Thursday, November 6, 2014

4 Stanhope men find women they adore, but can they marry them? #Regency #romance #boxset by Cerise DeLand 99 Cents!

What's better than one Regency?

Four in one set, that's what! And to top that off, all four novellas star heroes who are brothers!

The heir, the spare who is the dashing Army hero, the politician and finally, the bastard of the family—are the stars.

In the Stanhope family, three young men and their half-brother who is part American all have the same reluctance to marry.


Because there is a family curse brought on centuries ago when Charles II, roué that he was, tempted a Stanhope bride into his bed. She loved her husband and didn't want to be seduced but politics being what they were, her husband agreed and off she went to Charles's bed. The marriage soured.
And ever since, no Stanhope man who has loved his wife has ever had a happy marriage with her.

Least of all the current earl! He was, you see, a rogue of the first water, seducing whomever he choose. Though he claims to this day to have loved every woman he ever bedded and married, each of them died soon afterward.

So as we begin The Stanhope Challenge, we see that the current crop of male Stanhopes not only have the Curse working against them, but they fear for the lives of the women they adore.

Come celebrate love and life and the persistence of men in love as I re-release the revised and expanded series that sat on 4 best seller lists for many many months!

When will the box set be out?

Monday, November 10! And for an introductory price of 99 cents!

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