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#Fashion of #Outlander TV show! From Paley Center in Los Angeles! #history #Scotland

Recently on a trip to Los Angeles, Mr. DeLand and I went to Hollywood specifically to see the OUTLANDER fashion show at the Paley Center for Media Arts.

This was a Fab.u.lous treat for anyone who adores fashion, the recreation of historical fashion and this stunning TV show.

A series of outfits on mannikins, the display also featured dioramas and reproductions of portions of the set. The most intriguing displays were the digital recreations of sets in which the actors walked!

You must know that there was no tour, no tour guide and no brochure. I thought this a major fault as, many of us who live for historical detail and who drool over the show, would purchase such a reference.

I will tell you, however, that the fashions were the real ones worn by the actors during the second season and that most of them were those of Claire and Jaimie, closely followed by those worn by the Comte de Artois. Much of this gentleman's clothing was featured because it was so elaborately made, reflecting his wealth and status at court and in society.

Louis XV outfit, in the front window!

Claire's green gown, also in front window mezzanine

Detail of Claire's green gown,
typical of period of Louis XV

Captain Jack Randal's military attire

In front hall, a patron could step into
Claire's red gown and here I am!
One of many costumes for the Comte de Artois

Gown worn by Claire's French friend, Louise in season 2.
Much of the detail work on the clothes was done, as in the period, by hand.
Here you see the embroidery and lace work.

Much of the detail was exquisite.

Sample of architecture model made to scale.
This is chemist's shop.

Here is the digital representation of King Louis's bedchamber.
Drawings along the walls displayed the original sketches for costumes
as well as designs for rooms and buildings. Here is the costume for Gellis Duncan.
On one wall, the sketch for the building of the astrolabe and for the exterior of Claire's and Jaimie's Paris residence.
Do download and enlarge if you wish to read this.

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Hot Cowboy from Sabrina York, out tomorrow! Get your tiara NOW!

Coming August 16th
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Stud for Hire by Sabrina York
Just south of Fort Worth, Texas, you’ll find a little ranch where the hot, toned cowboys are ready and eager to take it all off and make your naughtiest fantasies come true...

When her sister plans a wild bachelorette weekend at the Double S Ranch, Hanna Stevens is pretty sure she’ll just grin and bear it while the other women get their fill of hot cowboy strippers. After all, Hanna has never met a man who made her really want.

Zack, Hanna’s future husband, offered to marry her and save her family’s ranch from financial ruin, and while she accepted, it was never what you’d call a passionate affair. But when she locks eyes with Logan, Hanna is suddenly overwhelmed by the feeling she’s always craved and never experienced: Pure. Animal. Desire...

The first in a new series of Stripped Down Cowboys from New York Times and USA Todat Bestselling Author, Sabrina York

"Sabrina York can write a sexy cowboy like no other!" Susan Stoker, New York Times bestselling author

