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Nibble on my newest cherry, my 4th Regency, THE BASTARD'S PASSIONATE PRIZE

A bastard. A woman he should not want. A man enslaved. A woman captured. Both, captured by pirates and taken to an exotic citadel. Made to perform for a pasha as salacious as he is blood-thirsty.
This is THE BASTARD'S PASSIONATE PRIZE, the 4th in my madly best-selling Stanhope Challenge series!
Out today!!! At Resplendence Publishing
Here is a nibble of my new cherry: (Copyright 2011, Cerise DeLand. All rights reserved.)

Sirena had spent, by last count, six days in a world predominated by women. Lithe, young, lovely women. Guarded by giant, fleshy black men whose eyes slid to each other in some secret code of conduct that she suspected did include their sexual interest in the women. Sirena suspected her purpose here, though she longed to learn otherwise.

Reality killed her hopes. As a child in her nursery, Sirena had listened to stories read by her governess of a land filled with godless men who ruled the East with no regard for human life. As a young woman, she heard rumors of dissolute Ottoman pashas and their penchant for deflowering female sex slaves and keeping them behind locked walls. Those had always seemed like fables meant to embolden men to travel to exotic lands and to keep English women safely tucked away at home. While Sirena’s desire to see China or sail to Bombay had seemed more dream than possibility, she had never wished to become part of any man’s harem. And this gaggle of females imprisoned was most definitely that. What with the women who did little but eat, drink, bathe and admire themselves in numerous mirrors, Sirena assumed they were the mates of the ruler here. The presence of the men who served as guards confirmed it. And on the third day of her imprisonment, Sirena met a young Spanish woman, Valentina, who told her in broken English that the men were their jailers and to ensure the women’s purity and safety, each man had been castrated.

Sirena shuddered at the idea of such brutality done to one man by another. Yet, you will soon learn what atrocity these pirates have in store for you.

The manner of her days, however, did not presage any harm might come to her. Though she got no inkling of Mark or his men’s condition or whereabouts, she was treated like a precious gem. True, after the Barbaries had climbed aboard Mark’s Water Witch, they had seized her by the wrists, chained her and separated her from Mark and any of his sailors. None had manhandled her, although many had made snide suggestions she could not mistake in any language. But once off the corsairs’ galleon, she was put atop a camel and led through the teaming city up into a gleaming alabaster palace. Though she had asked in vain for the whereabouts of the Americans, she learned nothing in the high-walled sumptuously adorned seraglio except how to be pampered.

Each morning, Sirena was roused by an elderly maid, gnarled and wrinkled like a prune, but kindly. She’d follow her maid to a cool reception room. There, a tall, imperious older woman appeared who directed her to turn about, a doll on display. She complied. What else could she do but fume? At once, the woman led her to a large room, humid with fragrance of jasmine rising from a huge azure pool. Stripped naked by two young women, Sirena quivered in modesty and indignation. But once she was directed to step down into the soothing water, her body melted in the forgiving heat. Ordered up and out of the pool, she’d be led to yet another room, this time filled with oblong copper baths three times the size of any hipbath she’d ever seen at home. Commanded to submerge in one of those tubs, she sank, grateful once more for coverage of her person, until two different women appeared armed with soaps, towels and pumices. Scrubbed, rubbed and submerged time and again in this tub, finally she was told to rise and without a stitch of clothes, she was told to follow her maids to yet one more room. Here, with other women on tables, stark naked as Sirena, she would lie down. For god knew how long, her body was examined, then massaged, oiled, her eyebrows plucked, her hair bathed and scented. Surrounded by dedicated servants who neither spoke nor looked her in the eye, she could not deter them from their goals, nor did she have the strength. In fact, she found herself astonished to submit to their gentle ministrations, primping her for a dreaded exhibition of the most lurid kind. Each morning, as the servants bathed her and refined her looks, she feared how she would be exposed. To whom? When? How? But as they probed into every crevice of her body, denuding her of hair, even to her most private parts which no one, save she, and Mark, had ever touched, she feared to know the answer.

Pampered more like a princess than a slave, she pondered her future each night in her own cozy private room filled with fat feather pillows for her bed. She received pitchers of cool water, oranges, limes and lemons. Each day, she was fed a milky concoction, the consistency of pudding but tart, tasty with nuts and fat sultanas. Each morning, her nightshift of plain linen was taken away for the laundresses. Then she’d be given a garment that made her blush and gasp. Translucent pearl silk, the kaftan had a clasp of two jeweled frogs at the neck, huge sleeves flowing to her wrists, and a flowing drape to her toes.

