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Cerise gives you her #England #research trip schedule! #knights #Lords #castles

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I'm packing my bag (small, black, within airline weight), for England! Want to come along?

I'm doing Major Research and I have an Agenda. Want to see? Bring your walking shoes, umbrella, raincoat (could be chilly too), and a sweater. Also do bring your camera because I take a picture of ANYthing which appeals. Your shoelace. The waiter's tie. Notorious. Yes. And sad. I need many cameras for shots so I can write other blogs like this one! With GOOD pictures...we do pray.

YES! I'm off for England soooon for 2+ weeks!!! Our trip this year is to London, Windsor, Reading and Bath. I am so tickled, I am silly with it.

Yesterday at a day-long FB party (Hey, forgive spelling here, I'm still recovering), I "served high tea." My mother was of English origin and tea was served at our house the English way in a pot, mind you, milk and sugar on the side with a homemade scone or good shortbread cookie.

Mr. DeLand chuckles at my English tea. He needs his java. But he says he will partake. While in England, do as they do, you see.

I am going with superb expectations that I will cram everything in I need to do and see to satisfy my historian's soul—and my writer's heart. This means, of course, that Mr. DeLand knows how to amuse himself while I shop (that verb to him is dawdle) in a museum store or the palace bookshop. (He has decades of experience with me, so he is primed.)

This year I have research goals, as ever. But they are a tad different than in past. This year we do a LOT of Regency and another shot of Victorian areas and experiences. Why? Well, I am excited about Regency architecture. This is for my series that began with HER BEGUILING BUTLER. (See here.) DELIGHTFUL DOINGS IN DUDLEY CRESCENT is my series about lords and ladies (rom com, mystery, and tons of history to titillate) who fall in love with servants. Of course, none of the servants is of that class, else what is a Regency romance for, eh? It must focus on noblemen acting in extraordinary ways to achieve the ultimate goal, marriage. I digress.

Ready for that schedule? 

DAY ONE (which is really Day 2 because the DeLands get JET LAG like the POX has arrived!)
Apsley House, London Regency walking tour; and TOWER OF LONDON
This makes the 6th or 7th or umpty-umpth time we have done THE TOWER. But Mr. DeLand's forefather (and mine) came over from Normandy with William the Conqueror and Mr. DeLand  gets crazy mad goosebumps every time he visits. Ergo, one must, eh? I say his ancestor helped to either build said castle, defend it or had a room there. Hmmm.

DAY TWO: Windsor Castle  
I do wish I could say I am taking tea here.
Alas, it is Buckingham Palace and this year,
HRM is busy when we arrive.
See us on the train, walking, dining there. I was there back in the my grad school days. Mr. DeLand has never been. I think that decades on, for me, I will get to see more of the castle than I did back in the day. So much more is open these days!

DAY THREE: Royal Mews and Cavalry Museum
I am up for the Mews! Last year, we were in Paris for our research trip and we went to the Palais Royale in Compiegne. We dined in a FAB 5 star place for lunch, made our way to the Palais and by the time we finished the main house, the mews was closed. I wept fat tears. Give me a carriage. Always. I get my fix here!

DAY FOUR: Spencer House. Regency Walk around London in which we amble along to haberdashers, Fortnum and Mason, a few squares to look at architecture and to dine and do high tea!

DAY FIVE: Hampton Court Palace or Blenheim. This choice depends on how we feel that morning. Why? After doing this self-guided touring for years now, we understand that occasionally we have to NOT run ourselves mad and do something simpler, not so strenuous. Especially if the weather is not wonderful, we want to be certain to be kind to ourselves, our feet and our health.
Blenheim is necessary to me as I begin a series about American Heiresses who married English noblemen in the Victorian era!

DAY SIX:  Banqueting House and Museum of London. The Banqueting House is a bit of an aside, one of those "must do-haven't been there yet thingies" but it calls to me. In my un-copious free time, I want to write (research) Restoration period. 

DAY SEVEN: Osterley Park.
This is my big Regency house tour day. Mr. DeLand will sigh and nod and humor me for hours. But he will love the train and the countryside. I know he will!

