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Need a WICKED TAKEOVER? Tina Donahue tells you why! Out now!

She’s just inherited a tattoo parlor…and the hunk who comes with it. 
Lauren’s in a helluva mess. Not only has she lost her corporate job, her long-absent father just left her a struggling tattoo parlor along with the virile dude who runs it. Dante’s sinfully hot with a killer smile and inked biceps. Lauren’s full-figured, sorta pretty and wanting him badly. Dream on. She’s here to sell the place as quickly as possible for some much-needed cash.
Dante sees the heat in Lauren’s eyes despite her conservative appearance. He recognizes the dynamite woman she could be if she’d just loosen up and have some wicked fun. Dominance and submission. Making love in a public place. Having her lush body always accessible to and ready for his.
Carnal games that seduce them until lust turns to surprising need and friendship to something deeper that might just change their futures.

Excerpt #1:

At a sound from behind, she turned. A guy came down the hall, his attention on the clipboard he held.
Lauren’s heart stalled then raced.
She guessed him to be in his early thirties, a mountain of a man, possibly six-three, not a trace of fat on his hard body, just smooth bronze skin and slabs of muscles. Lord, lord, lord. He wore faded jeans and a gray sleeveless tee. His bulging biceps sported tats. The one on his right arm was an armband of what appeared to be thorns. The design on his left arm had a tribal look about it, possibly Celtic, a series of thick black swirls that intertwined.
Lauren pressed her toes into her heels to keep from swaying or moving closer.
His hair was shoulder length, like a pirate’s, a dark brown color, thick and silky that encouraged a woman to run her fingers through it to ease those strands away from his gorgeous face. Masculine. Decidedly Latin. Virile to the extreme. Even though it was barely two o’clock, he already had five o’clock shadow and more testosterone pumping through him than the law should have allowed.
She imagined him nude. Hell, she imagined both of them naked, his bristly cheeks tickling the insides of her thighs, his tongue lapping her cleft, settling on her clit but not rushing her climax. No damn way. Lauren figured a guy who looked as great as he did wouldn’t let her come quickly. He’d make her wait for pleasure. Once she was blubbering in delight, he’d bend her over the front counter and warn her to behave, which meant she couldn’t moan too loudly as he spanked her. Her cries of delight would come later when he plunged his meaty cock into her juicy cunt, taking what he wanted, because that’s the kind of man he was.
Uninhibited. Alpha to the core.
Lauren whimpered.
Despite the strains of Spanish guitars flowing from the sound system, he’d obviously heard the noise she’d made. Halting suddenly, he lifted his face, his dark brown eyes meeting hers. He smiled easily, confidently.
Her bones went soft.
“Hey,” he said.
Lauren’s belly fluttered at his deep, rich baritone.
Noting her office wear, he put the clipboard on the front counter and moved closer, his stride smooth and assured. His fragrance wafted toward her. Something clean and citrusy that reminded Lauren of summer days, an ocean breeze, sun baking naked skin.
She locked her knees to keep her balance. Her attention inched from his impressive Adam’s apple to his luscious mouth, his full, kissable lips.
“Did you lose your way?” he asked.
With him, any woman would. Not only was he beautiful, intelligence burned in his eyes and reflected in his surprisingly educated speech. “I’m sorry, what?”
He regarded her suit and heels. “Are you looking for another shop?”
Surprise registered on his face. “You’re here for a tat?”
Lauren stared at the ones on his biceps, unable to help herself. Damn, they were hot. “Not exactly.”
He nodded. The ends of his hair swayed over his broad shoulders. Mesmerized, Lauren watched.
“A piercing?” he asked.
“Are you here for a piercing?” He gestured to another wall filled with pictures. The muscles in his upper arm flexed.
Lauren bit back a sound of approval at that and the silky dark hair in his pit. She pictured her face pressed to it as she smelled his wonderful, male scent.
“You can see what we offer in those photos,” he said. “We also have binders of what we’ve done for past clients to give you an idea of what you might like.”
Lauren nodded absently, wondering if he was dating the young woman who’d left here earlier. If not, the spring in her step was probably from him inking a hidden part of her. “Do people really get their tongues tattooed?”
He grinned, showing perfect teeth. “You bet.”
He shrugged good-naturedly. “Why not?”
Clearly, he wasn’t uptight as she’d always been. How Lauren envied that. “Have you?”
“Have I what?”
“Had your tongue tattooed? Or are the ones on your arms all that you have?”
His smile broadened. He spoke conspiratorially. “I have another, though not on my tongue.”
Uh-huh. Lauren wondered if he’d inked his balls and cock, hoping he hadn’t. His equipment had to be as awesome as the rest of him. No way could anyone improve on nature’s perfection.
She sighed.
He regarded her thoughtfully, really taking in her short blonde hair, clothes and finally her features, including the small mole near the side of her mouth. There, he lingered, as though he liked the beauty mark.
Are you nuts? A guy like him? Get real.
He continued to study her mouth.
A wave of desire and embarrassment rushed through Lauren so quickly, her throat and cheeks got hot.
He smiled softly this time, as though he felt bad for making her uncomfortable. Lightly touching her arm, he murmured, “Let me get those binders so you can look through them.”
“No, don’t. Please. That’s not why I’m here.”
His dark eyebrows lifted a bit. “You’re selling something?” His attention went to her purse as though her product line was in there.
“Uh no. I’m here to take over.”
“Take over?”
He looked lost. “As in what?”
“This place.” At his continuing confusion, she blurted, “I own this place and everything in it, including you.”

