hurting you?” Gemma asked.
“You, beautiful, are the tiniest thing. I promise you can’t hurt me like this; unless of course you don’t let me finish.” Seamus grinned up at her and winked.
“So I wouldn’t hurt you if I did this,” Gemma asked as she rotated her hips to grind Seamus’s cock against her pelvis.
Seamus’s eyes rolled and he grabbed onto her hips to still her. “You might not hurt me but I’m likely to explode.”

The History of Valendite Breeds
During the Italian Wars in the early 1500s, the Duchy of Milan and the Kingdom of Naples fought for power and territory. Citizens living in the Italian peninsula then didn’t know where to turn for alliances. Betrayals belied life. They were so divided that in the mid-1500s when King Henry of France declared war against King Charles of Italy, the Italians stood no chance of victory. Among them were scientists developing amazing –albeit unethical– chemicals to enhance men and create ultimate soldiers.
These soldiers became more than any scientist anticipated. The scientists hid much of the soldier’s strength and power to preserve their creations from harm. The soldiers concealed their unanticipated need for blood as sustenance as best they could by utilizing the blood of those they killed in battle. The breeds served until finally near the 1600s when, with much thanks to Spanish and English aid, King Henry was forced to accept the Peace of Cateau-Cambresis and renounce any further claims to Italy.
The end of the war didn’t equate to the end of these warriors. They became known as the Valendite Breed, named for the war in which they were created. Empowered with the role of preserving peace for their country, the Valendite breed warriors stayed inconspicuous, fearful of those who might be frightened or threatened by their gifts. They learned to drink from one another, a blood exchange that left them unfulfilled and empty, but still managed to sustain their lives. Their accomplishments in the war hidden, buried to protect their identity, they lived as simple men. Until over the years, and despite their propensity to live elongated lives, these men and their families were able to hide once again among the average men.
After the Valendite Breed assimilated back into life on the hillsides of Italy, very few of their wives were able to conceive. The breeds were not thriving. The men assembled and brought their women to the steps of Rome, to the place most known for prayer and sanctity, to ask for God’s intervention in their lives. Pleading, one woman by the name of Magdalena offered any sacrifice that might be asked of them in exchange for fertility.
Her plea was granted. Though reports of the event were never accurately transcribed, breed historians agree on a few basic events. Each woman present that day – seven in total – were filled by one of the seven deadly sins, this act in exchange for the honor of bearing breed children, continuing the race and nourishing their breed mates.
All was well for the breeds then. Their race flourished until the time of another generation in the late 1800s. The women became unhappy in their role, seeking independence from the bonds that held them to the breeds. For without their mates, the women could survive; only the Valendite Breed suffered from separation. Some women began leaving and traveling to other countries.
A terrible storm struck the land on the day of Samhain in 1804. Terribly superstitious, the women converged in the town’s large cathedral to pray. Strong winds tore down the stone structure, killing those women trapped inside. After the storm ended, though, very few women –only those not making it to the cathedral- remained alive.
An apparition appeared outside the cathedral ruins. The majestic angel stood before the women who bowed down on their knees in her presence. “You shall call me Magdalena. You shall pray to me as Goddess. For you are those I saved this day. You are true to the promise made so long ago and granted to us through the grace of God. Your honor lies in claiming your breed mate. It is as it should be.”
The women dared not move as they heard the men approach, remaining on their knees in respect for their Goddess with whom there was a connection. The soil warm beneath their legs, the air crisp and cool against their hands. Every sensation, every movement and sound, was heightened. Their change not subtle, the men present that day at the cathedral witnessed the transformation.
“You are no longer as you once were. Manifested in you now are the elements. While others broke their promise, you held steadfast and are rewarded with powers in your own right. No longer shall you exist only to sustain your mate but to also sustain the earth. My blessings be upon you and your children after you. It is as it should be.”
Those gathered saw the apparition spiral in a colorful rainbow that seemed to draw every eye, a comforting scent and warmth flooded the courtyard where now only seven women remained alongside the breed men. A new beginning was upon them.

Paloma Beck is an erotic romance writer in both the contemporary and paranormal realms. Happily married and living a life of total contradiction, Paloma runs carpool service for her three sons and volunteers in PTA. Then in the moments when her characters talk to her, she journals their stories - and they are anything but PG. Paloma believes a daily dose of espresso and a good book make any day better.

