Friday, July 3, 2020

Do you like animals? In your romances? Historicals or other?

Each of us has an opinion of what is really a historical romance.




Any romance with erotic terms or tones?

I submit that one element I always love in a historical romance is an animal. They are independent minded and yet protect, rescue and simply endure all sorts of mayhem. Dogs work. Parrots. I've even used a chimp. REALLY, I did. But that was in a contemporary.

Today I show you a clipping from March 30, 1815 London newspaper about a little dog gone missing! The owner requests help finding the animal and even offers a reward. Two Guineas! 

Said doggie is a Blenheim spaniel, which is liver and white and resembles our modern-day Cavalier King Charles spaniel. In other words, a sweet-faced little dude.

Children with their puppies, Charles II period
A lady with her pet!

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