Read an Excerpt

Logan’s heart stilled and then shot into a rapid tattoo. He dropped the heavy bale on the ground. It landed with a dull thud and a plume of dust. Slowly, he turned, trying to ignore the shivers running over his skin at that low, sultry voice.
And yeah. There she was, backlit by the sun in the yawning barn door, a tantalizing silhouette.
He tipped back his hat so he could see her better. Wiped the sweat from his brow. Damn, she was beautiful. Her red hair was down, flowing over her shoulders like a rippling stream, teased by the breeze. The buttons of her plaid shirt strained against the curves of her breasts. He loved the way her skinny jeans clung to her legs, disappearing in a pair of well-worn boots.
She wasn’t supposed to be here. The women were supposed to be settling in, dressing for the evening’s festivities. A Hunky Hoedown. Logan was supposed to be preparing for that too—but he’d decided to work off his simmering energy here, in the barn.
He hadn’t really expected her to take him up on his offer and find him here. Never dared hope.
But…here she was.
His knees went a little weak. He tightened his muscles and forced himself to remain where he was, watching her every move. Every breath.
Though he suspected why she’d come, he wasn’t sure. It would be wise to let her make the first move.
God help him.
Because he wanted to pounce.
“So…” She wandered deeper into the barn, pretending to study the tools hanging on the wall. Her fingers drifted over a harness; the sight made a shudder walk through him.  When Gotham poked out a head and sprayed her with a welcoming snort, she patted his snout, but not like a city girl. Not with a tentative pat as though she were afraid he’d bite.
Logan swallowed the pool of drool in his mouth. He’d like to take a bite. Of that.
“So…” she repeated. “Is this a working ranch, or only a weekend bordello?”
Logan stiffened. If he wasn’t mistaken, that was a flirtatious tone. She flicked a look at him, from beneath amber lashes and his gut clenched. Shit. It was.
His heart lurched. His cock swelled. Sudden sweat beaded his brow.
This was Hanna. His Hanna—well, the Hanna of his dreams. The woman he’d wanted forever, the woman who’d never seen him.
And she was flirting. With him.
Inexorably drawn to her, he stepped closer. “Oh. It’s a working ranch.” A low rumble, infused with meaning. Yeah. He’d like to work her. Work her over.
“I see.” She leaned against the wall and crossed her arms. It took every ounce of concentration in him to keep his gaze on her face. Oh, it was a fascinating face, but the cleavage her action created was even more mesmerizing.
His brain fizzled and popped at that hint of a shadow. He said the only thing that came to mind—the only thing fit to say, at least. “Cody has over two hundred head.”
“I see. Do you…” Her attention trickled over his bare chest. He was covered in sweat and bits of hay. She didn’t seem to mind. Her lips pursed. Then she licked them. “Do you work here?”
He snorted. “No.” His days working as a cowpoke for Cody were long gone…unless he lost a bet.
“Ah.” Her gaze flicked up to his. The muscle in her cheek tightened. “I didn’t think so.”
The words skimmed over him in a hot rush, her tone, low and woven with implication. His breath hitched at the look in her beautiful eyes.
And then it plunged to his toes.
Because he could tell, from every line of her face, from the way she held her body, from the way she looked at him. She didn’t recognize him.
She had no idea who he was. No idea they’d gone to high school together. No memory of what he’d done, how he’d risked everything for her. And nearly lost.
Nope. She thought he was just a random stripper. Manflesh brought in for the sole purpose of providing pleasure to the lady guests.
On the one hand, that pissed him off.
But on the other hand…hell, she thought he was a stripper.  Probably one willing to make himself available to Cody’s guests should the right offer arise.
A mix of annoyance, need and lust warred within him.
Lust won.
Hanna Stevens, the prim and proper princess of Snake Gully, thought he was a stud for hire. And she wanted him.
This could be fun.
He stepped closer to her, adopting a gait, an attitude he assumed a man of lesser morals might employ. “I’m just here for the weekend, ma’am. Just here to make sure you ladies have a…good time.”
“I-I see.”
“My name is Logan.”
Yeah. He knew. He knew her name.
She tipped up her head as he neared. Her eyes went wide. Pupils dilated. Lips parted. Damn, she was a tiny thing. Heat gathered low in his belly. He fought back the urge to yank her into his arms and kiss the shit out of her. “I…ah…and…” She glanced away and then slowly forced her gaze back. “And what would that good time entail…exactly?”
Everything in him stilled.
First, because hell, was she propositioning him?
And second because, hell! She was propositioning him.
“That’s…negotiable.” He hated that his voice cracked on the words. But he really couldn’t help it. It was all he could do to keep control of his raging emotions. Okay. His raging lust. His cock was hard. Tight in his jeans. Thudding with every beat of his heart. And his pulse thrummed like an out of control jackhammer. “W-what do you like?”
He was pretty sure gentlemen of the evening didn’t stutter, but he couldn’t help himself. He held his breath, waiting for her answer. God, he wanted to know. He’d always wanted to know. Ached to know.
She drew her finger along the leather harness dangling from the wall and his cock jerked in sympathetic reaction. “I don’t know. Something…improper.” The look she flicked at him set his soul on fire. A dark wind screamed through him like a violent summer storm on the range.
“I can do improper.” Could he.
She stepped closer. Her scent engulfed him, clouded his brain. Something feminine and light, like powder. She tipped her chin and met his gaze as she set her palm flat on his chest. He nearly winced at the touch. Their first real touch. His muscles bunched at the effort to hold back that involuntary reaction. Her hand was tiny. She was tiny. He wanted to scoop her up, find a nice soft pile of hay and roll her in it. Hard.
Her lashes flickered. “Something…very improper.”
He swallowed. “I can do very improper.”
“Something naughty.” A whisper. As though some deep part of her was not allowed to hear.
“I can do naughty,” he whispered back. “I’m very good at naughty.”
A sizzling energy passed between them. She licked her lips again and this time he saw it for what it was. An invitation.
To take.
What he wanted.
What he’d wanted for years.
And he did.
He kissed her.

