Wednesday, July 8, 2020

A fine figure of a man...and other items to see with your quizzing glass!

You've heard the term, strike a pose!
In Regency London, many did. Including men. Beau Brummel fixed that in men's minds. And here to show you a few good examples which I chose for their rarity, are a few fine figures!
First, a portrait of a man, his daughter and her dog. The animal does seem carefree, doesn't he, so I thought him her dog.

Next a man and his date...or rather, his wife or sister. Dated 1807.

Here is a close-up of that garment meant to indicate personality or perhaps emotion, the waistcoat! Horizontal stripes, no less.

And stuffed to the brim, the fine figure of a man in his breeches, which are different from trousers, you see.

And the item that men as well as women used often to strike that pose or simply to see better! Attached to a chain or encased in a leather case, it could be worn about town with ease! Here, a very pretty one!

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