Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Can't stop till you get enough #Waterloo? Cerise's list of blogs, movies, books!

I MAD to have more, you need a fix?
 ARe    KOBO
know, dear heart. You are addicted now to all the Waterloo info! Hungering, in withdrawal, quite

I have a few really yummy ones for you!

Aside from reading the oh, let us estimate...429+ novels, blogs, books which debuted this past year on the 200th anniversary, here is another list with url links for you to gorge yourself on the goodies!

Want to go to the Duchess of Richmond's Ball?
Read author Eileen Dreyer's multi-day blog about her attendance this year!

What to Wear to the Ball?
See yesterday's post here,

Who Rode What Horse to the battlefield?
NAPOLEON rode a horse named Marengo...or did he?

WELLINGTON rode a horse named Copenhagen!

What happened in the 3 day battle?

Did Napoleon deserve to lose?
Read what this noted Napoleonic historian has to say in his 900+ page biography! (Yes, I read it. Yes, it is worth the gross expenditure of time, my darlings.)

How did the world learn about who won and lost?

Did the Scots really dance over swords?

Need a schmaltzy movie about the love story of Napoleon and Josephine?

Want to see what the battlefield looks like today?

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