Aghast at its suggestiveness, she knew at once its intention was to arouse and to titillate. Without any other item to cover her nakedness, she donned it, assuring herself that her appearance did not diminish her inner character. Nor did it represent her person. Only her condition.

Enslavement, she contemplated in those first few hours in the harem, was an astonishing condition for the daughter of a duke of the British Realm. She laughed bitterly at that first thought. Then sobered. She had left her rights and privileges as an aristocrat the minute she had left her home in London. Going to Dover, intent on building a new life for herself, perhaps even learning how Mark Stanhope cared for her, was a liberating stroke. That she was here, imprisoned, seemed a bitter irony.

Where was Mark? Dead? Tortured?

She caught back cries of outrage that that might be true. She had to learn where he was, how he was.

Her resolve bore fruit on the fourth day when her friend Valentina arrived in her room to share news.

“I hear the matron, there,” Valentina nodded to the older woman who was the mistress of the seraglio, “tell our Nubian eunuchs you will go before our pasha, Al Hassan.”

“When?” Her throat went dry as dust. Her stomach rolled in fear.

“After he decides what to do with your man.” Valentina’s cobalt blue eyes snapped as she spoke low to avoid detection. “Your body has been prepared for Hassan but—”

Sirena’s heart stopped. She grabbed Valentina’s hand. “What?”

“You may be given to any man he wishes.”

“As his concubine?” Sirena tried not to let her terror overcome her.

“Of course. It is why we all are here.” Her eyes circumscribed the room filled with lounging, laughing women who, it seemed, had come to terms with their servitude.

“How do you live with that?” Sirena asked, in indignation at such bondage.

“I have been taken up once to Hassan. He is impotent.”

“Thank god.”

“Do not think thus. He has other ways to make you arouse his flaccid member.”

“How so?”

“Have you ever put your mouth to a man’s tool?” Valentina put her hand to her own mons.

Sirena shook her head, her thoughts drifting to Mark and how she might gladly take him with her lips and tongue that way.

“Hassan likes that.” She waited until the masseuses passed them by with large bowls of steaming honey and creamy depilatories. “He also likes to see men take women from behind. Like animals.”

Serena’s eyes widened. “That’s appealing to men?”

The blue-eyed woman nodded. “It is forbidden, haraam, to take a woman in the ass. These pirates may say they follow the teachings of Mohammed, but they are part-Spanish and French, ex-patriots, criminals who know no law. They follow neither god nor man’s rules. Therefore, remember only one thing.”


“Whatever you are asked to do? Do it and live another day.”

Sirena turned away, filled with desperation to see Mark, know he was safe and to escape this hideous existence. All the sumptuous foibles in the world could not fill the void of heartless existences without law or love.

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My newest Regency comes tomorrow and in honor of Prinny...

Here he is! Prinny in his coronation robes.
But Prinny in his Regent's role was not so encumbered!
By rules of conduct or social class. Only by his spendthrift ways. And his numerous mistresses. Seems the more things change, the more they stay the same.
But Regencies are the dawn of a new age in so many ways.
Manners were refined, kept under wraps, but all that pent up emotion came out in other ways.
Women cut their hair. Or they did during the period of Josephine. They wore diaphanous fabrics, showed their ankles, and wore no drawers. Really! Not until the 1820s do we see drawers demanded by ladies.
Women still had no rights of inheritance unless so decreed by kings or special court decree. Their fortunes were controlled by their husbands or their fathers. And so too were the candidates for husbands declared by the men in their families.
Men too were freed of a few strictures. Ruffles, lace and satins for shirts or jerkins and breeches were replaced by simpler, form fitting styles. Wool and cotton, well-tailored were the ideal. And costly to obtain from a first rate tailor, too!
Beau Brummel led the style in clothes and impoverishment to them, as well.
Now we have wash and wear.
Thank goodness.
Women can wear long hair, marry whom they wish and wear...almost anything. Even an egg to a nationally televised party!
Tomorrow? A nibble here of my newest cherry, THE BASTARD'S PASSIONATE PRIZE, the 4th in my Stanhope Challenge series.

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Titles I really want to write books for

I write to titles. Concepts just hit me and BANG! I have a story.
How about:
Regencies, no doubt.
ROCK THE CASBAH. Contemporary romance burnt out rock singer.
LIGHT MY FIRE. Contemporary romance starring a firefighter.
FIX ME UP. The plumber. The plumber.
More funny, a crazy romance: SNAP ON TOOLS. BDSM, natch. A handy man and his gal.
The couple above?
SCRUMPTIOUS stuff, just in case you are not into titles like I am and need a fresh bit of yum yum this a.m.

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Contest for THE BASTARD on Monday!