Tina Donahue is an award-winning, bestselling novelist in erotic, paranormal, contemporary and historical romance for Samhain Publishing, Ellora’s Cave, Siren Publishing, and Kensington. Booklist, Publisher’s Weekly, Romantic Times and numerous online sites have praised her work. Three of her erotic romances (Adored, Lush Velvet Nights, and Deep, Dark, Delicious) were named finalists in the 2011 EPIC competition. The French review site, Blue Moon reviews, chose her erotic romance Sensual Stranger as their Book of the Year 2010 (erotic category). The Golden Nib Award at Miz Love Loves Books was created specifically for Lush Velvet Nights, and two of her titles (The Yearning and Deep, Dark, Delicious) received an Award of Merit in the RWA Holt Medallion competition (2011 and 2012). Take Me Away and Adored both won second place in the NEC RWA contest (different years). Tina is featured in the 2012 Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market. She was the editor of an award–winning Midwestern newspaper and worked in Story Direction for a Hollywood production company.

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LADY VARNEY has a new client in Cerise DeLand's #Regency #Romp #1: Interview with Justin Belmont!

Regency Romp #1
See buy links below.
Regency Romp #2
Debuts Sept. 21 everywhere!
 Character Interview!  LADY VARNEY’s RISQUE BUSINESS hero, Justin Belmont is in the house!

Lady Kitty Varney runs a discreet, but risqué matchmaking business to support herself and pay off her late husband's debts. When Viscount Justin Belmont appears in her parlor, Kitty's latest client is the very man she was forbidden to marry years ago. Kitty wonders if she can find Justin a woman worthy of him…and if she can bear to match him to another.

But when Justin lists his own criteria for a wife, Kitty is among the few candidates suitable. And he demands each candidate spend one night of bliss with him in his love nest.

Can Kitty deny herself the opportunity to enjoy the charms of the man she's never forgotten? Lady Varney's risqué business might be her saving grace—but it may well become her undoing.

1. Justin Belmont is an American. So how does he feel about being named a Viscount?

I am delighted that my grandfather has named me his heir to the Earldom. Yes, I am and was an illegitimate son but without any other legitimate heirs, I find that I am now able to enter English society and pursue my one goal in life.

2. And just what is that one goal, Justin?

Years ago, when I was a privateer sailing out of American harbors, I sailed a ship attacked by Barbary pirates. Taking them quickly as prisoners, I also took a young Englishwoman whom they had captured days before when they won a battle with an English merchant ship.  That lady whom I saved was an English baroness. But her father forbid me to court her. I was unacceptable to him and he ordered Kitty to marry an old man, a titled one, instead. That broke her heart. And mine.

Now that I am accepted by the ton, I recently learned that Kitty is a widow. What’s more, she runs a business. God knows why. But the business is one I plan to use to make my way to see her.

3. So just what is this business and what are your plans?

Kitty makes matches for men in search of a bride. She earns excellent money at this and I now have money. More than I ever need.  I plan to hire her to find a wife for me. One to my specifications. My very particular tastes!

I know she cannot refuse me.  I plan to ask for quite a bit from her—and her skills.

