Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Bunny who came to survey our garden

When our beloved doggie passed away recently, the morning of that sad event we saw this bunny come sit next to our garden. For hours, he sat there, legs straight out in back of him, looking into our kitchen window. Intently.
As if he came to say goodbye to our pal.
Then we did not see him at all until 4 days later...when we brought our long-time pal home from the crematorium.
Then, as you see here, he came to peer  into our herb garden.
And later, he sat right down, legs spread out in back of him, gazing into our kitchen window as if to say I came to mourn with you.
Could he have come just to join us in our wake?
We felt he did.
The aura of his presence was so striking. So palpable.
Have we seen him lately?
Only sporadically.
Never does he sit as the day our dog died or the day we brought him home to be us forever.
We go to the windows often and look out into what is becoming, given our extreme drought here in Texas, a barren wasteland. We wonder where our fellow mourner is, how he fares, if he will return.
We hope he does. We hope he can.
We wish he would return and sit and dream awhile.

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