Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Who is a true heroine? What will she do to save those she loves?

A true heroine is not hard to find!

We know that!

Those who are true heroines were those who volunteered during World War One to help save lives of Doughboys!

Five intriguing questions about them!

1. Would you wash your hair in your helmet?

They had to because water was scarce!

2. Would you work in a foreign country for $50 a month?

That was the pay for a nurse, which was half what an Army private earned!

3. For that $50 a month would you work 12 or 24 or 36 hours straight?

As the fighting became more intense, nurses did stand and work hours and days on end.

4. Would you sleep in a hammock in a wardroom in the bottom of a merchant marine ship for 16 nights?

To sail from American ports, nurses did sleep in the holds of ships.

5.  Would you travel on a train for 24 hours which had no bathroom facilities?

American nurses did all of that! And more! 

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