4.   Tell us about your specifications for a wife.
I want one who is blonde, a noblewoman in her own right, a blueblood. While I understand those are very specific and noblewomen who carry their own title are few and far between, nonetheless, I need that in my spouse. It legitimizes me further, don’t you see?

And then there is the one element I demand in a wife: Her willingness in bed. I will not take a cold fish to my sheets. Why should I? Kitty must understand this and accept it. I need to learn if each candidate is a sensuous woman.

But I wish to review only one woman’s talents in that arena. Kitty.

5. What will you do if she refuses you?

I think she loved me years ago. I intend to make her love me more now. And if I cannot have her, I will return to America and take up my ship again.

I cannot bear to think of her alone for the rest of her life. And me as well.


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PLAY ACTING! Get some Gin and Jazz from Morticia Knight!
Thanks for having me here today Cerise and letting me share this final installment in the Gin & Jazz series. I have an exclusive excerpt to share with you as well. The books all take place during the Roaring Twenties and feature the exploits of several men who trudge their way through the pitfalls and decadence of Hollywood. This one can be read as a standalone as it tells the complete love story of two men from the series who haven’t been able to find their HEA yet. Poor guys…

Former screen idol, Roman Pasquale, struggles to survive in Hollywood as the silent film era comes to a close. But a fresh new playwright is in town and he wants Roman to be more than just his star.
The past few years haven’t been kind to fading film star, Roman Pasquale. But then again, he was never very kind to anyone else either. He’s had time to reminisce on his mistakes and to accept responsibility for how he hurt others. Now that Global Studios has turned its back on him, he’s had to sell his grand estate and start over in a modest apartment.
His former co-star, actress Maude Simons, suggests that he meet with new playwright, Max Vogel. Not only will he get the chance to be the star again, Roman can really use the money. What he doesn’t expect is how strongly he’s attracted to the easygoing, confident young man—and the very wicked thoughts he has about him.
Playwright and director, Max Vogel, is delighted that the great Roman Pasquale has agreed to star in his play. What he is unprepared for however, is the intense physical spark that ignites the moment they meet. He’s been warned of Roman’s reputation for being difficult to work with, but he’s willing to take the risk—even though his career depends on the success of this one play.
Max needs to coax a heartfelt performance out of Roman, and Roman needs to live up to his resolve to be a better man. But maybe the real issue is whether or not the director and actor can resist the passion they have for one another, a lust so strong that it catches them unaware. Is their lust really love? Or will the drive for success destroy any hope for a happily-ever-after?
Exclusive Excerpt from Play Acting (Gin & Jazz 7)