Read more about the Stripped Down Cowboys!
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Enter to win the tiara here:

Stripped Down Cowboys #Hot #ContemporaryRomance from @sabrina_york

About Sabrina York
Her Royal Hotness, Sabrina York, is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of hot, humorous stories for smart and sexy readers. Her titles range from sweet & snarky to scorching romance.  Visit her webpage at to check out her books, excerpts and contests. Newsletter:

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Cerise went to #Bath, #England, indulged in #Fashion Museum, architecture! #Regency

One of the displays featuring 2 men's
coats in forefront plus a man's red silk damask
banyan, dated 1715. 
On my recent research trip to England, Mr. DeLand and I caught the train for Bath. What a delight to visit the town where Jane Austen visited and so many other notables. My main interest, as you might imagine, was to go to the Fashion Museum. Oh, sigh. How I wish I could have spent WEEKS there instead of hours!

The wealth of what they have collected there could amuse and inform anyone interested in fabric, designing and fashion. A little girl's dream closet come true is certainly the impression I had!

The Fashion Museum is housed in the same building as the Assembly Rooms not far from the major thoroughfare through the old city of Bath and not far, in another direction, from the Crescent and from the Circus. Financed by a tontine opened in 1768 (of 53 subscribers), the list raised 14,000 pounds to begin construction. The exterior is very plain, but the interior is dotted with Corinthian columns, swags and Vitruvian scrolls. I leave for another day, my pictures and dialogue about the Roman baths, the Pump Room, our dining experience there, and the city in general.
George II portrait on entry wall
of Fashion Museum

Here for your delight are my pictures. I apologize first that there are few pictures of the exhibit per se. Taking pix through glass is not my forte and so I demure and offer up my regrets. Instead, I encourage you to buy a marvelously affordable train ticket to Bath from London and enjoy the delights of the train and that museum for yourself.The Fashion Museum holds original clothing from many eras, collected and carefully catalogued. The curators rotate the displays to "air" the garments which are normally kept in boxes. Researchers may apply to examine items of clothing. And I, Dear Reader, wished I had the time!

 This particular exhibit I saw was of Georgian period clothing, including women's and men's outfits. Shoes, bonnets, belt buckles, jewelry and ladies pockets were a wonderful site to behold, giving you a full picture of what people wore head to toe. In particular, George IV's extravagant coronation outfit was breath-taking.

I particularly enjoyed learning the history of the Assembly Rooms, not as popular after the Regency period. As Brighton became more popular, the building was vacant for a time, then in the early 20th century it became a cinema! In ruin after the Great War, restored only after World War II. Do visit the website for more information about this marvelous building in Bath.

Period gowns in shades of browns, reds and yellows
of Regency period

Decor at one end of the Tea Room.

Mantel in the Octagon Card room,
central room of the Assembly Rooms layout.
Plaster decor in the ballroom
The balcony above the Ballroom floor where the musicians sat and played.
Full length of the Ballroom, ceiling decor. Imagine this lit with candles!
One chandelier which in Regency period boasted candles not electric light bulbs.

Ceiling plasterwork, detail.

Detail, wrought iron fencing on homes/offices in the Circus, not far from the Assembly Rooms.