DAY EIGHT: Arundel Castle or Free
This is a bow to Mr. DeLand's delight in early medieval castles and my tendency to write a medieval now and then!

DAY NINE:  Sir John Soanes House, St. Paul’s, and Dinner at Rules!
Ah, yes. That architecture thingie? This is where I get to drool. Soanes was a major architect during the Regency period for many and I understand that the house alone is a treasure. See me dropping many POUNDS in the shop. Not weight, no. MONEY. 
Why St. Paul's? To be honest? While Mr. DeLand has been here often, I have never. I must go this time. 
And dinner at Rules? Ah. Mr. DeLand says we must take out a home equity loan to pay the bill, but go we will. Have you seen the menu? O.M.G. An Englishman's heaven. Roast beef and oysters and kidney pie and soups. I may never leave. (See me doing the dishes?)

We take the train. Love trains. Bought our tickets on line and let me just give a plug to British Railways who, when this American could not read their website well, did reimburse me for the 4 extra tickets I managed to purchase for 2 people on the same train, same day, and another 2 which went the wrong way immediately after the first 2 arrived.
Don't ask.

In Bath, we will go go go to:
1. Museum of Bath Architecture
2. Fashion Museum, open 10:30-5:00 every day, 
Tours at 1200 noon and 4:00 each day.
See Georgian Exhibit
Entry to the Assembly Rooms is included in the Fashion Museum ticket. - See more at: http://www.fashionmuseum.co.uk/assembly-rooms#sthash.VTqcQfzi.dpuf
3. Assembly Rooms, 10:30 - 5:00, every day
4. Jane Austen Center, open every day
5. The Circus
6. Royal Crescent
7. Roman Baths

Before we leave Bath, I will ship home my READER SWAG and goodies for all those FB Parties in 2015-2016.  I learned to do this years ago rather than accosting airline check-in clerks with my displeasure at their dislike of my weighty luggage!

DAY FIFTEEN: We leave Bath. Color me sobbing! We take the bus from Bath to our hotel at the airport!  I do love airport hotels. Means I can get up the next morning and look like a human being instead of this mad woman who has to get to the airport through wild traffic only to stand in line...again.

DAY SIXTEEN: We fly home!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Lucy Felthouse gives us EYES WIDE OPEN! #Bdsm #erotic romance #m/m/f

A standalone novel from the Totally Five Star imprint.
An ordinary girl catapulted into an extraordinary world meets two even more extraordinary men—but what will she do when she discovers their sexy secret?

   Fiona Gillespie moved to London shortly after graduating to take advantage of the opportunities the capital could offer. However, months later, she’s still living in a horrid flat and working in a grimy East End pub. The problem is, she doesn’t really know what she wants to do, career-wise. So when she happens upon an advertisement for a job at a plush Mayfair hotel, she jumps at the chance. A great deal of determination and a spot of luck land Fiona her dream role.
   But working at the Totally Five Star London is just the beginning. She adores the role and flourishes, impressing her bosses and making her increasingly determined to climb the career ladder.
   While her career is flying, though, her love life is non-existent. She hasn’t even thought about men, never mind met or dated one for months, so when she bumps into two gorgeous businessmen in the hotel, she’s surprised to find her head has been well and truly turned. Even more surprisingly, they flirt with her—both of them! She’s drawn to James and Logan, despite feeling that they’re way out of her league.
   When a misunderstanding leads Fiona to James and Logan’s sumptuous top-floor suite, she has no idea what she’s about to uncover. Scenes of people-trafficking, drug-pushing and wild sex parties all appear in her active imagination. Yet what she actually sees is something she’d never even considered before, something that piques her interest.
   After discovering their sexy secret, what will she do with this new-found knowledge?
   Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of anal play, spanking, sex toys and bondage.