“How may I be of help to you, sir?”
The host spoke in a flat tone of voice, regarding him with expert indifference.
Did I really enjoy this charade at one time?
“I’m meeting a Mr Max Vogel at one o’clock. Has he arrived?”
Roman made certain that his tone and expression was just as apathetic.
“Mr Pasquale, I presume?”
He resisted the urge to roll his eyes and fought to keep his disdain for the smug host under control.
“Yes, you may presume.”
“Right this way, sir.”
Already Roman wanted to escape, to go back to his apartment that had managed to become a safe haven for him within a very short time. The entire business of being out and about, prancing around as though he were still the same exalted film star of before had him unnerved, sweating—even trembling. He had the bizarre sensation that he reeked of fear, of desperation. That this Max person would immediately spot it and Roman would be exposed for the giant failure that he was.
As they passed the long family style tables they eventually reached a secluded section that contained private booths. Rounding the corner, Roman spotted him. It was Max, he was sure of it. He was seated at the far end of the room in a half moon shaped booth. He had one arm draped casually over the back of the cushion. His body was in a state of complete relaxation, a slight look of contentment on his face. Roman was too far away still to ascertain many details about the young man, except that Maude had been right about her basic assessment. He was young. He had dark curly hair. And he appeared not to have a care in the world.
When they were within almost five feet of the table, the bored host spoke up.
“Mr Vogel? Your party has arrived.”
Max snapped his head in Roman’s direction, an easy smile lighting up his face—his rather attractive face. He leaned up, reaching across the table with his hand extended. Roman accepted his offer, the warmth of Max’s strong fingers curling around his own unexpectedly enjoyable.
“Mr Pasquale, it’s a great honor.”
Shocked at his own reaction, Roman reluctantly pulled his hand away after giving Max’s a final squeeze.
“The honor is all mine, Mr Vogel.”
He’d said it as he’d unbuttoned his suit coat, elegantly lowering himself into the booth. Max was seated in the very middle at the curve, and Roman sat to his right. Since Roman was over six feet tall, he was mindful not to stretch his legs out too far or he would be in danger of nudging Max’s feet. He swallowed, suddenly uncomfortable in a way he hadn’t been in a long while.
“Please call me Max.”
Roman smiled in the slightest. Yes. He wanted to call him Max.
“Then you must call me Roman.”
“I’d like that.”
Max still had an easy smile on his lips and he gazed at Roman with what he could best describe as an open and honest expression. It was impossible for Roman to keep from completely studying him. It was hard to ascertain what his body was like exactly underneath the suit jacket, but he appeared trim. The mop of curly hair was being vainly held at bay on the sides with some pomade—however, it seemed that Max had given up on taming it completely.
But it was the man’s eyes that held him. They were a lighter shade of green that was brighter than any he’d ever seen before. Set in the pale skin and contrasting with the dark hair, the overall effect was breathtaking.
Roman pursed his lips and adjusted himself in the booth.
“If this restaurant isn’t suitable for you, we can go somewhere else. I want you to be comfortable.”
Max appeared to be eyeing him in a concerned way. In a way that no one had bothered to look at him in a very long while. Maude may be concerned about him at times, but she’d certainly never looked at him like that.
“This is quite acceptable, my dear Max.” He made a show of glancing about the room with interest. “I’ve heard wonderful things.”
Max’s captivating eyes lit up. “Oh marvelous, you haven’t been here before? I’d love to share with you some of my favorite things they have. What do you like? I can make some suggestions.” He stopped, turning almost shy for a moment. “That is, if you don’t mind.”
Roman cleared his throat and tried to maintain his composure. All thoughts of potential employment had been temporarily eradicated. Something told him that he needed to keep all of his focus on not behaving like a complete dolt in front of the sensuous morsel seated next to him. He held no delusions that the delicious Max Vogel would ever be interested in his ancient ass, but regardless, Roman didn’t want to make a fool of himself.
“Not at all. I’m sure any suggestions you make would be quite enjoyable.” A bit of his previous rakishness had come to the surface before he could prevent it. “I love it when a man knows what he wants.”
Dear Lord. I do believe my cock is actually hardening.
Max’s eyes widened just enough so that it was noticeable. “Excellent. I’ll bring the waiter over so we can order lunch and get to know one another a bit before we move on to business. Unless you’re pressed for time?”
Oh yes, I’m so frightfully busy these days.
“I cleared my schedule just for you, Max. You may have me for as long as you wish.”
Max’s cheeks reddened a tad and Roman had to adjust himself again. He was most definitely hard for the delightful man. It had been so long since he’d felt real desire for someone, he’d thought it no longer possible.
“I’m very glad to hear that. Let’s enjoy our meal then.”
Max favored him with a warm smile.
I would like to enjoy much more with you, Max Vogel.
Available at Totally Bound:
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4 Regency authors, 1 FB party, 4 Regency novels, Dozens of Prizes! 9.25 on FB!

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Come September 25 from 12 p.m. EST/9 a.m. PST when 3 of my buddies join me as we serve TEA AND TEMPTATION and loads of fun and prizes!
When Sabrina York, Delilah Marvelle, Dominque Eastwick and I celebrate rakes, rogues and spitfire women on the ton, you'll want to be there for the digital book prizes, a tiara, a gorgeous mask and a wine more more more!
Yes, we are celebrating:

  • the release of my new Regency, RENDEZVOUS WITH A DUKE
  • plus Delilah's NIGHT OF PLEASURE,
  • and Sabrina's DARK FANCY!

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Texas Cowboys by the baker's dozen! Men of Calder County, box set, pre-order now! 99 centavos

13 authors give us a Baker's Dozen of hot Texas cowboys in their first MEN OF CALDER COUNTY. On pre-order now, this should be a sizzler, Texas style!
Oh, and yeah, it's that magic price of 99 cents!

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Mmm-mm M/M! BLUE HEAT by my pal, bestseller Samantha Cayto, on preorder! Debuts FRIDAY!