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A gorgeous palace, chateau set on water, #Chantilly and its glories! #France

The entrance to the chateau
Watching the Tour de France with my husband, I yearn for more pictures from that helicopter!
     Did you?
     If so, I aim to provide!
     Here are mine of that fabulous palace owned by lesser Bourbons (and before that the Duc de Montmorency). This palace approximately 50 miles north of Paris is easily accessible by SNIF, the regular local commuter train.
    Do go!
    The walk from the train station is a bit of a hike so you may raise your hand and try a taxi. But however you go, do take your camera and save your appetite for gorgeous Rococo architecture, furnishings, the riding stable, art and fabulous lunch from the on site restaurant. Yes, they serve. And they serve a lovely array of dishes, including original Chantilly cream. Order it and do so quickly when you sit down because they tend to run out! Visit the website for more info:  Chateau Chantilly
      In fact, the kitchen was the site of the Gerard Depardieu film Vatel to create the kitchen of that other fabulous chateau, Vaux le Vicomte

     The main house tour centers on the ground floor. The beauties here include a map of the main battle of The Fronde which was an uprising fomented against the child Louis XIV. Given to the French Republic by the last nobleman to own the house, the chateau is maintained by the French and beautifully so.
     The major attraction for many visitors is the library, renowned for its vast collection (under glass protection) of first editions of centuries' old volumes. The other rooms include the duke's offices, a ballroom, a music room and various reception rooms. The power and majesty of the chateau, for me, was in the alabaster white of the walls with gold leaf filigree everywhere.

The private chapel holds at ihefront altar a crypt wherein all hearts of the dukes are buried.
Hidden during the Revolution, this crypt was returned after the Republics of France assumed power over governing.

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7 #BRIDES FOR 7 #SEALs @CeriseDeLand's #series! Nibble my new cherry! Buy now!

7 Brides for 7 SEALs new series begins a trek down the aisle by every man on this team! 

YOU WERE ALWAYS MINE stars a man in white and a gal in a suit. Yeah, a suit.

If giving up her seat to the hunky Navy SEAL brought her a weekend in his arms, could it bring her forever, too? 

He offered her dinner.
What Navy SEAL Lieutenant Nick Reardon got was more than a lovely dinner companion. What Abby Stuart got was a red hot one night stand that became an irresistible interlude.
So when a glimpse of their past proves that their fascination could be more than a brief affair, they must decide if what they create together is worthy of all their tomorrows.

Excerpt: Copyright, Cerise DeLand 2016. 
All rights reserved.
“We’ll do this,” he said, his rough words sounding stern as a vow. “And then we’ll curl up and go to sleep.”
Oh, she wanted to curl up all right. She wanted to kiss him until the world ended. He would know, too, because hadn’t she just answered him by vibrating in his arms?
He licked his lower lip, his blue gaze probing hers and looking at her Christmasy pjs. “Honest. You and me and all your Santas. We’re going to kiss.”
She cuffed him, laughing all the way.
He did, too, and crushed her against him. “Kiss me. Make it long and make it worth four more hours to wait for another.”
“You are evil, do you know that?”
The sun and moon and stars blazed across his features with delight. “Yeah. It’s what I’m paid for. Do it.”
He wouldn’t move first. That she understood. It had to be her, now or never. She leaned closer to his lips. A breath separated them. “What if once isn’t enough?”
“It will be.”
Disappointment rang through her.
And he smiled, consolation ripe on his lips. “Tomorrow, I promise to kiss you anytime you ask.”
She could live like that. “You could get in trouble for conduct unbecoming.”
“Baby, with you in my arms, I’ve already got that trouble, and if you don’t kiss me, I may just die before they come to throw me in the brig.”
She sank her fingers into his luscious hair, cupping the back of his head, her breasts boring into his hard naked chest. She put her mouth on his, his lips firm and soft, his breath heavy and rapid. She brushed her lips on his once. He hauled her up, and her skin met his. He groaned, and she slanted her mouth this way. He took her up and pressed her down. He followed her, his lips drinking her in, his tongue tangling with hers.
The euphoria rippled through her in a storm. No one had ever kissed her like she was his all, his everything. She had never wanted to be any man’s either.
And so the kiss lengthened and ended only because they needed air.
He pushed her back against his thighs, his hand sinking into her hair. “Abby, get up. Now. Come around the other side and crawl back into bed.”
Totally without a thought in her head, she obeyed. When she had settled onto her back, he ran one strong arm around her waist and pushed her to her side. He adjusted his body behind her, his corded length along her own, one leg over her hip. Then he hugged her tightly to him. “Tomorrow morning, if I’m not here when you wake up, don’t panic.”
She did now. She whipped her head around to stare at him over her shoulder. “Why?”
“Oh, honey.” He kissed her nose. “I’m not leaving. I’m going for an early swim.” He moved closer, and the feel of his mighty erection against her ass gave the evidence of his rationale. “I’ll need it. This will be the longest night of my life.”
* * * * *