   Continuing to surreptitiously peer at the men over the rim of her glass, it hit her that this was the first time in months that she’d looked at a man with interest, much less two men—and at the same time! But, ready to snatch her gaze away if one of them happened to glance at her, she realized that it wasn’t surprising that the pair had attracted her attention.
   The tailored business suits would draw the eye even on an ugly guy. But on these two, the fine clothing was practically an orgasm for the gaze. They sat opposite each other, and their angle to her meant that she had a view of both their profiles—lucky her.
   The one to her right had very dark, almost black hair, with a bit of a curl to it, a long straight nose, a trimmed goatee and, if she wasn’t mistaken, deep blue eyes. It was hard to tell for sure from this distance and perspective.
   The one on her left had lighter, shorter hair, stubble that by some magical feat still looked smart, and the most sinful lips she’d ever set eyes on. And speaking of eyes, she thought perhaps his were green. What she wouldn’t give to go and check both of them out close up, preferably naked.
Shocked at her own sudden lustful thoughts, she inhaled more than drank another sip of the juice.    Unfortunately, it hit her throat all wrong and she almost slammed the glass down as she started to cough. She tried so hard to suppress the cough, eager not to draw attention to herself, that she made it worse. Snatching up the thick linen serviette from the table, she held it to her mouth as she spluttered in a most embarrassing manner, and tears began to roll down her cheeks. By now, she was sure that the whole damn restaurant was staring at her, and she wished the tablecloths reached the floor, like the ones in the restaurant upstairs, so she could hide under the table until she regained her composure.
Swallowing repeatedly to try to soothe her irritated throat, she gasped as a gentle hand laid on her shoulder, which set her off all over again.
   “Oh God,” came a voice. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to make you jump. I just wanted to make sure you were all right. See if I could help.”
   Unable to speak, Fiona waved a hand to try to signal that she’d be okay, but unless the guy was a mind reader, he’d have no luck figuring that out. Blinking through the tears that marred her vision, her urge to hide underneath the table grew stronger. Christ, it was only the hottie with the blue eyes.    And, if she wasn’t mistaken, his sexy friend with the green eyes was also hovering close by, concern etched into his handsome features.
   Managing to drag in a breath, she huffed out, “Thank you.”
   Just then, Jeremy arrived with a carafe of water, complete with ice, and poured her a glassful. “Here you go, Fiona. Drink this. Are you all right? Anything else I can get you?”

Author Bio:
   Lucy Felthouse is a very busy woman! She writes erotica and erotic romance in a variety of subgenres and pairings, and has over 100 publications to her name, with many more in the pipeline. These include several editions of Best Bondage Erotica, Best Women's Erotica 2013 and Best Erotic Romance 2014. Another string to her bow is editing, and she has edited and co-edited a number of anthologies, and also edits for a small publishing house. She owns Erotica For All, is book editor for Cliterati, and is one eighth of The Brit Babes. Find out more at http://www.lucyfelthouse.co.uk. Join her on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to her newsletter at: http://eepurl.com/gMQb9

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

TODAY! Get TALL, HARD AND TROUBLE for #99cents 2 romantic suspense tales, Excerpt! YUM!


Today! The first in a series of box sets from me, all 99 cents for limited time!

No Night Without You
Book 1
What if a man wants to savor one of his employees after hours—and she’s never even given him the time of day?
What if he’s honorable? And he sees her attacked?
Tate Ryder chucks his ethics in a heartbeat.
But Anna Stevens can’t let Tate protect her. He’s sweet. He’s damn delicious. But he could get hurt. And she knows if shows him how deeply she cares for him, he won’t back off.
Good for her that Tate won’t take no for an answer.
Good for him that Anna has hungered for him for years.
Too bad no one can protect her from the secret that’s stalked her all her life.
* * *
No Night Too Long
Book 2
What if a man can’t forget one special woman who left him months ago without a word?
What if she suddenly appears one morning in Venice at the same meeting with the same agenda?
And she apologizes. Explains.
Coco Dalton isn’t just a photographer. She’s much more—and because of a job gone wrong, she’s in trouble. Desperate trouble.
Grant Warwick is stunned. 
Can he help her?
He has to—or she’ll lose her life and he’ll lose his reason to live.

