Monday, September 3, 2012

Favorite things: How do workaholics relax?

A way to relax? Enjoy looks of Italian Olympic team
of water polo players. Si, preggo, pronto!

For workaholics like authors, relaxing is a challenge! If it is for you too, want some insights in what your fave authors do to get peace of mind and body?
What are mine? I walk 3x a week.  I swim 6 laps every other day. I do yoga often and at the end of each day? I cook, baby! I cut things. I whack them. I sauté and braise them. I wrestle with them sometimes. All while sipping my favorite wine for the evening!
Here are a few of my favorite buddies’ methods. And yes, all are members of the Sassy Seven!
First up, friend Brenna Zinn ( declares, “Relaxing is hard for me.  I have a strong, relentless drive to constantly do something, be productive in some way or think about what has to be done.  I often wake up at 2 a.m. with my mind wide awake and ready to start the day.  My body might disagree, but my mind rules supreme.  
“Because of this, my kind of relaxation is more cerebral.  When I can shut off my head, forget the world around me, and just be in the moment is the time I'm most relaxed. Usually, when I ride my bike or practice yoga, I can achieve relaxation.
“Playing poker, especially in Vegas, gets me there too.  Even if I'm losing.  But topping my list is when I'm hanging around my girlfriends, laughing, and maybe having a few drinks.  Those relaxing moments are truly cherished.”
Sassy 7 buddy, Nicole Austin ( says, “Number One on my list? Go to the gym. Yes, I can hear the groans already but it’s true. The gym is the one place where I can let my very active mind relax. I pop in my headphones, turn on my iTunes dance mix and drift away. When I skip going to the gym I have no energy and sleep issues so it’s an absolute must for me!
“Second fave?  My new favorite relaxation is going for a massage. Ahhhh, now that’s the ticket. I go once a month—sometimes two—close my eyes and let hot young men with strong hands rub the knots out of my shoulders, neck, arms, back and legs. I always walk out of there feeling like an overcooked noodle. So good!I love stories where the hero and heroine are total opposites, they just clash, but all that intense clashing creates undeniable passion. A passion neither can ignore for long. Where there's smoke.”
Oh, AMEN, Nic!
And let’s hear from non-stop Desiree Holt! ( Does she relax? Ever?
I love to relax on my new back porch with my e-reader and a sippy cup of whipped cream vodka. By the time I finish both I'm relaxed as hell.  In the fall I love to relax with football, although some people would say it makes me manic! But that's where the vodka comes in.”
Now, what are your favorite chillaxin’ ways?
Tell us! And to one who comments, I will give away one of mine of your choice!!!
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Destiny Blaine said...

Great topic, Cerise. I love sports so whenever I'm watching a good game, no matter how intense, I'm not thinking about work. A poker player and craps player, if I'm in a casino, I'm relaxed. Walking and swimming do the trick, too, as long as I'm not on a schedule and trying to squeeze in a few minutes of exercise. ;)

Love your blog. I'll be back to visit again.

Destiny Blaine