Who is Cerise?
Cerise DeLand loves to cook, hates to dust, adores traveling...and lives to write!
She is #1 Bestselling Regency Author of spicy romances starring dashing heroes and sassy women. Her box set THE STANHOPE CHALLENGE was recently on the bestseller list for ONE solid YEAR!

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Jessica Subject gives us 10 FAVE Lines, Excerpt from her newest! Fun!

Jessica’s Ten Favorite Lines from BRYCE: Galactic Defenders book one (without any spoilers)
1 - Bryce raised his crossbow, lining his sights on the creature standing amongst the bushes, its branch-like tentacles undulating in the gentle breeze. Focusing the crosshairs on the alien’s torso, he drew in a deep breat
h. He had one shot. ==> These are the opening lines of the story. To me, it displays the intensity of the opening scene, and what is going to happen throughout the story.
2 - What child wanted to know her mother came from another planet? Or could keep the fact a secret?
3 - She’d heard the alien hunters used wormholes, but had never seen or traveled through one, and hoped to never again.
4 - “He’s probably really tired right now. Wasn’t very cooperative at first, but I managed to tame the beast.”
5 - Bryce had both Katrina and a young Kalaren on the ground doing push-ups. “Anytime you feel like releasing a little energy, this is what I want you to do.” He crouched in front of them while the other Defenders in the room watched in amusement.
6 - A little girl dashed out in front of her, jet-black curls bouncing along her shoulders. In her tattered white gown—probably a hand-me-down from an older generation—she stared up into her eyes, no reservations about approaching royalty. “Princess Lalia, where have you been? They taught us in school you were killed in the Erebus attack.”
7 - And what was she supposed to have told them? You must meet with me because I’m an alien princess? No doubt the truth would have landed her in a mental institution, or worse, a lab.
8 - A tiny head with jet-black hair peeked out from under a tree root. “Princess, is it really you?”
9 - “A planet has just been destroyed.” The thought of growling at the young Vella crossed his mind. Instead, he sidestepped him and headed to the control room to meet the leader of the Galactic Alliance. “There is no good news today.”
 10 - “You may be responsible for sending them to Niesgoo, but you’re only responsible for their deaths if you leave them there to die.”

Galactic Defenders #1

by Jessica E. Subject

Release date: June 28, 2016

Genres: Romance, Science Fiction, Space Opera, Action & Adventure

Ebook ISBN: 978-0-9948431-9-7
Print ISBN: 978-1-988428-00-0

Editor: Kate Richards
Cover artist: Fantasia Frog Designs

Keywords: reunited lovers, rescue, aliens, romance, love, royalty, military

# of pages: 119 ebook, 185 print
# of words: 37,050


A dedicated Defender…

Bryce fell in love once, but after Lalia was ripped away from him, he locked his heart from feeling anything for anyone else. Instead, he devotes his life to the Galactic Alliance, killing every bloodthirsty Erebus he comes across.

A shunned princess…

Lalia Comosova fell in love with the wrong man. When her parents learned of her transgressions, they sent her to Earth to hide her error in judgment from the rest of the kingdom.

A second chance?