Samantha Cayto hit the M/M bestseller list at ZON with her CATCHING EAGLE's EYE, SEALs Going Hot series!  Now she brings us the first in her new M/M police series, set in Boston!
BLUE HEAT looks like a red hot winner!
Rock and roll!
Run, do not walk, to pre-order this which debuts Friday!
Pre-order here:

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Desiree Holt gets 4 stars from RT for her new FINDNG JULIA, sizzling women's fiction

RT gives it 4 stars!
FINDING JULIA by Desiree Holt
“Julia meets Luke, a man who completes her, and his instant commitment to her endures their many missed opportunities. Readers will keep rooting for Julia and patiently flip the pages because she hits the jackpot with Luke. Julia bends over backwards to keep her family together, and it ultimately takes years to make things right. Fortunately, her man knows what he wants and needs, and Holt knows what her fans will love.” – RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars

And thank you so much!

Finding Julia 

From Kensington Publishing
Now available for preorder
Can a moment of passion outlast years of secrets and misery?

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Lisabet Sarai has THE INGREDIENTS OF BLISS! How to reeeeally cook BDSM style!

In most heterosexual BDSM erotic romance, the heroine plays the submissive role. Indeed, I've written many stories myself that follow this formula. I can definitely appreciate the appeal of surrendering to an attractive, powerful man who will then use me for his own pleasure and, paradoxically, my own.

I've also written a few m/F femdom tales, most recently my short “Layover” which appeared in the erotic anthology Under Her Thumb, edited by D.L. King. Although the woman-on-top dynamic isn't as popular as M/f BDSM, at least not with romance readers, there's definitely something to be said for having a str
ong, virile male dedicated exclusively to satisfying your sexual whims.

In only one of my books (Mastering Maya) will you find a “switch” - a character who is sometimes dominant and sometimes submissive. Until now, that is.

Mei Lee “Emily” Wong, the heroine of my new erotic romance The Ingredients of Bliss, didn't realize she had any interest in dominance and submission until her lover Harry Sanborne initiated her into the delights of being a sub, in the prequel Her Secret Ingredient. She took to bottoming like the proverbial duck to water. She's a “natural sub”, according to Harry.

Then, as this new novel opens, Emily's boss, Etienne Duvalier, begs to serve her sexually. What's a modern woman to do?

Master Harry “orders” Emily to top Etienne, to see how far she can push his limits as a bottom. Obviously Emily's not about to disobey her Dom's instructions. However, she finds that the role of mistress comes far more easily to her than she would have expected. She's feels guilty about how much she enjoys taking control of the normally arrogant chef. 

So is Emily a top? A bottom? A switch? The poor woman is desperately confused. Harry, on the other hand, just wants to stir up a bit of mischief – and expand his beloved's horizons.


One sexy French chef. One kinky American TV producer. One ambitious Chinese gal who thinks she wants them both. The ingredients of bliss? Or a recipe for disaster?

Accomplished cook Mei Lee “Emily” Wong knows exactly what she wants—her own show on the Tastes of France food channel. But life is full of complications. First, her deceptively nerdy producer, Harry Sanborne, initiates Emily into the delights of submission. Then her boss, legendary chef Etienne Duvalier, begs her to dominate him. Emily just can’t resist—especially when Harry orders her to explore her inner mistress. Suave and sexy Etienne will do whatever she asks—in the bedroom if not in the kitchen. And Harry, her lovingly diabolical Dom, adores pushing Emily’s limits.

When the network sends the trio to France to shoot a series of cooking shows on location, Emily knows her career is on the upswing. Her plans fall apart in Marseille as a Hong Kong drug syndicate kidnaps both Etienne and Harry. The Iron Hammer Triad mistakes Etienne for notorious gangster Jean Le Requin, who has stolen their drug shipment, worth millions. Emily realizes she must find the real Le Requin, retrieve the purloined dope, and bargain it for Harry’s and Etienne’s lives. The secret she’s been keeping from Harry might prove useful. Still, what chance does one woman whose knife skills are limited to chopping vegetables, have against the ruthless cruelty of two criminal organizations?

R-rated Excerpt

“Damn you both! I’m not some piece of meat to be carved up between you!” All at once I wanted to get out of this too crowded bed. I wanted to throw on my clothes and storm out of the room in righteous indignation. To do so, though, I would have to clamber over Etienne’s magnificent body. It would be difficult to avoid touching his resurgent erection.