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CONQUERING ZEUS, #7 in SEALs ON FIRE series, out now!

              BUY MY SEAL, ZEUS: http://amzn.to/10DR2pF
OH, yum. Do you like SEALs? Nutty question.
Here is my man "Zeus" Calderon! He is part of Team Arapaho and he is on stand-by with his buds when a woman he cannot forget walks the beach and makes him fess up to a secret.

Getting in the party mood for a weekend away with his SEAL teammates is no easy deal for “Zeus” Calderon. He’s hung up on a woman he saved from terrorists months ago, but he should be able to forget a gutsy blonde reporter who showed resilience and humor under fire. Shouldn’t he?
Kim Stansfield got the instant hots for the hunky Navy SEAL who led her out of harm’s way—and she’s got proof Zeus feels the same about her. He’s stubborn, but she’s devised a plan to conquer him.
When she shows up in Key West and surprises him on the beach, Zeus learns that once in a lifetime a man meets a woman he can’t forget—and every day without her is no easy day

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Sabrina York tells when EXTREME COUPONING and Erotic Fantasies Collide! WIN a tiara!

OH, DELISH! My buddy Sabrina York has a new goody out, EXTREME COUPONING! Get a load of that cover!

When Extreme Couponing and Erotic Fantasies Collide!

Cerise, darling! Thank you so much for having me!
I would love to tell you all about my latest release, Extreme Couponing. In this scorching novella sexy Tae discovers his strong, independent wife secretly yearns to be dominated. A creative fellow, Tae designs a coupon book for Bella—and the first coupon he redeems is for One Hour of Complete Submission.
This adventure launches a whole new chapter in their marriage—including very inventive explorations of ordinary household items. Please read on for an excerpt.
In the meantime, I have a question for you, dear reader.
Of all the erotic coupons your partner could give you—and there are no limits, this is a fantasy—what would you like to receive?
Would it be a Hall Pass—permission to have hot and sweaty sex with one man of your choice? Or a threesome?
A visit to the “toy store” with a nice fat budget?
A romantic dinner and a nice long foot rub?
Or would your erotic fantasy be more down to earth, like mine? I can’t think of anything sexier than a man bent over, on his hand and knees, hard at work…snaking out the shower drain.
Please share your fantasies! After all, erotic authors are always looking for inspiration!

About Sabrina York
Sabrina is an award winning author of erotic romance with over a dozen titles available, ranging from sweet & sexy erotic romance to BDSM to erotic horror. Connect with her on twitter @sabrina_york or Facebook.

Check out Sabrina’s books and read an excerpt on her webpage (www.sabrinayork.com) or explore on Amazon or at Ellora’s Cave.
·      Adam’s Obsession: Contemporary Erotic Romance  
·      Extreme Couponing: Contemporary BDSM
·      Folly: Erotic Regency
·      Pushing Her Buttons: Contemporary BDSM  
·      Rising Green: Steamy Erotic horror
·      Training Tess: Contemporary BDSM  
·      Trickery: Magical Domination  
·      Tristan’s Temptation: Contemporary Erotic Romance  

Coming Releases

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Extreme Couponing
   by Sabrina York

Bella adores Tae. He is sweet and patient and gentle. She would do anything to keep her handsome hubby happy—even pretend to be something she’s not. She ignores that niggling dissatisfaction with their very vanilla marriage. But secretly, she yearns for something darker.
When Tae discovers—quite by accident—about Bella’s secret desires, he is determined to fulfill her every fantasy—and his. He devises a wicked coupon book full of naughty commands and fiendish challenges. From spankings to bondage to erotic play with household implements, he tests her limits. 
With each coupon Tae redeems, Bella sinks deeper and deeper into the lifestyle she has always craved but never had the courage to demand. Can they find a place that allows her to be the strong independent woman he fell in love with and the quivering sub she is at her core?
A Romantica® contemporary erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave
Ball & Chain Line

An Excerpt From: Extreme Couponing
Copyright © SABRINA YORK, 2013
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.
If you’re under 18, it is necessary for you to stop reading now.