Contest for my Regency debut on Wednesday! THE BASTARD's PASSIONATE PRIZE is #4 in my STANHOPE CHALLENGE series at and to celebrate, I'm doing a contest next Monday.
Post on why you love Regencies, especially erotic Regencies, and I will chose one winner to receive: a copy of my print book, IRRESISTIBLE FORCES, plus a juicy EC calendar, book bag and more goodies. COME BACK Monday!

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She GETS me! This reviewer really gets me. (Sally Field imitation here.)
This review?
"Here’s a book that will have you drooling over the US Southern voice. It oozes from the page, flows along like melted butter on toast, and puts you right there. This is my first book by Cerise DeLand, and if I had my way I’d read every single book she’s written if they’re all like this. Her voice is comforting, brings security somehow, like you know that no matter what happens, everything will turn out okay. I probably sound nuts, but I don’t care. When a book/author makes me feel this way, I know I’m onto a winner.

Belle has agreed to take The Cougar Challenge—bedding a younger man. The problem is, where she lives, everyone knows everyone else, and there are no young men available really. Also, her husband died, and she loved him. And I mean loved him. That love was extremely obvious—he was her “TheOne”, and no one else could possibly take his place. He taught her so much, and the fact that he was gone… Kleenex was needed. I felt how much she missed him.

She’s a wedding planner, runs this little business, and tries to make sure every bride understands what a marriage should be—like how wonderful hers was. When her old friend turns up wanting a wedding done PDQ, bringing two of her husband-to-be’s friends with her, Belle’s chance of The Cougar Challenge is right before her eyes.

Luckily, the two men take a shine to her, but they’re not the kind who just want to take her to bed and be done with it. No, she’s fortunate enough that they actually want to love her, and I was glad about that—it’s no more than she deserves, because she’s a kind, lovely soul who needed love so much since her beloved husband passed.

They embark on a delicious affair—switch your fans on, for God’s sake, and prepare to squirm in your seat (in a good way)!!!—and they let her know they’ll be sticking around. A sigh of relief later, because I didn’t want her used just for fun (yes, she got to me; I cared for her right from the start), she then has the job of telling her adult son what she’s been up to and what her plans are for the future.

Have the Kleenex handy again. My God, did I cry here? Yes, I cried a lot. Acceptance is such a precious thing, and the way her son handled her news was nothing short of wonderful. It showed she had brought him up right, that she’d taught him well and steered him on the good path.

The writing is solid, is dreamy and lush, and I loved it."
Wow. Solid. Dreamy and Lush.

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Tickled by Terri's words about my new sheriff in town, from her review over at Night Owl:
"Lex Coltrane has two things on his mind at the local 4th of July parade and celebration. One was his new neighbor who has blocked the water in High Maria Creek depriving Lex of the water he needs for his herd. The other was the new sheriff, Lana. He’d love to get Lana in his bed but first, he needs to “save” her from a drunk cowboy.

Lana may be young for the position of sheriff but she has the experience needed to get the job done. When local rancher, Lex comes to her “rescue” how could she not accept his invite for lunch. She’d rather take him to bed than wander around the fair grounds talking to people. Lana can only hope Lex gets the message and accepts.

Though Lex and Lana find their way to bed, things get explosive. Lex’s neighbor claims Lex has run pipes from his property to Lex’s. Can Lana discover the truth? Will the truth force her to arrest her new lover?

This quick contemporary western has some awesome hot sex scenes, a forceful sheriff and a even more forceful rancher. Though I found the transition from fair grounds to bed a bit awkward, I thoroughly enjoyed the results. Lana’s character is upright and makes a perfect law enforcement officer. Lex comes across as a long time rancher who knows what he needs and how to go about getting it. Breaking the law isn’t the way.

The interactions between the characters is very well done. From Lex talking to his long time friend to Lana dealing with Lex’s neighbor, everything comes across as natural and possible. This could have been a scene right from any small ranching community.

The police work was good. It showed Lana was more than just a hot body with a pretty face. Lana needed to be respected for her abilities outside the bedroom.

Lex having lost his family was sad but his being able to look forward was inspiring. He also learned that women are not at all alike!

For a hot western fix, this story should hit the mark. Good characters, hot sex and a bit of plot makes this a fantastic quickie for that lazy afternoon."
And besides, said the author, that cover just tears me up.

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Thanks to Terri at Night Owl Reviews for these golden words about SOMETHING BLUE and the WEDDING BELLES series:
I'm really enjoying these quick short stories that revolve around Zoe and Brad's wedding... [They] are interesting and fun. Though not very long they pack a big punch and deliver what many longer books don't, an emotional connection with the characters and an interest in them as people. Brad and Kristen's story continues this tradition and has you hoping that they figure something out so that they can have it all, not just a night or two.

