Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Need a wife? A husband? In a hurry? Have no candidates? Never worry! Apply here...

During the Regency period and well into today, placing an advertisement to find a spouse was a regular practice. It was affordable to place the ad and allowed for all kinds of "disclosure" of one's desires for traits in a mate–as well as a bit of embellishment of one's own characteristics!

In my new series, MATRIMONY!, each of my characters uses the services of a particular newspaper, which I dub the Fleet-of Heart Chronicle! The paper, owned by a widow, was once an ordinary sheet reporting the news. But times have changed and the competition among newspapers is becoming wild. The publisher of this Fleet Street Chronicle decides to change her focus and attract readers who wish to place adverts in her paper.

Those whom she attracts come from all walks of life. They bring with them the problems of their past and their hopes for their future. They also bring along others whom they cannot rid themselves of.

IF I LOVED YOU debuts April 20, 2023. A charming tale of strangers who find love is also the tale of one woman who has a unique problem. She has one man she'd like to rid herself of. A stalker.

BECAUSE OF YOU debuts in July. When a lady answers an advert for a husband she hopes he will give her the one thing she requires in a husband. She wants him to take her to France to reclaim her family's house and land. But there is more in store for them in France than simply regaining her inheritance. The hero must track down who is ruining his business and who might set him up for treason!

YOU MADE ME LOVE YOU is what I write currently. This romantic adventure debuts in November 2023.

I hope you will join me in this unique series filled with steamy romance, intrigue, mystery, and action adventure!

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