With a simmering glance at her, he slid a finger beneath the tape. A small booklet fell out onto his lap.
“What is it?” She scooted closer.
“Oh look. You gave me coupons.” He sounded excited. Thrilled even.
“Coupons?” She shook her head and took a sip of her coffee. What on earth was he up to? She was hardly a “coupon queen”. She was the kind of woman who used coupons as bookmarks.
In fact, he did all the grocery shopping. Well, if he wanted food in the house.
She wasn’t very domesticated. Never had been.
He flipped through the booklet, oohing and aahing. The sideways looks he sent her set a fire in her gut.
“Oh Bella,” he purred, pausing on one coupon in particular. “You shouldn’t have.”
She frowned. “Let me see that book.”
Before he could protest, she snatched it from him and flipped through the pages. And she began to laugh. Clearly he’d printed out this booklet on his computer. “Good for one backrub. Hmm.” She flipped to the next. “Good for breakfast in bed.” Okay. There was the usual stuff. One foot rub, one blowjob, one comment-free football game…
And then she came to one that made the breath catch in her throat. She swallowed. Her pussy twitched.
It said, One hour of complete submission.
She froze. Every muscle in her body locked in place. Her heart pounded, her blood thrummed, her body liquefied.
He watched her intently, taking in every nuance of her reaction, his jaw tight, eyes glittering. His tongue snaked out to wet his lips. “I was thinking about redeeming that one now.”
She didn’t even know how to respond, so she just stared at him. They’d been married for nearly a year but he’d never once suggested anything kinky. Never once tried to push the boundaries.
Never once suggested anything even remotely risqué.
Damn it all, anyway.
Bella had never been a wimpy woman. She usually just took what she wanted from life. But in this, especially with Tae, she was tentative, cautious. Nervous.
Usually she was never nervous. But this…
This was something so personal. So intimate. So secret. She’d never had the courage to admit it to him. She’d been scared to death of how he would react if he knew the truth. If he knew what she really craved.
That he was asking for this, now, made her woozy.
She cleared her throat, lowered her lashes. “W-what did you have in mind?”
He waited until she looked at him before he spoke. “I think the coupon speaks for itself.”
“All it says is complete submission.”
“I know. Are you game?”
An unfamiliar tension rose between them. Bella nibbled her lower lip as she contemplated the sudden urge to test his resolve. Or at least the depth of it. “For all I know, you’ll have me cleaning your man cave. Scrubbing the toilets. Doing your laundry.” Their marriage had become that, somehow. An endless list of projects and chores.
“I didn’t have cleaning in mind.” He tipped up her chin. “Sexual submission, Bella. Total. Sexual. Submission. Are you game?”
She swallowed, swamped by the apprehension skirling in her gut, the lust dancing in her pussy. It was all she could do to hold his gaze. “I don’t know.”
“Yes, you do.”
He was right. She did. She bobbed her head, a tiny nod.
Oh yeah. She knew.
She wanted it.
She’d always wanted it like that. Craved it. Hungered for it. But then she’d met Tae, a guy who adored her for being a strong woman, for taking the lead, for managing everything. She hadn’t wanted to tell him the truth of it. She hadn’t dared.
“Say it.”
She swallowed. “Say what?”
“Say, yes Tae. I want to be your slave for one hour.”
Her heart stuttered. She forced a laugh. “I can’t say that.”
“You can.”
Bella tried to sort through her conflicting feelings. She wanted this. Needed this. Had fantasized about this. And now he was offering it to her.
And damn it all anyway, it was only for an hour.
Shyness overcame her. She dropped her chin and whispered, “Yes Tae. I want to be your slave for one hour.”
 “Sweetheart. Look at me when you answer.”
She did. “Yes Tae. I want to be your slave for one hour.”
His nostrils flared. A certain light glinted in his eyes and a raft of dimples exploded on his cheek. The stark beauty of his face snared her. It always did, but tonight, backlit by a crackling fire and the lights of the tree, he seemed even more intense. From the dark, dominant brow, to the high cheekbones, to those full lips…
He ripped the coupon from the book and gave her a look that sent a tremor through her body. Maybe it was the heavy-lidded heat he invested in the glance or maybe it was the way his body tightened, every muscle, as he gauged her reaction. She knew instinctively that something very different was about to…arise between them.
It was as though it was their first time all over again. Trying to make light of the electricity, the lust lashing through her, she accepted the coupon with what she hoped was credible aplomb. She cleared her throat. “Okay, Tae. What do you want me to do?”
He didn’t hesitate. Not for a second.
“I want you naked.”