This would be a fantastic night time story or even a lazy afternoon one. Actually, it would be fantastic any time! Love is definitely in the air and I'm wondering who else at this wedding is going to find it!"
Desiree, Allie and I are tickled!

New authors in town! You need a nibble.

Delicious man, no?
INFINITE BETRAYAL is for you. With a bod like that, well, that the right time could be today. Break time. ANY time.
By two new authors. ENJOY!


The existence of the Coteri has remained hidden for centuries…until now

He would protect her with his life…

Mathias has been ordered to protect Mina Roarke at all costs while keeping her Father’s secrets concealed. But from the moment he sees her, the hunger he’s desperately tried to bury, roars to life. The beast within is awakened and wants only one thing…Mina.

But when his enemies target her life, Mina and Mathias become caught in a lethal game of revenge. To save her, Mathias must not only expose the truth…but also what lies deep within him.

She was just looking for answers….

Mina had always been told she was special. In what way, she never fully understood until her life and everything she thought she knew and believed in was turned completely upside down.

After the unexpected death of her mother, Mina finds clues about her past that trigger more questions than answers. Her quest to find those answers thrusts Mina deep into the Black Forest of Germany and into the arms of a man who tests her control…in more ways than one. She is wrenched from her own reality into a world filled with adrenaline-charged danger, blazing sexual heat, and the answers that have been hidden her entire life.

Mina alone holds the power to change her future but when she comes face to face with ultimate betrayal, can she still trust in the one man that has captured her heart?

Excerpt: {copyright, 2011. All rights reserved.}

They followed the cobblestone street through the empty market area to the long multicolored row houses for some of the businesses in town. Above each door was an elaborate brass filigree hanger with a sign hanging down identifying each business. They swung in the chilled wind, making it sound like a playground swing set during recess. Strands of little twinkling lights were strung on anything that was permanent for the holiday season. The entire scene looked like the inside of a snow globe.

Finally reaching the hotel, Mathias pulled open the heavy wooden door with one hand and swept the other in front of him, bowing before her. Mina stopped in the lobby to grab her shopping bags and headed toward the stairs to her room. She turned to thank Mathias for taking her back to the hotel and almost ran into the wall that was his chest. She caught herself before placing her hands on his well-defined body and righted herself just inches away from him.

“What are you doing?” Mina blurted out, her eyes widening.

Mathias lowered his head and stared into Mina’s surprised gaze. His lips lifted into a smile. “I am, of course, escorting you to your room.”

Hand shooting up to stop him in his tracks, Mina blurted, “Um ... no. Thank you but, no. I’ll be fine.” She turned and started to move up the steep steps to her desperately desired room when she felt his hand snake around her lower arm.

“Ms. Roarke, I received very specific instructions from your father. I am not to leave your side until he returns.”

Mina looked down at his hand circled around her arm. She felt his heat through her coat. There was no way she could let him walk her to her room. She was too turned-on by him and it had been way too long since she’d had a man in her bed. “Look Matty...


“I’m sorry. Mathias. It’s been an interesting day, to say the least. I’m in Germany, they lose my luggage, I meet up with a stranger in the middle of the Black Forest and find out my father wants to meet me. To be honest, right now, I just really want to take a shower and try to relax. I don’t need you to walk me to my room. It’s right up the stairs, and again, I appreciate your kindness but this is good night.”

Mina tried to turn again to go to her room. His fingers tightened slightly and he took the first step to loom over her. He inhaled slowly as if he was getting ready to deliver an unwanted speech. Mina narrowed her eyes and raised a hand to stop him from speaking. Instead of delving into the reasons he would not be leaving her side, he reached up with his free hand and grasped Mina’s raised palm gently. He released her arm and pressed her hand between both of his as if warming it. His green eyes darkened as Mina’s mouth fell open in shock. She stopped breathing, almost as if in expectation of what he was going to do. Very slowly and deliberately, he raised her hand to his mouth.

The blood in her veins stopped flowing as her knuckles came into contact with his warm lips. His mouth remained on her hand for what seemed like hours. Her fingers instinctively curled inward and she fought the urge not to place her other hand in his hair and hold on tight. Jesus, what this man could probably do with that mouth. It might have been a while since Mina had had sex, but the flutter in her stomach reminded her she was probably due for some real quick

Slowly removing his mouth from her hand, he took a slight nip at her skin with his teeth. Mina’s nipples immediately tightened against her shirt at the sensation. Mathias lifted his thick lashes and she met his heated gaze. His eyes were warm and inviting. He didn’t let her hand go but simply started brushing the inside of her palm with the pad of his thumb. Mina was immediately aware of the wetness pooling between her legs at the mere idea of what could happen next. She felt chilled but about to melt at the same time. No words came to her. Only a feeling of guilt mixed with the tantalizing thought of letting him touch her more. She was way too turned-on to utter a word. With her mouth still open, she just stood there and stared. His eyes were almost hypnotic. Her mind was a complete blank. All she knew was she did not want this man to let go of her hand.