Tall, Hard and Trouble, Copyright 2015. Cerise DeLand All rights reserved. Excerpt from No Night Without You.
   Tate Ryder tore his eyes away from the vision of elegant Anna Stevens as she strode toward him onto the veranda of his Houston penthouse. She fished in the pocket of her black satin trousers and brought out her cell phone. With a frown on her face, she answered a call.
   So, yeah. She wasn’t looking for him. She didn’t want to chat. Break down the walls between him and her. She never did.
   He bit the inside of his cheek and reminded himself once more of the three rules he never broke.    Don’t borrow trouble. Don’t start anything you can’t finish. And most important of all, don’t romance the staff.
   Leaning back on the railing, he gazed through the glass walls of his condo and surveyed the party raging inside. He congratulated himself he’d never approached Anna as anything other than the CEO of Ryder Resorts and Spas. God knew, every time he got within twenty feet of his director of oriental meditation services, he needed to chill. Even now from the corner of his eye, he could feel her seep into his pores. Hear her sandpaper contralto that rubbed his body into a hot rash of desire.
Like her voice is the only asset that makes me pant. How about those long legs in those flowing slacks? The pert breasts poking up in that ruffled silk blouse. The grace of her in stilettos. The full-throated laughter that usually marked her personality. That wasn’t apparent tonight, but what the hell.   The whole package made him ache.
   Don’t do the staff.
   For the past two years, he’d been such a good CEO and followed that rule with her. And it took more than an ounce of willpower every damn day to keep his eyes polite and sweaty palms to himself.
   Sure, he praised himself for his dedication to being an ethical boss, but damn, if he didn’t still want her. Good thing she hadn’t ever indicated any interest in him.
   Like that matters. Her rich beauty burned his brain. Worse, his cock got locked and loaded every time he looked at her.
  He downed a swig of his champagne and cursed his dilemma.
   She was nothing like the women who used to attract him. Lithe, delicate, Anna sported a cloud of rich rosewood hair, sprinkles of freckles on her nose, flawless porcelain skin and the biggest set of hazel eyes he’d ever seen. The yoga and Pilates director at the Texas Gulf Coast spa he owned with his brother Cord and sister-in-law Sienna, Anna moved like a sea breeze. She had firm breasts that stood up without benefit of a bra, her huge flat nipples outlined in the ridiculously thin leotards she wore to work. But what really worked him over were her legs. Long as a gazelle’s, they were beautifully cut from years of working-out. The hollow of her inner thigh was a curve he longed to bury his face in. Better yet, her thighs were supple muscular treats that deserved to be grasped and opened often by a man who knew how to lavish kisses on her and make her purr.
   He licked his lower lip, wondering for the thousandth time what she tasted like. He shifted, his cock rising to the fantasy that never left him.
   He swallowed back his frustration. He was the host here in his condo, he should act like it. Mix. Mingle. Try to summon some interest in any one of the women in attendance tonight who neither worked for him nor wanted anything from him except maybe a great time in bed.
He downed his drink. Like he’d even been able to get interested in any woman except Anna for the past year. He had one night stands. Correction. More like, one hour stands. For all the exercise his cock was getting lately, he might as well become a monk. “Time to think about getting laid with someone you can have.”
   “Talking to yourself these days?” His older brother Cord clamped a hand on his shoulder. Mona   Travis, their friend and owner of another chain of spas in the U.S., stood beside him.
   Tate shot them both a grim look. “What I do best.”
   Cord chuckled. “Only about one subject.”
   Mona arched a long thin brow. “Are you drooling over Anna again?”
   Tate scoffed. “Should I wear a billboard?”
   “Ever since the day you hired her away from me,” Mona taunted Tate, “you’ve had a fever for the lady.”
   “Does not compute, you guys.” Tate warned. “The lady is not interested.”
   “I do wonder why.” Cord cast an eye at Tate’s auburn hair. “You are a catch, man. Rich, good looking.”
   “Says you. But I’m resigned. She’s never given me a second look and my poor damaged ego can’t bear to ask her why. Plus, I am not going to break our rule.” Cord had spoken to Tate frequently lately, recognizing Tate’s desire for Anna was a temptation. But Tate had never broken a trust with his brother—and didn’t intend to. Not for a woman who couldn’t care less for him.
Cord nodded. “Good thinking. Me? I’m just saying good night. I’ve greeted everyone. So we are officially in good shape for the opening of the Texas spa. But I’ve got to home. Sienna needs me.”
Tate smiled. “Sure. Do it. Those twins are demanding little guys.”
   “Sienna’s still exhausted from their birth.”