“Calm down, Emily.” Harry’s hand clamped around my wrist and I knew I wasn’t going anywhere. “We did confer about tonight, I admit. We agreed that sharing you was the best approach to a situation that was bound to become awkward very soon.”

“Awkward? Things were going very smoothly. You dominated me. I dominated Etienne. Everyone was happy.”

You weren’t happy, love. Admit it. You felt guilty and confused. When you were with Etienne, you felt as though you were betraying me. Meanwhile Etienne’s devotion had you worried about his reaction when he learned you belonged to me.”

He was right, of course. I remembered my tête à tête with Etienne at the café that afternoon. I’d been terribly concerned about his reaction to the news about Harry. Meanwhile when Harry had made me recount my exploits with Etienne, I’d always tried to conceal my excitement, to play down the thrill I got acting the role of his mistress.

“You’ve got nothing to hide now.” With his lanky frame, mussed hair and crooked grin, Harry almost looked like a teenager. A very horny teen, considering the substantial erection bobbing hopefully at his groin. He flipped back onto his side and fixed me with a slightly fuzzy gaze. He was irresistibly cute without his glasses. “Everything’s out in the open.”

“But it’s all so—complicated!” As usual, my objections began to melt in the warmth of his smile.

He danced his fingers up my outstretched thigh and my pussy clenched in anticipation.

“On the contrary, I think this considerably simplifies the situation—Ms Wong.” Etienne’s voice was deferential, but I read a mirror of Harry’s mischief in his expression. “I serve you. You serve Harry. Each of us gets what he or she wants.”

“There’s no more need for secrets, love. Or for surreptitiously administered enhancements to the libido, either…” Harry slipped a fingertip between my moist lips and grazed a fingernail across my clit.

My annoyance paled next to the flare of pleasure kindled by his touch. Before I could clamp down to hold his hand in my crotch, however, he’d snatched it away.

“Oh no!” I groaned, fighting arousal and disappointment. “You told him…?”

“I had my suspicions in any case. It doesn’t matter. Your methods might have been dubious, but I’m grateful for the results.” Etienne glanced down at the livid marks from my beating, a set of parallel strips leading up his lean thighs toward his rearing cock. “I might never have had the courage to act on my desires if not for your—um—intervention.” His voice held quiet pride.

“You don’t have to be ashamed or embarrassed,” Harry added. “All we want—both of us—is to satisfy you. To please you and make you happy. Can’t you just accept that?”

Get your copy today! 

The special VIP edition of The Ingredients of Bliss is now available from Totally Bound. This version contains a sizzling bonus chapter not available from other retailers. Totally Bound has the most advanced book selling site of any independent publisher on the web, with new One-Click ordering and direct delivery to all e-reader platforms.

Oh – and if you leave a comment with your email address, I'd be happy to send you a PDF copy of my own original cookbook, Recipes from an International Kitchen! (This isn't a drawing; I'll give a copy to everyone who asks.)

About the Author

I started both writing and cooking at an early age, and I've continued to indulge both passions as I've matured. Usually I'm an improvisational cook; I'm not all that fond of following recipes, and when I do, I almost always introduce my own variations. My philosophy tends to be the more spice, the better.

You could say the same about my writing. Since the release of my debut novel Raw Silk in 1999, I've published lots of erotica and erotic romance in almost every sub-genre– more than fifty single author titles, plus dozens of short stories in various erotic anthologies, including the Lambda winner Where the Girls Are and the IPPIE Best Erotic Book of 2011, Carnal Machines. My gay scifi erotic romance Quarantine won a Rainbow Awards 2012 Honorable Mention.

I have more degrees than anyone would ever need, from prestigious educational institutions who would no doubt be deeply embarrassed by my chosen genre. Widely traveled but still with a long bucket list of places to go, I currently live in Southeast Asia with my indulgent husband and two exceptional felines, where I pursue an alternative career that is completely unrelated to my creative writing.

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NEW cover for my SEALs book, BURNING FOR NERO...after Amazon put him in jail with that other cover!