She imagined he continued up the steps and led her behind him, like a lamb to slaughter. Once reaching her room, he would push her up against the door and crush his mouth to hers, sending her into oblivion. He’d lace his hands into her hair and gently tug at the curls to force her closer. She’d arch against him to get the feel of his body against hers. Warm, hard and ready. His hands would move slowly down her back to grip her ass, lifting her against him. Wrapping her legs around his hips, she’d feel the hardness of his need for her and grind herself against it. She’d moan into his mouth that she wanted him desperately. He’d magically open the door, and within seconds, he’d be on top of her, burying her in the soft down comforter on top of the bed in her room. Gently moving his hands up her sides and underneath her sweater, he’d cup her breasts and move his thumbs expertly over her already hard nipples. Throwing back her head in ecstasy, she’d beg him to take her...

Wake up Mina

She snapped out of her sexual trance to realize she had been grasping his hand hard enough to dig her short nails into his skin.

He slowly straightened his stance. Once again, she looked up into his gorgeous face. Was he smiling? Her hand still molded in his, Mina remained frozen in place. “Good night then, Mina. Sleep well.”

Mina’s hand was slowly lowered to her side and his warm palms slipped away, leaving her wondering what the hell had just happened.

Very casually, Mathias turned and walked out of the hotel, closing the door firmly behind him.

Mina remained standing on the third step with her mouth open and her gaze glued to the closed front door of the hotel. “Holy shit.”


Mathias reluctantly made his way down the cobblestone street away from Mina’s hotel. He should not have touched her. What would Roderick do when he found out what happened? Touching the king’s daughter in such a familiar way was completely forbidden, and Mathias knew his head would roll if Roderick ever found out. Mathias was sent there to protect and keep vigil over her until the king returned. He was not there to become personable with her. He thrust his hands into his coat pockets and strode toward the forest.

For the life of him, he couldn’t help himself. Her hair was long, lush and beautiful, and he itched to run his hands through it. Dark brown curls had bounced in the middle of her back as they had walked back to the hotel. She smelled like lust. Her face was pale and freckled and all he could think of was looking into those deep chocolate brown eyes while he plunged deep inside her, taking her hard and fast. He hadn’t wanted a woman like that as long as he could remember. He had only been in her presence for less than an hour and all he wanted to do was ravish her until she screamed.

In searching her room that morning while she shopped, he’d found some of the contents of her backpack she had traveled with. She wore Obsession perfume and used a citrus lotion on her skin. He could almost feel her lying underneath him, wrapping her firm, strong thighs around his middle and digging her nails into his ass while he pounded furiously into her. Standing on the steps of the hotel stairwell with her, he’d inhaled her scent deeply as if to tattoo it on his brain. When he kissed her hand, he could faintly make out the tangy lotion permeating from her skin. He could still smell her scent on his hand. Hell, he needed to wipe that thought out of his mind immediately before Roderick found out what Mathias really wanted to do with his daughter.

Knowing she wanted him in the same way made things worse. Not only could he feel it, but he could smell it as well. When he held her hand, he felt her heart rate spike as he swirled a thumb in her palm. She had little goose bumps on her skin, even though she’d been hot to the touch. With her fingernails digging into the top of his hand, he knew how he affected her. Mixed in with the perfume and citrus of her body lotion, there was also a distinct aroma of arousal. The musky scent made his mouth water. She wanted him.

This was one of those times Mathias wished he didn’t have the gift of animalistic senses. Of course in battle, his ability to sense others around him, hear the slightest movement or sound, and to have the ability to shape shift into just about any animal that didn’t fly was why he was ranked as high as he was within the Coteri military. As one of their most feared warriors, he was quickly moving up the ranks. This assignment involving Mina had been his first mission to come directly from Roderick.

Others in his family had been in the king’s service in the past. His sister recently completed a highly regarded position in America because of her expertise in the outer world where mortals resided. Mathias’ father, Xavier, served as a long-standing member of the king’s council before his death. He had been relied upon for several centuries to assist and mentor to Roderick in the elements of war.