   “I’ve got control here. I’ll show all these folks the door soon anyway. I need my beauty sleep to get an early start in the morning. The boat’s ready, stocked with food and supplies.”
   “Mexico?” Mona asked.
   “Yep,” Tate said. “They screwed up the plumbing on the first foundation and have to pour a new one.”
  “And they’re late,” Cord added with a scowl.
   “What else is new?” Mona commiserated, then leaned forward to kiss Tate’s cheek. “I’m leaving too, honey. Early day tomorrow with one of my importers from Monterrey.”
   “Take it easy, Mona.” Tate gave her a hug. The older woman had become a good friend over the past few years as well as a business associate. As she walked toward the door, he took stock of the people in his living room. The builders, the architects and suppliers for the Texas Gulf Coast property mixed with the resort spa’s staff, laughing and joking, celebrating the beginning of construction of their Mexican spa and resort.
   He glanced at his brother. “Go home to your wife and babies.”
   “Give ‘em hell down there, Tate. That new foundation should’ve been finished last month.”
   “I won’t pay the next installment until it’s done. No worries, Cord. Good night.” He slapped his brother on the back.
   As Cord made his way through the throng toward the front door, Tate saw that crowd was thinning, many drifting toward the door. He spied Anna at the far end of the veranda. Alone. Leaning away from him so he couldn’t overhear her conversation.
   Some discussion that was to put that terrified look on her face.
   What the hell?
   She had no family. He’d learned that much about her during the past two years. Friends. Sure, she had loads of girl friends. He saw them come for her by the carload often to pick her up after work or dart in to the spa to meet her for lunch. Men were another story. She didn’t date. Or no men he’d ever heard of. None he’d ever seen her bring to their corporate dinners or parties. He’d wondered at one point if she preferred women, but his sister-in-law Sienna had soon cleared up that misperception.
   “Anna is saving herself for Mr. Right.”
   That told him four things that alternately thrilled him and destroyed him. She liked men. Wanted one. One right man. But clearly, he wasn’t a candidate.
   He examined her as she argued with whoever was on the other end of that conversation. Was that a man?
   Curiosity and jealousy drove him forward. If it was a guy who put that expression on her face, Tate would crush the asshole.
   Tate halted in front of her and lifted his chin toward the phone, a question forming on his lips.
   She watched him approach, her eyes growing rounder, starker with fear that made Tate narrow his eyes at her.
   She put a hand up to ward him off.
   He shook his head at her.
   “No,” she ordered the person on the other end, “do not do that.”
   Tate could hear the person reply, something dark, angry and male.
   She fumed. “I told you no. Do not call me again.” She stared up at Tate as she ended the call and dropped her cell in her trouser pocket.
  He caught her wrist. “What’s wrong, Anna?”
    "Nothing.” She stepped to one side. “Let go.”
   “No.” He put two hands to her upper arms. Something he’d never done. But he was jarred by how strong, how honed her triceps were. And the tension rippling there froze him. “Do you always tremble for no reason?”
   She jerked out of his hold. “This is none of your business.”
   He stepped forward and contrary to that rule about borrowing trouble, he knew he had to do something about hers. “This does concern me. You’re scared. Why?”
  “Forget it, Tate.” She yanked away from him. “I’ve got to go.”
   Once more, she did what she’d done so well for two years. She’d been impersonal with him. Professional. Putting him in his place.
   He fumed silently as she marched toward the hall closet where she collected her shawl and flung it over her arm. On her way, she hugged Mona who was saying her own good–byes to a builder. Then    Anna opened the front door and let herself out.
   He’d never seen her afraid. Never seen her angry. She was so even-tempered, happy, throwing back her mane of rich chocolate hair to laugh at most of life. That had been the first thing that struck him about her. Her enjoyment of little things, all things small and joyful. He’d never known a woman like that.
   And he liked women. Loved to be with them. Especially in bed. But as years went on, he found fewer and fewer who attracted him. Those he did take to bed were certainly beautiful. Most were spoiled or wanted to be. They were self-impressed. Self-gratifying. Eager to say they’d been laid by   Super Bowl football legend, Tate Ryder. But Anna was nothing like any of those women.
   And it gutted him that she couldn’t give a rat’s ass if he ever looked at her. Wanted her. Craved her.
   But damn if he was going to let some man frighten her.
   He strode over to his caterer and instructed him to go around and signal that the party was over.
   The host was leaving and determined to break one of his own rules.
  With one of the staff.