Judging a book by its cover has new meaning now that Amazon is our Moral Arbiter and removes books from its search engines to La La Land...based on how they feel about hands across a bare breast and a little bit of butt cheek.
Let's call it the Zon B&B moral imperative!
Could they please talk to HBO, SHOWTIME and STARZ where I see more A$$ and that Other Stuff than I see on the Italy!
What do you think of NERO?
I like chest.
I lick chest.
I crave chest.
And whities.
And hair on the arms.
And just in case you need to see what Amazon thinks is erotic, take a look at the old cover with Cass on the front too.
SAME BUY LINK at Zon at Bare B&B cover:

AND TO SKIP AMAZON altogether is protest, buy your books elsewhere.
At you can buy what you want without moral imperatives.
Kobo. Check.
iTunes. Rock and roll.
And if you have a Nook, buy it there too.
Happiness is being your own moral judge of what to buy.

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Ella Laurance does WANTON WOMEN AT WORK box set for 99 cents! Run! Buy! Lick the cover!

   When I got the idea to write a couple of erotic stories about different kind of women, I soon realised they had to be independent and not afraid to go after a man. Sometimes it’s just fun when a woman knows what she wants and goes out to get it.
   In my series Wanton Women at Work there’s a secretary who is certain her boss wants her, but he’s too much of a gentleman.    That’s no problem for Alison, because one night, when he’s alone in his office, she knocks on the door to ask if he’s hungry…
   Then there is Susanna, the artist model who sees the obsession in Leo Houghton’s eyes and she makes it very clear the attraction is mutual.
   And what about the journalist who follows the sexy soccer player into the changing room?    Or the professor who gives up her control to a total stranger, who’s a bit of a rough trade, because she trusts her own judgement?
   The stories are pure erotic in nature. No reading between the lines here, and no subtle references to what might happen behind the closed bedroom door.  This is sex, sex and more sex.

Care for a taste of the first story, Alison Does Overtime? Adults only, please.

   For the second time that day, Alison knocked on the door of Marc Greenwald’s private office. On her way to her place of work, she had stopped by a local delicatessen to buy the best sandwich either side of the ocean. If bringing him a little something to eat was a cheap excuse to get his attention, at least it was of the highest quality. 
   She entered the room, not waiting for him to invite her in. “I took the liberty of bringing you your favourite sandwich. I thought you might be hungry… Wow.”
   Wow, indeed—because however she had expected he would greet her and her culinary offering, it had definitely not been sitting in his leather office chair with his pants crumpled around his shoes and his cock in his hands. His very erect and impressive cock. No, scratch that—his downright huge cock.    How big was that thing? Alison wasn’t a virgin by anyone’s definition, but what she saw there was definitely something else. Would it even fit?
   Hell, yeah, she’d made it fit. She had wanted him for a long time. Now she would do anything to have that glorious piece of manliness inside her. Her belly almost ached with need and she became very aware of how wet she was. Perhaps the scent of her excitement would even override that of her perfume, and he would guess without much effort what she wanted from him.
   She put the paper bag with sandwich on the corner of her boss’ desk. And promptly forgot about it.
Marc Greenwald kept staring at her, his hand stopped in mid-motion. “I wanted to relax a bit before I went home,” he mumbled.
   “You don’t own me an explanation, Mr Greenwald. What you do in your own office after hours is not my business,” Alison managed to say with a voice that sounded much calmer than she actually felt. Silently in her head, she added, but I would love to help you to feel much better than you’ve ever felt before.
   “’Mr Greenwald’, when I’m talking to you with my dick in my hand?” He chuckled. “I can’t help but notice the dress. It’s not something you would normally wear to work. Despite your hot and sexy appearance under that tasteful and boring female white-collar uniform, you actually are a hundred per cent professional. The past months have convinced me of that fact. That teaches a man to respect a woman’s brain, even if she does have gorgeous tits and an ass to go bankrupt for. To be honest, we don’t pay you what you’re worth.” He grinned. “I also happen to notice you’re not wearing a bra right now.”
   Alison walked closer. “Just my bra, Marc?” Slowly she pulled up the hem of her dress until her neatly trimmed bush became visible. “I have something here that big boy of yours might be interested in.”
   “Show me the complete picture?” Marc pumped his hand slowly up and down his shaft. “This has become a sort of routine over the last months. Work, work, work—and right before I go home jerk myself off over a selection of fantasies involving the best secretary any firm could hope to hire.”
   “That’s so sweet.” Alison reached behind her back to lower the zipper. The dress dropped on the floor, leaving Alison with only her stilettos and a hint of perfume.  “And now that the cards are on the table, which fantasy would you like to start with?”
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