This assignment was Mathias’ chance to show the king he possessed skills other than ones needed in battle. Yes, he was strong and calculating on the battlefield, but Mathias believed he could out-think any opponent put against him. He had a skill for strategy, but unfortunately a temper that rivaled an erupting volcano. His competitive nature didn’t allow Mathias to admit defeat in any manner, be it on the battlefield or playing a simple game of chess. He was determined to be the best at everything. But because of this, few council members laid their faith in him when delegating an assignment.

This had held him back when directives were assigned. The king wanted someone loyal to carry out any mission he needed. Roderick did not want someone questioning him or changing the elements of their duty to him just to fit their own beliefs. The king did not want a loose cannon out in the field. There was no question that Mathias could defend the Coteri kingdom with one hand tied behind his back, but could he handle following orders he did not necessarily agree with?

Mathias battled himself over his strengths that were now becoming his weaknesses. He thought his sheer will and determination on the battlefield entitled him to all of the other benefits that came with a highly ranked member of the military. His baby sister set him straight on this.

Upon receiving the protection detail assignment and learning it involved the king’s only daughter, he had been dumbstruck. The king wasn’t supposed to have a child, especially a human child, considering he had not mated with anyone during his reign.

Even though Mathias now knew this was what his king had been preparing him for all along, he now questioned his ability to succeed in protecting such a vulnerable treasure. Just being around Mina sent his body into a state of complete need. Hell, his dick was still rock-hard. His frustration with himself prevented him from staying at the hotel as he’d been ordered to do. He ached to be with her, to feel her, to be inside her. He desperately wanted to turn on his heel, return to the hotel, run up those rickety stairs to her room and mark her as his. And nothing short of having her would tamp down his colossal erection. He wished he had not sensed her response. With the knowledge she wanted him as much as he wanted her, there was nothing stopping him. Nothing but the king’s wrath.

And now, because of a moment of weakness, Mathias was probably a dead man walking.

Continuing toward the forest, Mathias shed his coat, dropped it where he stood and trotted toward the trees. By the time he reached the edge of the tree line, he was in a dead run. Feet slamming into the frost-covered ground, he sped past the huge evergreens into the mouth of the Black Forest. As he made his way deeper into the trees, his eyes adjusted to the darkness. His strength ebbed and flowed through his body, his muscles and his legs as he gained speed. Finally letting his anger and frustration take over, he began to transform. His long arms reached out in front of him as he dove forward. Muscles contorted and stretched. Bones shifted and cracked. The hair on his body thickened and turned dark as ink. In midair, his body stretched and wriggled into the shape of a black panther. Claws outstretched to grasp onto the cold earth, Mathias skidded to a stop and turned back. Even in animal form, he knew where he wanted to be. Where he should be.

There was something about this woman. Something that tamed the anger inside him. The bitterness that had caused him so much trouble for years. She calmed him, but at the same time he had the fierce need to protect her, to be next to her. He had always been satisfied with relying on himself. Providing strength for his sister when his parents died. He wasn’t used to being distracted by anything or anyone. And then he set eyes on Mina and all of that changed.

He crouched down and focused his gaze on the darkness of the forest surrounding him. His ears twitched at each sound made by the regular inhabitants of the Black Forest. Above him, a falcon circled and made its way north toward the castle. Tremayne doing his nightly rounds. Mathias kept close to the ground to go undetected by one of his best sergeants. If he succeeded in not being seen, he would be speaking to Tremayne in the morning regarding his lack of security within the kingdom’s realm.

Within seconds, Tre appeared behind Mathias and casually leaned against a giant evergreen.

“Hey boss. How’s the assignment going?”

Not wanting to transform back to his human form, nor deal with answering the million-dollar question of the moment, Mathias let out a feral growl and bared his teeth to the young officer.

“Okay... Okay. I get the hint. See you back at the station.”

Tre turned away as if to return to his rounds, but stopped and turned his head back toward Mathias.

“She’s pretty, isn’t she?”

At that, Mathias crouched and bared his teeth at the young soldier. The fur on his back bristled in anger. At that moment, he knew he could and would attack his friend for that remark.

Tremayne took off running and leapt into the air. Within seconds, he was airborne and streaking straight for the royal security station in bird-form.

Mathias turned and padded his way back to the edge of the forest in order to keep an eye on the hotel. He would have loved to have the ability to transform into a falcon like Tremayne. How easy and convenient to just fly up to her window and remain on the sill until morning, nice and close to her. Mathias was extremely thankful Tremayne had no idea who Mina was. He didn’t need anyone knowing he was actually that close to the daughter of the king. Even though the physical exchange between Mathias and Mina was unknown to Tre, there was no doubt Tre felt Mathias’ strong emotion toward her after that little display just now. When Tre mentioned her beauty, Mathias’ immediate anger and possessive surge sent up a huge red flag. Great. Way to wear his feelings on his sleeve, so to speak. So much for working on his temper and wearing a mask of calm.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Joyfully Reviewed likes HAT TRICK

"Belle is a sassy strong woman and I adore how she handles her feelings for her men and balances that with her life. Gage and Trey may be younger but their maturity shines through. Hat Trick is a sultry ménage story full of scorching heat and romance."
BIG SMOOCHES to the folks at Joyfully Reviewed!