   An author acclaimed for her eloquence and scintillating tales of romance and suspense, Cerise DeLand writes historical and contemporary novels with spice and charm. Visit http://www.cerisedeland.com

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Cerise Celebrates 10 months as #Regency #bestseller for THE STANHOPE CHALLENGE! #99cents box set THANK YOU!

Some delights are just too delicious to believe! This is one of them.

THE STANHOPE CHALLENGE as of today has been on the Amazon Regency bestseller list for 10 straight months!

Previously, it was #1 for more than 5 Weeks and sat on 3 different bestseller lists to start!

Then as time went on and TENS OF THOUSANDS of wonderful readers read the stories of a family cursed to never have a loving marriage, it stayed on the list at lower numbers. And thousands more bought the box set.

I am overwhelmed at the wonderful reception so many gave this series.  YES, many thought it too spicy. BUT YES, many bought it and enjoyed it anyway.

I am grateful!

Thank you to all my wonderful readers. You have made this past year a joy and offered me encouragement to write more Regency romances!

For sale at all these sites:
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TALL, HARD and TROUBLE #box set #99cents 2 Romantic Suspense Tales!

AMAZON BUY LINK: http://www.amazon.com/Tall-Hard-Trouble-Scintillating-Romantic-ebook/dp/B0157CR652/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1442254298&sr=1-1&keywords=Tall%2C+hard+and+trouble

Yes, he's on pre-order for 9/22! He'll be on Kindle Unlimited but also for sale for only 99 pennies!
Yes, I know. A tall, hard and yummy man for only a few cents.

Actually, this book has 2 novels inside. Two marvelous men. Two heroes to die for.

Romantic suspense tales that take you from Houston to Mexico and from Venice, Italy to Rome and a few other places in between.  Are the settings real? You bet! I never write of any place I haven't been.

So you are in for food, wine and men men men who are delicious.

No Night Without You
Book 1

What if a man wants to savor one of his employees after hours—and she’s never even given him the time of day?
What if he’s honorable? And he sees her attacked?
Tate Ryder chucks his ethics in a heartbeat.
But Anna Stevens can’t let Tate protect her. He’s sweet. He’s damn delicious. But he could get hurt. And she knows if shows him how deeply she cares for him, he won’t back off.
Good for her that Tate won’t take no for an answer.
Good for him that Anna has hungered for him for years.
Too bad no one can protect her from the secret that’s stalked her all her life.

No Night Too Long
Book 2

What if a man can’t forget one special woman who left him months ago without a word?
What if she suddenly appears one morning in Venice at the same meeting with the same agenda?
And she apologizes. Explains.
Coco Dalton isn’t just a photographer. She’s much more—and because of a job gone wrong, she’s in trouble. Desperate trouble.
Grant Warwick is stunned. 
Can he help her?

He has to—or she’ll lose her life and he’ll lose his reason to live.

Monday, September 14, 2015

COVER REVEAL! Come drool over TALL, HARD and TROUBLE, #99cents #boxset

I said to my cover artist who is fabulous Syneca I need a man who is ripped. And troubled!
She found him!

This is the first in a series of box sets I will release, all with numerous contemporary romances. The set is called TALL, HARD AND ROMANTIC.

Some are straight romances. Some occur in wonderful places, like Paris and Florence. Some star cowboys or military men.

TALL, HARD AND TROUBLE  is a set of 2 romantic suspense stories with continuing characters.

I hope you love them!

This set will be available only on Amazon in their Kindle Unlimited program. But they are on sale to everyone for 99 cents!

I hope you enjoy them!

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