When these lovers are reunited after many years apart, they have a chance to find happiness together. But fate steps in and threatens to rip them apart as it did years ago.

SHORT BLURB: Bryce, a dedicated Galactic Defender on a mission, is reunited with his one and only love, the missing princess of Hemera. Will they have a second chance at love, or will fate rip them apart as it did years ago?


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Bryce raised his crossbow, lining his sights on the creature standing amongst the bushes, its branch-like tentacles undulating in the gentle breeze. Focusing the crosshairs on the alien’s torso, he drew in a deep breath. He had one shot. If he missed, the Erebus would cry out and alert the natives of Terra to its existence, resulting in more casualties. At first glance, no one on the planet, also called Earth, would believe an Erebus anything more than an overgrown bush, but Bryce knew the truth. He’d trained to hunt the creatures from childhood.

Each step carefully placed, he advanced until he stood twenty feet from the Erebus, no chance to miss the shot. With a slight movement of his finger, he squeezed the trigger, sending a zuranium-tipped arrow racing toward the alien.

“Quinn, would you grab me another garbage bag?”

Fornax. The creature lunged toward the female voice, Bryce’s arrow stuck in one of its tentacles. A kill, but not instant.

He loaded another arrow. At the risk of being seen, he charged through the hedges. He had to cut the Erebus off before it had a chance to kill the Terran. He leaped over metal furniture and large urns, keeping his focus on the creature.

“What the hell? Get out of my yard!”

The woman rushed him, but Bryce darted around her. When the Erebus lumbered in front of him, he raised his weapon and fired. A clean shot to the middle. The creature dropped like a fallen log, crushing the furniture it landed on.

Bryce loaded the crossbow again. No time to celebrate the kill. He had to worry about the possibility of other Erebus in the area, along with the Terran woman who had seen him. Instead of running away screaming, as he’d expected her to do, she stared, wide-eyed in horror. Not at him, but the Erebus. Her body trembled as she shuffled backward, mumbling incomprehensible words.

An unexpected sense of familiarity washed over him. He couldn’t draw his attention away from her slim figure, the way her long brown hair flowed over her shoulders. Far more attractive than he’d pictured the Terrans when others talked about them. He took a closer glance. Lalia? How had she traveled so far from home without anyone knowing? She was no stranger, and definitely not Terran. Or, perhaps she was simply a doppelganger of the woman he’d once loved. He had the sudden urge to comfort her, relieve her worry. Hold her in his arms the way he had many years ago. But what if the missing princess had somehow made her way to a planet unaware life existed beyond their own? After she’d left Hemera and him behind without so much as a goodbye, he’d searched everywhere. Though not once had he thought to look on Terra.

A ground-shattering bellow pierced the night. Bryce spun around, finding himself face-to-face with another Erebus. It stared at him with beady red eyes. Thick black goop dripped from its mouth.

Bryce raised his bow, but the creature slammed him with one of its tentacles, flinging him back. The Erebus lunged at Lalia.

Rolling to his knees, Bryce aimed and fired. He hit the alien from behind, launching it forward. Onto his former lover. Slinging the bow over his shoulder, he raced toward her. The creature’s tentacles still pulsed, even though dead. Careful not to trip himself up, he shoved his hands under the creature’s torso and heaved it off her.

Lalia stood immediately and wiped the black goop from her clothes, as if she hadn’t been flattened by an alien. “They weren’t supposed to follow me. I was supposed to be safe here.”

Jessica E. Subject is the author of science fiction romance, mostly alien romances, ranging from sweet to super hot. Sometimes she dabbles in paranormal and contemporary as well, bringing to life a wide variety of characters. In her stories, you could not only meet a sexy alien or two, but also clones and androids. You may be transported to a dystopian world where rebels are fighting to live and love, or to another planet for a romantic rendezvous.
When Jessica isn't reading, writing, or doing dreaded housework, she likes to get out and walk with her giant, hairy dog her family adopted from the local animal shelter.
Jessica lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband and two energetic children. And she loves to hear from her readers. You can find her at


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