Friday, March 11, 2011

A reader says of HARD DRIVIN' MAN

"LOVED IT!!!! After I received it I decided to read it right away. It was AWESOME!! Now if I could just find me a big man like that. LOL."

Thanks to Tiss for sending me her golden words after reading HARD DRIVIN' MAN!

This book stars one of my Texas men and is available at , and !

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Regina Carlysle heats it up with PANTHER MOON

I know there’s a school of thought touting the yummy wonderfulness of the vamp as opposed to those furry, shifter heroes. I mean, what’s not to love about a vamp? He’s sexy. He’s immortal, drinks blood and is very, very cold to the touch. Just what every heroine needs to cool her off during those sweltering summer nights, right? Admittedly, I’ve loved a few vamp heroes in my day but after reading Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Night Play (Vane and Bride’s story) several years ago, I became a complete fangirl of shifters.

What’s not to love? He turns furry when the moon is full and makes love to his swooning heroine with a raw, savage and unbridled passion that I challenge any vamp hero to duplicate. He’s pretty damn hot too. Not only in appearance but, well…he’s hot. My heroines have not a smidge of trouble cuddling up to Mr. Hot and Furry and also enjoy the benefit of knowing he’ll be rock solid and there for her not only at night but during the daytime too. A definite plus when on the run from those pesky bad guys.

Over the years, I’ve had a lot of fun penning shifter tales. My High Plains Shifters series (Ellora’s Cave) features an entire town of wolves. Using the familiar-to-me locale of west Texas, I mix the traditional cowboy/rancher/sheriff with the wolf mythos and a healthy dash of small town Texas life. My very first shifters however, are Texas panthers. Feral Moon, released at Ellora’s Cave in late 2008 tells the story of a woman who learns the secret of her birth and the means of embracing a future that is dangerous, thrilling and yes, sexy as all get out. Now I have added a second book, Panther Moon, to what has become a brand new series for me. The Savage Sanctuary series takes up where Feral Moon leaves off, introducing Hudson Cates, a warrior of the Turquoise Moon panther tribe and his mate, Chantrea Morgan. Like Feral Moon, Panther Moon is also a ménage so if you don’t enjoy sexy threesomes, this is probably not the series for you. However, if you DO like hot, ménage action and heroes who are raw, savage and ultra sexy, Panther Moon is now available at Ellora’s Cave.



Savage Sanctuary, Book Two

Running for her life, Chantrea Morgan, unmated and approaching her time of change, stumbles through the night only to be rescued by a gorgeous yet dangerous male. Blinded by instant recognition of her mate, she clings to him, her only means of salvation. Her body burns for him. Her heart aches with the need to be claimed by this wild Texas panther.

Hudson Cates, warrior of the Turquoise Moon tribe of shifters, saves his grieving mate and brings her home to claim her in the only way he can…with orgasmic pleasure, savage possession and a raw sensuality that is bred into their species. In a ritual as old as time, only he, aided by another male from their tribe, can help Trea embrace her panther beast.

An Excerpt From: PANTHER MOON

Copyright © REGINA CARLYSLE, 2011

All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

Chapter One

Chantrea carried an armload of supper dishes to the sink, the muted sounds of the television playing in the living room, making her smile. Sounded like a baseball game to her. Being an addict to the game was her dad’s one true vice. Her mother, Celia, laughed at something Brant said. Typical evening in the Morgan household. Outside the modest Texas home, crickets chirped as the wind rustled the leaves of ancient oaks and cottonwoods. An owl hooted from a faraway branch. “Hey, Mom, dinner was great,” she called as she loaded the dishwasher, turned it on and headed into the living room.

Celia smiled from her position curled up against her husband of several centuries. “Love it when a new recipe turns out.”

Brant kissed the top of his wife’s blonde head and winked at Trea as she wandered into the room. “You did good, hon.”

As an unmated female panther, she had grown up knowing she wanted what her parents had. Love. Affection. The deepest kind of understanding between mates. It was so heartwarming to witness their love firsthand. She was constantly in awe.

Wandering to the wide mantel over the fireplace, she shoved her hands in the pockets of her worn jersey shorts and looked at the pictures lovingly displayed there. “I miss Maxwell.” Her sigh was soft but even over the sounds of the game she knew her folks heard it.

“Your brother had to leave, honey. It was his time,” her mother said with calm conviction. Trea turned at the slight hitch evident in her mother’s voice and knew Mom missed him too. “He likes his job in Houston though he still hasn’t found any females of our species. There are just so few of us left but maybe, just maybe he’ll be one of the lucky males to find the perfect mate. You would think it easy in a city of over five million people. I know it hurts that he had to go but it’s natural, honey. He’s a man and gods know there is no future out here in the boonies. We’ve lived like hermits for so long.” Celia lifted a brow and glanced at Brant. “It hasn’t been fair to either of our children.”

Trea picked up the framed photo of her brother and herself taken during one of their rare family vacations. Tracing the handsome, male face, she blinked back moisture from her eyes as a blast of love caught her off guard. Like her, Max was blond and green-eyed but there the similarities stopped. Where she was slender, small, and to her way of thinking, rather ordinary, her brother Maxwell was a bonafide heartstopper. The gorgeous rascal was built like a tree trunk, broad-shouldered and handsome as sin. He was the kind of guy who’d made the local girls melt but he had carefully avoided all but the most necessary entanglements with humans. Smart dude. Trea was so proud of him and couldn’t help but wish him well in finding a mate of his own. The lady would be a very lucky feline. No doubt about it.

Behind her, Trea heard her parents shift position and she turned, surprised, when her dad pushed a button on the remote to turn off the television. Silence, sharp and somewhat ominous, fell into the depths of the small cabin. “We need to talk, princess.”

Frowning, she replaced the photo and gingerly sat on the edge of an overstuffed chair to look at her parents. Something about her father’s tone sent worry to dance over her spine. “What’s up, Dad?”

Brant Morgan focused his gaze on her. “Your mother and I have been talking.” He cleared his throat, obviously uncomfortable. “Chantrea, you are nearing your time. Maybe this is a good moment to—”

Trea’s face burned. “Dad!”

Celia patted Brant’s arm. “Love of mine, you are so clueless. Let me.”

He shook his head and sighed heavily, seeming downright relieved to let someone else tackle the delicate subject of a female were panther having her first heat. “Good. Go for it.”

Celia wasn’t deterred, focusing an intelligent gaze on her. “For all these years, we’ve tried to keep you safe out here in the country. You know panthers are solitary creatures and it’s uncomfortable for us to live among crowds. It’s stifling. Invasive. It was a huge risk for us to even let you attend the public school in town but, honey, we have worried so much about you. You’ve been so isolated out here in the woods of east Texas. No friends. Nothing that normal human girls come to enjoy. You don’t have a real life out here.”

“But I’m not human, Mom. It’s okay.” Chantrea knew darn good and well her life wasn’t normal. Sometimes it made her sad but this wasn’t the fault of her parents. They had to protect her. It was their duty and she would never fault them for the lonely state of her life. She shook her head and smiled, not wanting them to stress about the choices they’d made. “Really. Don’t worry about me.”

“We have to, Trea,” her dad said, leaning forward to prop his forearms over his sturdy thighs. “It wasn’t possible for you to date the local boys, honey. You know we don’t mix but you are a woman now. Things are, um—”

Once again, Celia put her hand out to stop him. “Happening to your body.”

Trea swallowed hard, knowing the utter truth of Mom’s words. Already she felt flashes of heat zip through her with astounding effect. Soon she would be helpless to the oncoming change and facing the shift from woman to panther would be the most horrible thing imaginable when dealing with it alone. She knew she couldn’t do it. The time to mate was upon her. Discomfort climbed over her flesh and buried itself deep in her belly. “Do we have to talk about this now?”

“We’ve decided to move to Sanctuary,” her dad baldly stated. “It’s time.”

Monday, March 7, 2011

Cream and butter, good for the soul

Trying to cut down on fat and get to the gym more often.
Yeah, we all do this.
Now, doc tells me I have asthma! HUH? Then my son who is a nutrition expert, says why not give up diary to cut the production of mucus.
WOW. For a gal who loves yogurt, organic chocolate milk, cheeses and butter, this is tough!
This morning Hubbie persuaded me to try dark chocolate almond milk. NOT BAD. And it has 45% Calcium and that means it is 15% higher than my other milk. But how to eat my granola in the mornings without my yogurt?
Meanwhile, guy above? I will not be cutting out any consumption of good photography. No calories in that.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A chuckle with a Really Good quote

"Sex should be a misdemeanor:the more you miss, de meaner you get!" -- Mae West

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My motto -- Great lingerie is a necessary indulgence

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No. I earn nothing from the promo.
Just wanted you to know about luscious things.